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New Window Display and Top 10 This Week

Look at our awesome window display, created by Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher of the Sonnenzimmer Studio! Don’t miss Nadine’s event here on Oct 29th!


1. Granta #108 The Special Chicago Issue $16.99

2. Bust Oct/Nov 09 $4.99

3. Proximity #5 The Photo Issue Fall 2009 $12.00

4. The Squirrel Machine by Hans Rickheit (Fantagraphics) $18.99

5. Monocle vol 3 #27 Oct 09 $10.00

6. Rainbow Connection Richard Hunt Gay Muppeteer by Jessica Max Stein $7.00

7. Achewood vol 2 Worst Song Played On Guitar by Chris Onstad (Dark Horse) $15.95

8. Comic Dirama by Grant Reynolds (Top Shelf) $5.00

9. In Defense of Lost Causes by Slavoj Zizek (Verso) $19.95

10. Dark Places by Filian Flynn (Shaye Areheart) $24.00


Quimby’s Winter Windows 2007

Abominable Yeti – Quimby’s Winter Windows 2007, originally uploaded by Quimbys Bookstore.

Eskimos & Abominable Snow Yetis, two channel video warmth from the loving mind of Chicago-based artist Elisa Harkins