Speed Zine? with HOTCAKES

May ’05
12:00 am

Do You Want To Be Famous?
Speed Zine? with HOTCAKES
Saturday, March 5th, 7PM
Don?t miss this opportunity to meet the secret, underground, shadow society, the Hermeneutic Organization Toward Celebritification, Advancement and Knowledge of Everyday Subjects (HOTCAKES), in a rare, overground, indoor public appearance! HOTCAKES invites you to an evening of Speed Zining? wherein participants will, in one night, spend five minutes at each member\’s station, becoming part of zine and audio project history (!) in as many as SIX different amazing published projects, to be presented at a later date.
Here?s your chance to double your fifteen minutes of fame! You will receive five minutes of individual attention from each of the six members of HOTCAKES, whose secret code names may or may not be:
?Dr. Christa (Killer) Donner,? editor of Ladyfriend and Free Advice zines, who will record your counsel on a variety of topics.
?Professor Anne E. (Evil) Moore,? authoress, who will demand explicit details on your musical identity.
?Countess Ruth (The Knife) Oppenheim-Rothschild,? expert, who will collect your sex dreams.
?Becca (Knuckles) Taylor, CPA,? creator of the comic Wonderful Year, who will steal your soul.
?St. Liz (T-Bone) Mason,? creator of Caboose zine, who will collect photos of you wearing the clothes you wear when you do your laundry (provided you wear or bring them with you).
?Julie (The Shark) Atomic, Esq.,? audio documentarian, who will record your musings on a wide variety of Very Important topics.
Q: What is Speed Zining??
A: Speed Zining? is based on the scientific strategies of speed dating, wherein individuals rotate five-minute conversations with each other in hopes of acquiring a suitable companion. Speed Zining? is pioneered by Dr. Speed Zine, Emeritus, whose laboratory work at the Institute of Public and Personal Association for Non-Celebrity Advancement for Knowledge and Etymology (PPANCAKE) has resulted in chemical and biological advances in the fields of independent publishing and breakfast ingestion. Speed Zining? differs from speed dating in that the goal of Speed Zining? is to contribute to projects and increase personal fame and renown instead of acquiring a mate. Participation in a Speed Zine? event will result in your inclusion in six research-based, multi-media projects, to be released and presented at a later date by the above mentioned HOTCAKES.