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Hey Bro!! New Issue Of Vice!


New issue of Vice magazine just landed! Its in the free area come get it, fo’ its gone!

Aight?! PERF!

Chris Nieratko, author of SKINEMA

Jun ’07
7:00 pm

After a hit column in VICE Magazine about his past seven years of drug-induced exploits, Chris Nieratko and VICE Books have published Skinema. A detailed account of his life as the editor of Big Brother skateboard magazine, VICE columnist and a co-founder of the legendary Jackass crew, Skinema is the ultimate tell-all of a life of great excess.

Chris is a remarkably charismatic guy, and can tell stories that will captivate anyone. Along with signing books, expect Chris to answer some questions and tell a few tales. You can check his website out at www.chrisnieratko.com. There is new footage of him on www.vbs.tv, as well as information on www.viceland.com.