Event Guidelines & Application Form



Events at Quimby’s Bookstore (we’re talking the Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, not Quimby’s Bookstore NYC) are not limited to signings, readings, and release events. That being said, if you’re inquiring about having an open-mic poetry night, we’ll save you a lot of time: the answer is no.

Please note this is an application, not a guarantee. Things you’ll want to think about: you are pitching your event to us, so treat it as such. Convince us why you should do your event here. Is the store is a good fit for your book? How we would have to get your book? (If we have to order it from Amazon we will not do your event here).

Quimby’s does NOT have a built in audience that goes to all of our events. A telling and truthful quote a publisher once said to us about booking events, and we have found this accurately reflects the reality of event turnout: “The truth is that if you don’t know enough people in Chicago that would come to your birthday party, you probably won’t get enough people to come to your event.” Please keep this in mind in considering doing an event at Quimby’s. We know it’s harsh. It’s also the truth.

Also please note that if you are doing multiple events in the same city in close proximity of time, you will fragment the audience that comes to your event, doing a disservice to both events. We ask that if you’re doing an event somewhere near us in the same city please don’t also ask us.

Before filling out the event application, please take the time to read our Event Guidelines before deciding whether or not you want to have your event at Quimby’s. I repeat myself: read the guidelines and answer all of the questions.

One last thing. Read the Guidelines below before filling out the form.


The Events page on our web site lists scheduled events. Please choose a date that is open and conforms to our store hours (Monday-Thursday: 12-9PM, Friday: 12-10PM, Saturday: 11-10PM, Sunday: 12-7PM). Events must be planned at least one month in advance.

  1. Events must run no more than one hour.
  2. Events are limited to 5 performers.
    • 5 people: each gets 5-7 minutes.
    • 4 people: each gets ten minutes.
    • 3 people: each gets 15 minutes.
    • 1-2 people: each gets 20 minutes.
  3. Bands and musicians are strongly encouraged to find a different venue, unless your band totally fucking rocks, in which case you are very strongly encouraged to find a different venue.
  4. If your event is in celebration of a product that Quimby’s sells, we would like that item to be sold through the store during the event. However, if you have “extras” which Quimby’s does not normally sell (i.e. t-shirts, CDs, tiki mugs), you are free to sell directly to customers. Please let us know in advance if this is the case. Otherwise, we ask that you and your fellow performers put your zine/comic/book on consignment and sell it through the store.
  5. We will appreciate your help in cleaning up after your event.
  6. Any potentially excessive messes, such as glitter, confetti, pork chops — yes, we have had pork chop-related incidents in the past — or any other unusual or otherwise messy items not usually found in a bookstore must be planned and cleared beforehand with staff.
  7. The furniture stays where it is.
  8. Slideshows must be cleared with us in advance.
  9. Lights will remain turned on during the event.
  10. Please clear any refreshments you are planning with Quimby’s.
    • BYOB is okay by us.
    • Getting all sloppy drunk at the event is not okay.
    • Underage drinking at the event is prohibited. If the staff sees any minors drinking at your event, the guilty parties will be forever banned from Quimby’s, and so will you.
    • No kegs, “party balls”, or flavored malt beverages.
  11. Your event proposal must be supplied to Quimby’s at least one month in advance – no exceptions! This means that if you want your event to be on September 12, you must submit this form no later than August 12. We do not do events during the holiday season (late November through the end of the year) and the thick of winter (January and February).
  12. You are responsible for notifying all performers about the above listed conditions.
  13. In return, Quimby’s will:
    • Let you use our space at no cost.
    • List your event on our web page.
    • Include your event on our poster, monthly flier, and monthly email list.
    • Write and send a press release to every media outlet we have thought of (free weeklies, key figures, newspapers, radio stations, etc).
    • Whisper your name into the gentle Summer breeze.