Andrew Choate and Dmitra St. Oops at Quimby’s!

Nov ’08
6:00 pm

Join Andrew Choate and Dmitra St. Oops as they read from recent works.

Andrew Choate grew up in South Carolina listening to free jazz and kraut rock. He moved to Chicago when he was 18 so he could hear concerts by AACM members and there discovered the cultural wealth and ethical abyss that was the twentieth century. He studied language and art at Northwestern, and moved to Los Angeles seven years later to continue his research and community-probing at CalArts. His first book/CD, Langquage Makes Plastic of the Body, was published in 2006 by Palm Press; it is a collection of essays, short stories, poems and songs. Pigs in Blankets, a radio play from 2004, and Spir-ahchoo!-ality, a sneeze-based recording from 2005, have been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Rome and Yerevan. His writings about music and art have appeared in Urb, Coda, the Wire, Signal to Noise, Art Ltd., d’Art International, Facsimile and the L.A. Times. He has been a guest lecturer at the Museum of Contemporay Art in Los Angeles and until his performance on November 8th, 2008 has not read in Chicago, a place he considers a pivotal spiritual and educational home. His reading at Quimby’s will consist of selections from his book and excerpts from his new project Accounting for Taste: Fictional Food.

Dmitra St. Oops – grew up in Karkov, Ukraine and moved to Chicago when he was 18 to study mathematics. Stayed in Chicago for 10 years; currently lives in San Francisco. She writes fictional algorithms.


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