Quimby’s COVID-19 Update

updated 3/27/20

QUIMBY’S WANTS YOU (to stay safe and get your weirdo reading material). Until further notice, we will temporarily close to the public until the end of March and assess at that time when to reopen. Both March and April in-store events have been cancelled. But lucky for you, someone will be here to fill mail orders and to provide curbside pick up.

How can you help us make sure that Quimby’s is still going to be here once this COVID business is past us?

Mail order things from our webstore at quimbys.com/store.

Buy something over the phone with your credit card (773-342-0910) and we’ll bring it out to you in your car or bike at our curb (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm). We’ll pretend we’re on roller skates with a tray of fries. What to order? Some of what we sell you can view at our webstore and some things that aren’t for sale at our there are listed weekly on our QuimBlog, and you can get an idea of things that might excite you. Sometimes we post things on our Instagram too, so if you see something exciting on our social media, contact us at info@quimbys.com or call us at 773-342-0910 and we’ll make sure you get it.

Buy a Quimby’s gift certificate to spend once the world comes out of exile. We can do it in any amount you want, though there are some good denominations on our website.

Want to Zoom us to check out some stuff to make a more informed decision about a potentital purchase? Start a chat with us on Zoom by looking us up by our e-mail at info@quimbys.com. You can download the Zoom app at https://zoom.us/download.

Don’t want to use the website but you’re an introvert with crippling social anxiety and don’t want to talk on the phone? Yeah, it happens to everybody at some point. E-mail info@quimbys.com with us your credit card info as well as your billing and shipping info, but to keep it secure split numbers into 3 different e-mails (labelled 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3).

Wash your paws, keep it clean, feed your head.


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Helpful sources for COVID-19 info:


the Illinois Department of Health

City of Chicago

Dining at a Distance