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IZM Day 23: Make a One Page Zine



zinemonthgraphicday23And here are links to helpful info on making a one page zine!


IZM Day 17: Review a Zine


IZM Day 12: Send Yr Zine Out to Be Reviewed



International Zine Month Day 8: Make a Flyer for a Zine Trade!




International Zine Month is all through July! More info here.


International Zine Month Day 5: Teach Yourself a New Zine Skill


So with travel season is upon us, why not write and draw about travel? If you’re coming to Chicago, consider checking out some of the places Quimby’s friend Becky Barnicoat suggests, in a zine she made for folks new to Chicago. And we think she’s just the bees knees for putting Quimby’s on it. Also, hey! When you’re done, you’ll have a very cool travel guide.

One Day In Chicago

So now that you know how to cut and fold, start making zines and comics! Then come and consign them at Quimby’s!

Becky Barnicoat draws comics and lives in London. See more of her work at everyoneisherealready.blogspot.com

International Zine Month is all through July! More info here.