Quimby’s and Community CAKEPOPS Panel

What an honor! The first CAKE POPS video is up at the CAKE Chicago YouTube page, starring Quimby’s Bookstore employees past and present: Mike Centeno, Corinne Halbert, Caroline Cash & Liz Mason. Come watch us talk about the store, the comics community of Chicago, & the large quantity of duct-taped consignment binders behind the counter.


CAKEPOPS is a series of digital check-ins with CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) Creators about topics of interest. This installment of CAKEPOPS is our very first!

Join Quimby’s Bookstore manager and zinester Liz Mason and cartoonist-employees past and present Corrine Halbert, Caroline Cash, and Mike Centeno as they discuss the history of Quimby’s Bookstore, as well as it’s impact on the Chicago comics community!

Mike Centeno (he/him) https://www.mikecenteno.com/
Corinne Halbert (she/her) https://corinnehalbert.com/
Caroline Cash(she/her) https://carolinecashcomics.com/
Liz Mason(she/her) https://lizmasonisawesome.com/

Panel coordination by Aim Ren
Video editing and animation by Sage Coffey
CAKEPOPS Graphics by Andrea Bell

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