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Granta’s Best of Young Brazilian Novelists Launches at Quimby’s 11/13

Nov ’12
7:00 pm

As part of a global event series, Granta is coming to Chicago to launch The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists. Visiting Brazilian authors Cristhiano Aguiar, Miguel del Castillo and current Chicago-local Chico Mattoso will join Granta editor John Freeman to read from and explore their first works translated into English. From the story of a family marked by guerilla resistance to the military dictatorship in Uruguay to the memory of lost love to a man whose ennui drives him to check out of his life by checking into a hotel, these are the bold, cosmopolitan new voices of Brazil. Granta 121: The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists is the English-language edition of the best-selling collection from Granta em portugues, Granta’s Brazilian partner.

 ‘Here are Jorge Amado’s vibrant offspring; proof that one of the great pleasures of reading is finding the unexpected, the voices we didn’t even know we needed,’ says Freeman.

Chico Mattoso is currently studying screenwriting at Northwestern, is the author of two novels and has worked as a magazine editor and journalist. Writer and essayist Cristhiano Aguiar is a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley and was the editor of two experimental Brazilian literary magazines. Once an architecture student and editor of Noz architecture magazine, Miguel del Castillo is a prize-winning author who also works as an editor at Cosac Naify publishing house. 

Tuesday, November 13th, 7pm – Free Event

For more info: granta.com

Granta #109: The Work Issue Now In Stock!


Peoples! The new Granta is here! It’s Granta #109, the Work issue!

This issue of Granta is The Work Issue. It is edited by John Freeman, and in spite of the fact that it has “Winter 2009” in the title, it actually is just barely out in 2010 as we post this. We were told that we’re the first store in the U.S. to sell this issue! And after the success of Granta #108 The Chicago Issue, we are proud to be given this honor.

From www.granta.com:

Perhaps the most enduring legacy of the Industrial Revolution is, for better or for worse, our inclination to define who were are by what we do, and this essential new issue of GRANTA will lay bare the intrinsic link between work and identity.

From the jobless to the workaholics, from the hard work of dying to the landscape work has created out of office parks and suburbs, GRANTA 109 will tell the story of how and why we work in the twenty-first century. Joshua Ferris returns to the mind-numbing world of office work in America in a new piece of fiction, while Steven Hall visits the world’s pre-eminent robot lab to see what machines will do for us next. Caroline Moorehead explores the trafficking of workers into the United Kingdom and Daniel Alarcón infiltrates the world of book pirating in Peru. Salman Rushdie contributes a surprising essay on sloth.

GRANTA 109 gives us a glimpse of ourselves at our most primordial, in a day and age when work has become the most invisible (at least in literature) and yet all-encompassing aspect of human life.