Ryan Claytor at Quimby’s!

Aug ’08
7:00 pm


Starting July 2008, recent Master of Fine Arts graduate and Autobiographical Cartoonist, , will begin a comic book signing tour to promote the release of his self-published master’s thesis on autobiographical comics.  Claytor says, “I finished school, my girlfriend got a great job out of state (and was able to swing me a partner hire), and I have a new book coming out.  It all seemed to come together serendipitously.”

Claytor is most well-known for publishing his all-ages autobiographical comic book series entitled, “And Then One Day” under the moniker, “.”  Claytor recently announced the final line-up for his ambitious North American Comic Book Tour, which will take him to 17 different locations in 10 states on his way from California to his new home in Lansing, MI.

It is an odd choice to move from California to Michigan.  Aside from the new job and a significant other, when asked about some benefits of moving to the mid-west from the west coast, he simply stated, “I am a very sweaty fellow.  My hands are like waterfalls.  I think the cold weather might make me function like a normal human being.”

Claytor will be getting to all of the stops on his tour in his little brown car he affectionately calls “Squirrelly,” which incidentally has 350,000 miles on its original engine.  When asked about the feasibility of a North American tour in such an experienced car, Claytor replied, “I know it sounds silly to take this large of a trip in such a ‘seasoned’ vehicle, but it’s been really good to me and I’ve asked several mechanics to make sure it could survive a cross-country road trip.  They’re all surprised it looks as good as it does.”

You can meet Ryan Claytor in person as he comes through town to sign his autobiographical comics and limited edition prints at Quimby’s
Additional tour and book information can be found at Ryan Claytor’s website: www.ElephantEater.com