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Weekly Top 10

1. Cometbus #54 In China With Green Day by Aaron Cometbus $4.00 – It’s awesome, in case you needed us to tell you that.
2. Brilliant Mistake #4 Your Secretary #8 by Carrie and Jami Sailor $3.00 – Valentine’s Day special!!
3. Your Secretary #7 Playing Victim #4 by Jami Sailor $1.00
4. Politics of Penetration $1.00
5. Big Questions #15 the Sweet Taste of Victory by Anders Nilsen (D&Q) $7.95 – The most gorgeous, most finalest one… the Big Questions end times is disruptive, surreal and poetic. Nilsen’s draughtmanship is pure and stunning, where disarmingly simple forms are made perfectly right. If you’ve been keeping time with this series, you’ll certainly be excited by this chapter, and if you’re just catching up, you’ll be dazzled by this near-religious, cryptic conclusions you’ll be catching here. -EF
6. Proximity #8 Education As Art $12.00 – Writing the book on learning as art and the art of learning: Proximity #8 comes from all angles, focuses, builds, supports. Weighing in at 232 pages, this volume does an exceptional job with a wide variety of profiles, interviews and portfolios and essays, staying both solidly local and vitally connected, you’d be hard pressed to find a smarter art magazine.
7. Believer #78 Feb 11 $8.00
8. Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake (Secret Acres) $17.95 – All-Gaylord-All-Phoenix-All-In-One, Dr. Bronner’s Style.
9. Proof I Exist #13 by Billy Da Bunny $8.00 – This issue includes perhaps the most proof that Billy exists in zine form EVER: sewn terrycloth Chuck E Cheez photobooth covers, handmade stickers, pasted photo inserts, miscellany, true tales from the depths of New Mexico, remenicins about those good ol’ Chicago days and a dime bag of chest hair. That’s what you call pulling out all the stops, kids. Wow, for reals. -EF
10. First Line vol 12 #4 $3.00 – All submissions published have the same first line in every issue.

Weekly Top 10

1. Cometbus #54 In China With Green Day by Aaron Cometbus $4.00 – Okay, mister, so you’re old friends with Green Day and they ask you to join them on their bonkers tour of China. Of course you’re going to do that. Don’t tell me you’re too punk for your old friends, cause that sounds pretty fucking pretentious. Just join them for a little piece of their crazy-ass ride and see what happens, ‘kay? Oh, wait….you’re not old friends with Green Day? Well, Aaron-Fucking-Cometbus is and was in this very situation and not only did he go on tour with Green Day, he also wrote this huge, funny, frought and generally terrific issue of his zine about corporate tour mayhem and sorting it all out. It’s awesome, in case you needed me to tell you that. -EF

2. Cursed Pirate Girl TPB by Jeremy A. Bastian (Olympian) $20.00
3. Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee (Semiotext[e]) $12.95 – This eloquent call to arms arising from the recent waves of social contestation in France and Europe is written by the anonymous Invisible Committee in the vein of Guy Debord—and with comparable elegance—it has been proclaimed a manual for terrorism by the French government (who recently arrested its alleged authors). One of its members more adequately described the group as “the name given to a collective voice bent on denouncing contemporary cynicism and reality.” The Coming Insurrection is a strategic prescription for an emergent war-machine to “spread anarchy and live communism.”

4. Handbook vol 5 #1 2011 by by Darren Ackenbauer $6.00 – Super cruisy scene over here.

5. Boneshaker #43-100: A Bicycling Almanac (Wolverine Farm Publishing) $8.00

6. Uptown Problems #1 Win 10 11 $4.00 – From the tender side of twenty comes a tell-it-like-it’s-been “aborted journal of radical self help” ladelled out in snippets with the bitterness and bravado of a washed up child actor. -EF

7. Crap Hound #5: Hands, Hearts and Eyes by by Sean Tejaratchi (Show & Tell Press) $12.00

8.    Maximumrocknroll #333 Feb 11 $4.00

9.    Phase 7 #008 by Alec Longstreth $4.00

10. Stolen Sharpie Revolution vol 2 A DIY Resource For Zines and Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk $6.00

Weekly Top 10

1. Jin & Jam #1 by Hellen Jo (Sparkplug) $5.00 – Jin and Jam is a head-on collision of California 2 Cool 4 School and Tekkon Kinkreet. -Yeah, it really is that good. Hellen Jo’s drawings are perfect and her action-packed San Jose misfit tween girl rampage fights dirty the whole way through. It’s an impeccable tornado of an issue and if you come out with a black eye and gum in your hair, you’ll consider yourself lucky. -EF

2. Spotting Deer by Michael DeForge (Koyama) $5.00 – Michael DeForge continues to wrangle an Elvis Studio sense of drippy design chaos into creepy and beautiful amorphous narratives. This is a comic that’s about a field guide that’s about an oil-skinned mollusc that’s really about cultural displacement, wikipedian information templates and the fetishization/exploitation/commodification of subcultures and identities. Heavy- but full of laffs, in bleedy full color, and with a great slug sex scene to boot. -EF

3. Gothic Beauty #32 $5.95

4. Ice Haven by Dan Clowes (Pantheon) $16.00 – Same ol’ Haven, now in softcover to match your old Garfield books.

5. My Every Single Thought – What I Think About Being Single by by Corrine Mucha $5.00 – An exclusive Corrine made for Quimby’s! ‘Cause we’re awesome.

6. Capacity by Theo Ellsworth (Secret Acres) $20.00 – By the artist who made a bookmark for us once! ‘Cause we’re awesome!

7. Crickets #3 Sex Morons by Sammy Harkham $8.00

8. Juxtapoz #121 Feb 11 $5.99

9. Acme Novelty Library #20: Lint by Chris Ware (D+Q) $23.95 – Who has made signs for us! ‘Cause we’re awesome!

10. Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake (Secret Acres) $ 17.95 – Edie works here! ‘Cause we’re awesome!

Top 10 This Week

Top 10 This Week

1. The Rainbow Connection: Richard Hunt Gay Muppeteer by Jessica Max Stein $7.00

2. Hi-Fructose #14 $6.95

3. Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb (W.W. Norton) $24.95

4. Stop Smiling #38 $6.99

5. Proximity #6 An Other Art World $12.00

6. Handbook vol 3 #4 2009 $6.00

7. Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli (Pantheon) $29.95

8. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith (Quirk) $12.95

9. Death Deals by Eamon Espey (Sparkplug) $4.00

10. Leftovers Again by Robin Hustle $3.00

This Is a Perfect ExampleThis Is a Perfect Example.

Top 10 Bestsellers For the First Week of December

Meat Is Murder Gift Basket

1. Cometbus #52 by Aaron Cometbus $3.00

2. FOUND Magazine #7 $5.00

3. Slingshot 2010 Large Organizer by the Slingshot Collective $12.00

4. Granta #108 The Special Chicago Issue $16.99

5. News Nudity and Nonsense: Best of Vice vol 2 2003 – 08 (Vice) $18.00

6. Bldg Blog Book by Geoff Manaugh (Chronicle) $29.95

7. Burn Collector #14 by Al Burian $8.00

8. Believer #67 Nov 09 The Art Issue $10.00

9. Michael Jacksons Masculinity by Yasmin $3.00

10. Best American Comics 2009, ed. by Jessica Abel, Matt Madden and Charles Burns (Houghton Mifflin) $22.00