The Cross Gender Caravan

Mar ’05
12:00 am

Cross Gender Caravan
Friday May 6th, 7PM
Join us as young transgender writers tell their stories in fiction, essays and poetry. And along the way, they expand the boundaries of both gender and artistic expression. Your genderscape may never be the same again!
Tennessee Jones a southern ex-punk with high pompadour whose first book, Deliver Me From Nowhere, explores the sex and gender badlands of Middle America through the prism of Bruce Springsteen’s album Nebraska.
Charlie Anders author of Choir Boy, a bittersweet and surreal story of a choirboy who takes female hormones to keep his voice from changing and discovers a world of gender confusion. Charlie publishes other, the magazine of pop and politics for the new outcasts.
Andre Hewitt, aka The Urban Hermit author of The Urban Hermitt zine and The Flow Chronicles, a book about nightmare hippies and coming out as queer in the midst of lsd induced- heterosexist- rainbow gathering ?love. Andre writes about counterculture, with soul.
Emil Heiple is a zinester exiled from the dirty south, and reborn a boy. His new book, The Body of Loss was born of soils and sweats far from home, and is an exploration of the human body and how most of us will never get it quite right.