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New Stuff This Week



Anarchists in the Boardroom: How Social Media and Social Movements Can Help Your Organisation to be More Like People by Liam Barrington-Bush (More Like People) $20.00 – There are lessons emerging all around us, in the new social movements that have swept the globe, and in the organising patterns found on social media. Could Twitter and Occupy help our NGOs, charities, trade unions and voluntary organisations to both stay relevant in the times ahead and live our values through the ways that we organise? Anarchists in the Boardroom is a journey through worker-run factories, Occupy encampments, a spattering of non-violent direct actions and even a few forward-thinking companies, to make the case for helping our organizations ‘to be more like people.’ It asks us to brush away our ‘professional’ assumptions and interact as we do when we don’t have job descriptions or business plans telling us how to change the world. It reminds us of the power each of us has to make change happen, even within the most entrenched of bureaucracies.

Zines & Zine-Related
Start Your Own Haunted House In Your Home $1.50
Soul Power: A Revolutionary Relationship With the Universe by Hybachi LeMar $3.00

Comics & Comix
You Don’t Get There From Here #29 by Carrie McNinch $3.00
Frantic Everything by Ryan Burns $2.00
Confabulation  by Sam Stadlman $3.50
In My World Collection of Short Stories by Tiffany Marcia $5.00
Young American by Andy Hood $6.00
Cule vol 1 issues #1-#2 $3.99 each
Locksmith Sometimes Dead Isn’t Dead Enough Terrance Grace and Silvio DB $7.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
100 Crushes by Elisha Lim (Koyama) $18.00 – Don’t miss Elisha Lim here at Quimby’s CAKE weekend, with MariNaomi & Mike Dawson, as they read from their new graphic novels on 5/30!
Everywhere Antennas by Julie Delporte (D&Q) $19.95 – An unnamed narrator leaves the city for a refuge to get away from technology and bustle, to vascilate between solace and loneliness.
Petty Theft by Pascal Girard (D&Q) $19.95 – What happens when you fall in love with someone you saw shoplifting your book?
Mind MGMT vol 3 HC the Home Maker by Matt Kindt (Dark Horse) $19.99
Manhattan Projects TPB vol 4 by Jonathan Hickman et al. $14.99
Spain and Morocco by Alex Fellows (Conundrum) $25.00
Amerika by Real Godbout (Conundrum) $20.00 – Based on the Franz Kafka novel.
What We Need to Know by Willy Linthout (Conundrum) $20.00
Ex Machina Book 2 TPB by Brian K. Vaughan et al. (Vertigo ) $19.99 – Includes issues #12-20 plus Life and Death Specials by Chris Sprouse.
Dumbstruck vol 1 Starting Line Detour by Charles Riffenbrug IV $16.00
Carnivale: A Kit Kaleidoscope Story by Nick Mullins $19.95

Art & Design
Drawn to Drawing by John Vernon Lord (Nobrow) $40.00
Sticky Monsters by John Kern Mortensen (Random UK) $14.95
Doll Scene: An International Collection of Crazy Cool Custom Desiged Dolls by Lous Bou $24.99

Idiopathy by Sam Byers $15.00 – Now in soft cover.
Note to Self by Alina Simone $14.00
Rites of Planets by S.V. Laurent $19.99
Commitee on Town Happiness by Alan Michael Parker (Dzanc) $14.95
Pills and Starships by Lydia Davis (Black Sheep/Akashic) $11.95

Mayhem & Occult
Republican Party Animal: The Bad Boy of Holocasut History Blows the Lid off Hollywood’s Secret Right Wing Underground by David Cole (18.95)
Aleister Crowley: The Biography: Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master and Spy by Tobias Churton (Watkins) $20.95
Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland (Feral House) $21.95
A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools: How to Make and Use Drums, Masks, Rattles, and Other Sacred Implements by Evelyn C. Rysdyk (Weiser) $21.95

The Footloose American: Following the Hunter S. Thompson Trail Across South America by Brian Kevin $14.99
What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir by Kristin Newman $14.99
Citizen Keane: The Big Lies Behind the Big Eyes by Adam Parfrey and Cletus Nelson (Feral House) $18.95

Politics & Revolution
Strike Revised, Expanded and Updated Edition by Jeremy Brecher (PM Press) $24.95

God Save the Kinks: A Biography Rob Jovanovic (Aurum) $14.95

Kill Screen #8 The Virtual Reality Issue $15.00
Make vol 39 $9.99
Bust Jun Jul 14 $5.99
Mass Appeal #54 $9.99
Gather #5 Spr Sum 14 $19.99 – The Desert Issue.
Globetrotter #2 $15.00
Bite Me Magazine #1 The Butt Issue $20.00
At the Edge vol 3 NYC Arts and Culture Magazine $7.95
Man About Town #14 Spr Sum 14 $15.99
Highsnobiety #8 Spr Sum 14 $15.50
Tank Moto #3 $15.00
Howler #5 Sum 14 $15.00
Broken Pencil #63 $5.95
MAPS vol 24 #1 (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) $8.95
Cinema Retro vol 10 #29 $11.99
Fangoria #333 Jun 14 $10.95
Maximumrocknroll #373 Jun 14 $4.99
Under the Radar #50 Jun 14 $5.99
Razorcake #80 $4.00
Against the Current #170 May Jun 14 $5.00
Harpers Jun 14 $6.99
International Socialist Review #93 Sum 14 $10.99
Inked #63 Jun Jul 14 $6.99
Tabu Tattoo #58 Jun Jul 14 $6.99
Erotic Ink 2014 Tattoo Flash Presents Special Collectors Edition $12.99
TSQ vol 1 #1 #2 May 14 Transgender Studies Quarterly $12.00

Lit Journals & Chap Books
Ninth Letter vol 11 #1 Spr Sum 14 $14.95
Mystery & Adventure Series Review #48 $3.00
Overtime Hour 32 Timothy Weatherstone $2.00

New Stuff This Week

smokesignal18Smoke Signal #18 $5.00 – 32 page tabloid newspaper comic, color cover and (mostly) b+w interior. Featuring Lala Albert, Josh Bayer, John Broadley, Ivan Brunetti (cover), Gerald Jablonski, Keren Katz, Aidan Koch, Travis Millard, Anders Nilsen, Yumi Sakugawa, David Shrigley, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Lale Westvind, and Basil Wolverton.

Pizza Lovers ZOMG: ‘Za the Pizza Zine, Special Issue by Nicki Yowell $4.00 – What kind of pizza are you? Find out here!
After Life Spr 14 by Darin Klein $5.00
Witchcrap #2  by Euronymous Paycheck and Mean Mom $5.00
Graze #5  $10.00
Interview with Kate Palmer of the Chicago Doula Circle by Molly Berkson $2.00

Comics & Comix
Reich #11  by Elijah Brubaker (Sparkplug) $4.00
Long Legs by Julianna Green (Sparkplug) $2.00
It’s Snowing Down South: A Lame Talisman by Andice Arp (Sparkplug) $3.00
Intergalactic Telepathic Pen Pal and Other Super Short Stories by Yumi Sakugawa $5.00
Hungry Summer  by Asher Z. Craw $6.00
There is No Love For a Lonely Soul #1 by Brad Rohloff $5.00
Minis from Joe DeGeorge: ET Activity Booklet, Cat People, Time To Go To The Dentist (various prices)

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Angie Bongiolatti by Mike Dawson (Secret Acres) $20.00 – Set in the same universe as Troop 142, Dawson’s much acclaimed tale of Boy Scouts gone wild, Angie Bongiolatti puts away childish things and moves into the city. Don’t miss Mike Dawson here at Quimby’s on 5/30 with MariNaomi and Elisha Lim during CAKE!
Andre the Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown (First Second) $17.99
Ditko Public Service Package: A Funny Bold Look Into the Comic Industry by Steve Ditko $14.00
Hey Mister: Come Hell or High Water Pants by Peter Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf) $14.95
True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys TPB by Gerard Way et al. (Dakr Horse) $19.99
Other Worlds Gridlords Anthology – Lords by Sean Christensen $10.00
Bohemians by Paul Buhle and David Berger (Verso) $16.95
Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 6 TPB by Alan Moore et al. $19.99
Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman et al. (Dark Horse) $19.99
This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki (First Second) $17.99

Art & Design Books
Outdoor Gallery New York City by Yoav Litvin $39.99
Everything is Everywhere  by Ryan McGinness (Frame) $39.95
The Bicycle Artisans by Will Jones (Gingko Press) $39.95 – 88 of the best, most unique builders from around the globe.

American Innovations Stories HC by Rivka Galchen $24.00
Young God by Katherine Faw Morris $24.00
Guide To Being Born Stories by Ramona Ausubel $16.00 – Thoughful and magical short stories. Now in soft cover.
Imperfections of James and Kate: An Almost True Love Story by ChristopherGutierrez & Keltie Colleen $16.00

Mayhem & Outer Limits
Voodoo Doll Spellbook: A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Spells and Rituals by Denise Alvarado (Weiser) $21.95
Unconventional Flying Objects: A Former NASA Scientist Explains How UFOs Really Work by Paul R. Hill $24.95

The Happy Atheist by PZ Myers $15.00 – Now in soft cover.
Hard Feelings – Selected Works 2009-2013 by Christopher Gutierrez $16.00

Politics & Revolution
Presente! Latina Immigrant Voices In the Struggle For Racial Justice (Voces de Immigrantes Latinas en la Lucha por la Justicia Racial) ed. by Cristina Tzintzun et al. (AK) $17.95
Method of Freedom: An Errico Malatesta Reader by Davide Turcato (AK Press)$21.95
Holding Fast to an Image of the Past: Explorations in the Marxist Tradition by Neil Davidson (Haymarket) $22.00

Music-Related Books
The Jesus Lizard Book by Duane Denison, Mac McNeilly, David Wm Sims and David Yow (Akashic) $29.95
1800 Miles To Nowhere: Two Decades of Life on the Road by Brian Keith Diaz $16.00
Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett (PowerHouse) $12.95 – Metalheads and their feline friends. Meta-lions! Rar!

Nobrow #9 Its Oh So Quiet $24.00
Offscreen #8 $22.00
Juxtapoz #161 Jun 14 $5.99
Cabinet #52 Celebration $12.00
Skeptical Inquirer vol 38 #3 May Jun 14 $4.95
Fantastic Man #19 Spr Sum 14 $14.99
Cannabis Now #10 $7.99
Inventory vol 5 #1 Spr Sum 14 $20.00
Fangoria #332 May 14 $10.99
Classic Rock Presents #45 Prog $14.99
Fader #91 Apr May 14 $5.99
Monocle vol 8 #73 May 14 $12.00
Shindig #38 $12.99
In These Times May 14 $3.50
Radical Philosophy #185 May Jun 14 $13.00
Freshly Inked vol 4 #3 Jul 14 $6.99
Tattoo Society #43 $7.99

Other Stuff
Handselecta: Blackbook, Blank Sketch Book (Gingko Press & Adnaseum) $14.95 – Christian Acker’s Flip the Script, a book which analyzes graffiti handstyles in a formal typographic construct, was dubbed an instant classic by writers and designers alike upon its release in 2013. Following in this tradition, Handselecta’s Blackbook is a tribute to the work that goes into developing a strong, consistent handstyle. Acker designed the book with 64 gridded pages and 64 blank pages so you have both structured and free-form options for developing your letterforms. Practice makes perfect! Perfect it here and then go use it on your street art.

New Stuff This Week

juxtapozpsychedelicJuxtapoz Psychedelic by Hannah Stouffer (Gingko Press) $29.95 –  Psychedelic Art manifested first in literary contexts with Huxley, Rimbaud and then later via Ginsberg and Burroughs. As the movement gained momentum in the 1960s, visual artists became catalyzed and turned on by the psychedelic experience. Juxtapoz Psychedelic bridges the musings these early explorers of the form, to those working in metaphysical and surrealistic modes today. Contemporary practitioners of the form featured in Juxtapoz Psychedelic include Andy Gilmore Jonathan Zawada, Steven Harrington, Oliver Hibert, David d Andrea, Patrick Kyle, Killian Eng, Scott Balmer, Deanne Cheuk, Mark Whalen, Eric Shaw, Roid, Ryan Travis Christian, Karina Eibatova, Maya Hayuk, Skinner, Kelsey Brookes, Hannah Stouffer, Katherine Tromans, Kylea Borges. Classic and traditional proponents of the form include John Van Hamersveld, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey and Keiichi Tanaami.callmeburroughsCall Me Burroughs: A Life by Barry Miles  (Twelve) $32.00 – Written with the full support of the Burroughs estate and drawing from countless interviews with figures like Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and Burroughs himself, this is the first full-length biography of Burroughs to be published in a quarter century-and the first one to chronicle the last decade of Burroughs’s life and examine his long-term cultural legacy.

*zines from The Transgender Oral History Project Distro: Unapologetic #1 the Journal of Irresponsible Gender by Anne Tagonist $2.00, Every Body Is a Modified Body by Aeryn $2.50, Some Boys Bleed: A Zine of Trans Postcards $1.50, Nashville Transit by Kale $2.00
Sketch School #2 What Is Sketch School Participating Is Easy by Carol Sogard $4.00
*Selected back issues of Chickfactor!
Popcorn Farm #1 by Laura Madeline Wiseman et al. $2.00
Thug Life Zine $1.00
Afghan Style $1.00
Studio Time #1 by Matt Haveron $4.00
Just Make Pictures Zine #2 Street Photographs Michael Jarecki $4.00
Travel On #5 a Summer in Montana by David Soloman $2.00
Wolfman Meets The Bride of Frankenstein by Ethan Krause $3.00
*2 issues of Remedy Quarterly! #12 Risk $7.50 & #13 Gather $12.00
Quitter #7 by Trace Ramsey $2.00
Taking the Cake an Illustrated Primer on Asexuality by Maisha $3.00

Comics & Comix
Crass Sophisticate #32 Sports by Josh Reinwald & Justin Rosenberg $5.00
Thanksgiving in Paris by Erik Schneider $3.00
Journal of Horizons by Flat Mtn Press $4.00
Histories of the Village of Crow Hill and Surrounding Areas by Trevor Grabill $4.00
New Year New Me #1 (Late Nite Draw Presents) $1.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Lost at Sea: 10 Year Anniversary Edition by Bryan Lee O’Malley $24.99
Snow Piercer vol 1 The Escape by Jacques Lob et al. $19.99
Sucker Bait and Other Stories (EC Library) by Graham Ingels (Fantagraphics) $28.99
Zero Hour and Other Stories (EC Library) by Jack Kamen (Fantagraphics) $28.99

Art & Design
Revok Made in Detroit $29.95
Oriental Tattoo Sourcebook by Yang Pen $29.95

Corpse Exhibition and Other Stories of Iraq by Hassan Blasim $15.00
Why Are You So Sad by Jason Porter $15.00
Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma by Kerry Hudson $15.00
Office of Mercy by Ariel Djanikian $16.00
Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles by Ron Currie Jr. $16.00
Changers Book One: Drew by T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper (Black Sheep/Akashic) $11.95
Apocalypse of Enoch Rapture by Shane Moore $20.00
Silence Once Begun by Jesse Ball $23.95
Morlock Night by K.W. Jeter  (Angry Robot) $7.99

Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald by Errol Morris $18.00
Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America by Ernest Freeberg $17.00
If I Catch You I Will Kill You: A Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Redefines Life On Her Own Terms by Judy Ferraro $19.99

Dear Shane: A Mental Health Resource About Staying Alive by Craig Kelly (Pioneers Press) $6.00

Hand #3 Jan 14 $10.00
Tipsy Win 13 #3 $20.00
Razorcake #78 $4.00
Internationalism #165 Publication of the Interantional Communist Current in the USA Jul-Dec 13 $1.00