Kramers Ergot at Chicago Comics!!!!!

Dec ’08
5:00 pm

Calling all Nerds, Slackers, and Comics Dandies!

Kramers Ergot will invade Chicago Saturday Dec 13th for a once in a lifetime ink stained event! While I am deeply saddened to report it is not at Quimby’s, I am glad our sister store has the chutzpa to undertake this epic endeavor!

So don’t sleep, don’t drink, don’t miss it. If I catch you at Quimby’s on Saturday I’ll make fun of you too cause you should really be at this signing!

ALSO has limited copies of the new Kramers Ergot coming in for the signing so you better HOLLER at them if you know you want one! Since I don’t work there I’m gonna go off script and tell you this too!!!! I promise you this tour is the first place you can pick up a copy the new Kramers so if you “pre ordered” else where you probably won’t have a copy to get signed! So support your local comic shop and get it there, get it signed by comics legends…just don’t hug them too hard when you do!!!!

This will be awesome! Be a part of it!