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Steven Krakow, author of My Kind of Sound: The Secret History of Chicago Music, in conversation with the Reader’s Philip Montoro on 2/18

Feb ’16
7:00 pm


Steven Krakow’s My Kind of Sound (Curbside Splendor) compiles more than a decade worth of “The Secret History of Chicago Music,” the illustrated column by Steve Krakow (“Plastic Crimewave”) that has been printed bi-weekly in the Chicago Reader since 2005. There is much to discover in these stories; amidst the slighted fame, botched contracts, overdoses, and break-ups, Krakow spotlights the glory that exists in making music.

Some of these musicians made considerable contributions to Chicago’s music culture, rivaling those of the legends we all know and collect. And some of them didn’t, but Krakow insists that you know about them. Each of the more than 200 columns included in My Kind of Sound were painstakingly constructed by Krakow in his signature scissor-and-glue process, the same he employs in his long-running psychedelic zine, Galactic Zoo Dossier. Charmed though his process may be, Krakow’s gigantic love for music and the people who make it is serious and staggering and the resulting collection is as fun as it is important. 

[The Secret History of Chicago Music] is an education even for us know-it-all music obsessives, and are the only comics that have sent me directly to the record store to dig in the bins for dusty gems.”
—Jessica Hopper, Pitchfork, author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic

Facebook invite for this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/106144166435422/

For more info, email Catherine Eves: catherine(at)curbsidesplendor(dot)com

HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP? Release Event With Andy Slater and Marisa Choate 11/21

Nov ’15
7:00 pm

How Many Fingers Cover
You may have seen blind man-at-large, Andy Slater (aka Velcro Lewis) walking around Chicago with his trusty white cane. He makes being blind look so easy but if you ask him about his disability he’ll tell you just how hard it can be. From the stereotypical Mr. Magoo routines like walking into a tree to the confrontations with people who accuse him of faking his disability, Andy’s stories can be both amusing and heartbreaking. In an honest one-on-one or a sardonic rant, Andy is always willing to talk about his experiences.

Slater’s Chick Tract-inspired comic, How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?, chronicles his experiences as a blind pedestrian enduring harassment from aggressive ableists and the unwanted “help” from busy-body gawkers. The book doubles as a DOs & DON’Ts guide on assisting blind folks.

The comic was created so that Slater had something physical to hand to curious people or aggressive jerks that he runs into. Witnessing Slater cut a loudmouth down to size is an act of beauty but has weighed on the author’s soul. This comic ends the debate before it starts and saves many from embarrassment.

Slater looks to spread his propaganda like a Chick comic. Illustrated by Steve Krakow How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?, stays true to the Chick tract format. The comic will blend perfectly on any church’s reading rack between The First Jews and The Gay Blade.

Andy Slater will read from his comic and share more or his absurd experiences. There will also be a Q & A with the author. Ask anything… learn everything!: “How do you wipe your butt?” “Can you fight like Daredevil?” “How come you don’t have a guide dog?” “Do blind people dream of invisible sheep?” “Do you know Stevie Wonder?”

Artist, Marisa Choate, will read excerpts from her piece, 1000 Voices, a collection of personal stories about disability told by people with and without disabilities. Slater will also make chili!

More info: thisisandyslater.com

Facebook event invite to send to people can be found here on Facebook.

Sat, Nov 21st, 7pm – Free Event, Quimby’s Bookstore

P.S. You might be interested in his most hilarious video he made for Rock Trauma: