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Off-Site Event: Editors of The Nation and The Nation Guide to the Nation at No Exit Cafe

Feb ’09
7:00 pm

Please note this event is NOT at Quimby’s. We’ll be there selling books. It’s actually sponsored by Drinking Liberally and Laughing Liberally.

Part Whole Earth Catalog, part 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, and part Zagat Guide, THE NATION GUIDE TO THE NATION is the essential lifestyle guide for liberals across the land, a one-stop-shop for liberals and progressives all over America.

* Studs Terkel’s favorite Chicago restaurant
* Ray Bradbury’s regular bookstore
* The best progressive diner in Iowa City
* Stuart Klawans’s 25 greatest political films
* Summer camps to foster liberal ideals in your children
* Blogs, museums, bookstores, churches, and more

Sat, Feb 28th, 7pm
No Exit Café, 6970 North Glenwood, Chicago, IL 60626

For more info: matt at headzup dot tv or jbaxter at randomhouse.com