New Stuff This Week

juxtapozpsychedelicJuxtapoz Psychedelic by Hannah Stouffer (Gingko Press) $29.95 –  Psychedelic Art manifested first in literary contexts with Huxley, Rimbaud and then later via Ginsberg and Burroughs. As the movement gained momentum in the 1960s, visual artists became catalyzed and turned on by the psychedelic experience. Juxtapoz Psychedelic bridges the musings these early explorers of the form, to those working in metaphysical and surrealistic modes today. Contemporary practitioners of the form featured in Juxtapoz Psychedelic include Andy Gilmore Jonathan Zawada, Steven Harrington, Oliver Hibert, David d Andrea, Patrick Kyle, Killian Eng, Scott Balmer, Deanne Cheuk, Mark Whalen, Eric Shaw, Roid, Ryan Travis Christian, Karina Eibatova, Maya Hayuk, Skinner, Kelsey Brookes, Hannah Stouffer, Katherine Tromans, Kylea Borges. Classic and traditional proponents of the form include John Van Hamersveld, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey and Keiichi Tanaami.callmeburroughsCall Me Burroughs: A Life by Barry Miles  (Twelve) $32.00 – Written with the full support of the Burroughs estate and drawing from countless interviews with figures like Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and Burroughs himself, this is the first full-length biography of Burroughs to be published in a quarter century-and the first one to chronicle the last decade of Burroughs’s life and examine his long-term cultural legacy.

*zines from The Transgender Oral History Project Distro: Unapologetic #1 the Journal of Irresponsible Gender by Anne Tagonist $2.00, Every Body Is a Modified Body by Aeryn $2.50, Some Boys Bleed: A Zine of Trans Postcards $1.50, Nashville Transit by Kale $2.00
Sketch School #2 What Is Sketch School Participating Is Easy by Carol Sogard $4.00
*Selected back issues of Chickfactor!
Popcorn Farm #1 by Laura Madeline Wiseman et al. $2.00
Thug Life Zine $1.00
Afghan Style $1.00
Studio Time #1 by Matt Haveron $4.00
Just Make Pictures Zine #2 Street Photographs Michael Jarecki $4.00
Travel On #5 a Summer in Montana by David Soloman $2.00
Wolfman Meets The Bride of Frankenstein by Ethan Krause $3.00
*2 issues of Remedy Quarterly! #12 Risk $7.50 & #13 Gather $12.00
Quitter #7 by Trace Ramsey $2.00
Taking the Cake an Illustrated Primer on Asexuality by Maisha $3.00

Comics & Comix
Crass Sophisticate #32 Sports by Josh Reinwald & Justin Rosenberg $5.00
Thanksgiving in Paris by Erik Schneider $3.00
Journal of Horizons by Flat Mtn Press $4.00
Histories of the Village of Crow Hill and Surrounding Areas by Trevor Grabill $4.00
New Year New Me #1 (Late Nite Draw Presents) $1.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Lost at Sea: 10 Year Anniversary Edition by Bryan Lee O’Malley $24.99
Snow Piercer vol 1 The Escape by Jacques Lob et al. $19.99
Sucker Bait and Other Stories (EC Library) by Graham Ingels (Fantagraphics) $28.99
Zero Hour and Other Stories (EC Library) by Jack Kamen (Fantagraphics) $28.99

Art & Design
Revok Made in Detroit $29.95
Oriental Tattoo Sourcebook by Yang Pen $29.95

Corpse Exhibition and Other Stories of Iraq by Hassan Blasim $15.00
Why Are You So Sad by Jason Porter $15.00
Tony Hogan Bought Me an Ice Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma by Kerry Hudson $15.00
Office of Mercy by Ariel Djanikian $16.00
Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles by Ron Currie Jr. $16.00
Changers Book One: Drew by T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper (Black Sheep/Akashic) $11.95
Apocalypse of Enoch Rapture by Shane Moore $20.00
Silence Once Begun by Jesse Ball $23.95
Morlock Night by K.W. Jeter  (Angry Robot) $7.99

Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald by Errol Morris $18.00
Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America by Ernest Freeberg $17.00
If I Catch You I Will Kill You: A Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Redefines Life On Her Own Terms by Judy Ferraro $19.99

Dear Shane: A Mental Health Resource About Staying Alive by Craig Kelly (Pioneers Press) $6.00

Hand #3 Jan 14 $10.00
Tipsy Win 13 #3 $20.00
Razorcake #78 $4.00
Internationalism #165 Publication of the Interantional Communist Current in the USA Jul-Dec 13 $1.00