New Stuff 5/12/07

Oh, the new stuff can cause so much confusion.
Overheard from a group of shoppers around our new table:

Girl 1: (points to a copy of Young Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn) Wow! this is interesting. Have you ever read Zinn?
Girl 2
: Ehh, Zinn! Worst ever! I hated him. Some teacher made us read Zinn [sic] and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It was horrible!
Girl 1
: What are you talking about?
Girl 2: What are you talking about?
(group of girls exchange confused and dismayed looks)

More new stuff on the flip…
New Stuff to Hit Our Shelves on the Week ending 5/12/07
New Mags and Zines:
Duplex Planet zine #178 $2.00
Believer #44 $8.00
Ozone #56 $3.99
Flaunt #83 $8.95
Tape Op #59 $4.50
Video Watch Dog #130 $7.95
ArtForum May 07 $10.00
Car Busters #30 $4.00
Off Our Backs 36.4 $4.95
Girls of Low Rider Spr 07 $4.99 Cheesecake

New New Comics and Minis and Graphic Novels:
Unlovable #5 by Esther Pearl Watson $5.00 Tammy is back!
Buddha Vol 7 SC by Tezuka $14.95
French Milk by Lucy Knisley $15.00
Point of Purchase #3 by Matt Fagan $1.00
Heavy Metal Jul 07 $8.00
Monu #6 $6.00 Urban Planning
Open City #23 $10.00
Espous #8 $10.00
Retard Riot $2.00 each tons of different issues
Y the Last Man Vol 9 Mother Land $14.99

Brand New Books:
Gothic & Lolita $29.95 new Japanese goth book from the Fruits people!
No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July $23.00
Falling Man by Don DeLillo $26.00
Flushed by W. Hodding Carter $13.00 How the Plumber Saved Civilization
Philip K. Dick Four Novels $35.00 Dick gets the library treatment, finally!
Core Memory $35.00 Visual survey of vintage computers
Kaysays by Kay Rosen $20.00
Icepick $29.95 Icelandic Street Art
Age of Feminine Drawing $39.95
Guerrilla Gardening A Manualfesto by David Tracey $19.95
Classic Household Hints $17.95
Drosscape SC $27.50 Land waste and sprawl in America
Young Peoples History of the United States vol 1 & 2 17.95 each
Pretty in Punk $19.95 More DIY Punk, Rock and Goth crafts
RackGaki $24.95 Survey of Japanese Graffiti with DVD
Typographic Systems by Elam $19.95 Type nerds the new Elam is here!
One to One $38.00 Collection of ticket stubs from around the world.
Generation What Dispatches From the Quarter-Life Crisis by Bess Vanrenen $15.00
What’s Your Poo Telling You $9.95
Build this Bong $12.95
Seafaring Women $14.95 Lady pirates and more
Zoology by Ben Dolnick $12.95
Stolen Child by Keith Donohue $13.95
Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq $14.95

Erotica and Porn and Sex Culture and Dirty Comics
BUTT #19 $8.95

CDS DVDs Gifts and Accessories for hip lifestyles
Retard Riot Buttons $1.00 each! Teenage Mutant Ninja Testicle!!!
Spacebot Qees Series 01 by Dalek $6.00
AdHouse Sticker Pack $4.95 James Jean, Paul Pope, and more!

Notable Restocks: Old but New Again:
Realizing the Impossible Art Against Authority by Josh Macphee $23.95
Bicycle repair and Maintence Manifesto by Sam Tracy $19.00