The Banana King #2 Release Party

Apr ’05
12:00 am

The Banana King #2 Release Party
Saturday, April 9th, 8PM
The Banana King celebrates its second issue with readings by contributors Jeb Gleason-Allured, Taryn Rejholec, Emerson Dameron and A.B. Drea. Also featured will be a read-through of Joe Meno\’s one-act play \”Don the Army Blue,\” the script of which has been published in TBK #2.
About the performers:
A.B. Drea is editor of The Banana King.
Joe Meno is the author of Hairstyles Of the Damned.
Jeb Gleason-Allured is editor of
Taryn Rejholec is a freelance writer and grad student in Columbia College\’s fiction department.
Emerson Dameron is the publisher of Wherewithal.
More info is at: