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New Stuff This Week


That’s right, somebody dropped off a donation for Midwest Books to Prisoners in the perfect bag. Appropriately located next to Dangerous Ink. Anyway, lotsa great new stuff this week as usual, as well as some great events planned for June, with just a few of the links below.

Comedy By the Numbers Book-On-Tape CD: Selections From the McSweeneys Book by Prof. Eric Hoffman and Dr. Gary Rudoren $12.99 – With all manner of cool guest stars reading selections on it, like David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and more! Don’t miss executive producer Bob Odenkirk signing this CD on June 20th!

Works On Paper by Archer Prewitt (Presspop) $20.00 – That’s right. He’ll be here signing it June 20th. And yes, you read that correctly. Bob Odenkirk here at 4pm and Archer Prewitt here at 7pm. The same day!!

George Sprott 1894 – 1975 edited by Seth (Drawn & Quarterly) $24.95 – Don’t miss Seth with Adrian Tomine at Quimby’s on Wednesday, June 10th!

Mark Ryden’s Tree Show: 15 Postcards (Porterhouse) $12.95

Papercut Heart: A Book of Zines by Ian Sullivan Cant (Conundrum) $15.00 – Beautiful and minimal art

All This Is Mine #12 $5.00

Because This Is How I Want to Remember You by Jordan A Fu $3.00 – Mini comix from a promising talent new to Quimby’s!

Killer Marguerite by Megan Milks (Another New Calligraphy) $6.00 – Don’t miss Megan Milks with Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf here at Quimby’s on July 26th!

Chugtitz #2 $2.00 – Old school cut’n’paste style zine.

You Don’t Get There From Here #11 by Carrie McNinch $2.00 – As always, the artist behind The Assassin and the Whiner pumps out awesome mini comix.

Jobjumper by The Whiskey Rebel $15.00 – Yes! You read that right! This second edition revised and expanded of an old classic is here.

Teeth: I Walked Outside Today and Beast In a Bottle, both by the Bernard St Collective Production $2.00 each – Chap book action.

Precious Gems: A Compendium of Collectable Correspondence Cards (Koyama Press) $15.00 – Postcard book version of Team Macho art.

Twenty Reasons Why You Should Eat Magic Mushrooms by Jason Kieffer $1.00 – Can you guess what this comic is about?

Shoot Your Slut #1 $7.00 – Home made erotic mag $7.00

Go Get the Money Alamo Igloo 2009 by Keith Herzik $5.00 – Is he famous yet? ‘Cause his silkscreen comix are awesome.

Ode to Cabernet $4.00 – DIY sommelier!

Wax Poetics #35 $9.99

Swallow Presents John Watkiss Sparrow Art Book Series vol 11 (IDW) $11.99

Giocattoli Per Malinconici Toys For Melancholics by Gabriels (Stamen) $49.95 – For the lovers of the sexy biomechanics in the style of Giger. Year One Rewind A Survey of Graffiti Street and Urban Art (Dirty Pilot) $19.95

Thought Cloud Shrines: Drawings by Theo Ellsworth $5.00 – Delicious screenprinted imaginings.

Back In the Day: 101 Things Everyone Used To Know How to Do by Michael Powell (Sterling) $7.95

Dre Day 2009 Burlesque of North America Proudly Presents: Dr Dre Sticker Pack VII $5.00

Divine Filth by Georges Bataille (Solar) $14.95 – The people have spoken, and they want a reprint of classic erotica fiction.

Children of the Can 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti by Felix FLX Braun (Tangent) $50.00

Eroto: To the Prurient Interest The Erotic-Sexual Images of RC Horsch vol II (IMC) $19.95 – Kinky stuff!

Mysteries vol 7 #1 $6.95

American Nerd: The Story of My People by Benjamin Nugent (Scribner) $14.00

Melvin Monster vol 1: John Stanley Library (Drawn & Quarterly) $19.95

Moomin Vol 4: Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip (Drawn & Quarterly) $19.95

Kev Grey – British tattoo-ish lowbrow artist, imported just for you. Sorta Sailor Jerry, sorta goth, sorta Mitch O’Connell. You won’t find this in many other places! $20.00

Juxtapoz #101 Jun 09 $5.99

You’ll Never Know vol 1 A Good and Decent Man by C. Tyler (Dark Horse) $24.99

Tape Op #71 $4.50

GlompX with CD $46.00 – Hardcover comics anthology. For lovers of Kramers E.

Big Book of Legs edited by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $59.99

James Hannaham Reads From God Says No

Jun ’09
7:00 pm


In God Says No (McSweeneys) by James Hannaham, Gary Gray marries his first girlfriend, a fellow student from Central Florida Christian College who loves Disney World as much as he does. They are nineteen, God-fearing, and eager to start a family, but a week before their wedding Gary goes into a rest-stop bathroom and lets something happen. God Says No is his testimony—the story of a young black Christian struggling with desire and belief, with his love for his wife and his appetite for other men, told in a singular, emotional voice. Driven by desperation and religious visions, the path that Gary Gray takes—from revival meetings to out life in Atlanta to a pray-away-the-gay ministry in Memphis, Tennessee—gives a riveting picture of how a life like his can be lived, and how it can’t.

James Hannaham has written for the Village Voice, Spin, New York Magazine and once, circa 1997, a tiny sidebar in the front section of the New York Times Magazine. His fiction has appeared in The Literary Review,, Open City, and several anthologies.

For more information about James Hannaham, see

Megan Milks and Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf Read

Jun ’09
7:00 pm

Megan Milks, a true gem in the Chicago literary scene, marks a new kind of adventure with her chapbook, “Kill Marguerite.”  The story runs with its variations on a theme and bends them with a retro twist: life in an old school video game. The result is a fresh, entertaining story with a heroine the reader lives and dies with, again and again, while continually forgetting that she is nothing but a pixelated image on a screen, whose volition is tied to the trivial push of an A or B button.

Semi-professional mascot and full-time whiz kid Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf is currently getting his MFA at the School of the Art Institute, but more importantly he writes short little things that have been assembled in “An Implausibility of Gnus.” The book is the product of Bengelsdorf’s compulsive pick-pocketing from the coats of the American psyche. Over 30 stories pack into the collection, each revealing sparkling tidbits of the ordinary or ordinary disclosures of the fantastical.

An Implausibility of Gnus will be available in late June from Another New Calligraphy. “Kill Marguerite” is out now. Another New Calligraphy is a new non-profit project that supports Chicago writers and musicians.

For more info about this event, see
For more information about events at Quimby’s, see

This event, as all events at Quimby’s, is a FREE EVENT.

Top Ten

For the Week of May 17th-May 23rd, 2009


Thanks to our patient customers on Friday night when we went without our phone line for the night. We can’t imagine why we would have electrical problems what with the tangle of cords in the place. Can you tell we fixed it?
1. Butt #26 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90
2. Handmade Electronic Music The Art of Hardware Hacking Second Edition by Nic Collins (Routledge) $34.95
3. The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno (W.W. Norton) $24.95
4. Nine Ways to Disappear by Lilli Carre (Little Otsu) $12.95
5. Trubble Club vol 3 $3.00
6. Match #107 by Fred Woodworth $3.00
7. Tales Designed to Thrizzle #5 by Michael Kupperman (Fantagraphics) $4.50
8. Shortcomings (soft cover) Adrian Tomine (Drawn+Quarterly) $14.95
9. Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom Herbal Abortion Procedure and Practice For Midwives and Herbalists by Catherine Marie Jeunet $5.00
10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 8 vol 4 Time of Your Life (Dark Horse) $15.95

New Stuff and Memorial Day Hours

Just a reminder! Quimby’s will be open on Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day, but only with abbreviated hours. That day we will be open from noon to 5pm.

And here’s New Stuff! trubbleclubiii

Trubble Club vol 3 $3.00 – New comic from comics superstars who did our last window display! If we house the comic here. does that make Quimby’s a Club House?

Youll Never Know vol 1 A Good and Decent Man by C. Tyler (Dark Horse) $24.99

Decal art (Idea) from a whole variety of cool artists, including: Royal Art Lodge, David Bromley, David Shrigley and more! Transfer it onto your Trapper Keeper! $9.50 each

Urinal Gum vol 8 $2.00

Hyphen #17 Spr 08 $4.95

Black Carrot #14 $3.00

Squish The Fish by Kevin Brady $3.00 – mini comic

Cabinet #33 Deception $12.00

Kilobyte Couture Geek Chic Jewelry to Make From Easy to Find Computer Components by (Watson) $18.95

Please Step Back by Ben Greenman (Melville) $16.95

Best of Simon and Kirby, edited by Steve Saffel (Titan) $39.95 – As in comics dudes Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, aka “comics’ Lennon/McCartney dream duo,” as the Library Journal says.

Tank Girl vol 1 and 2 by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin (Titan) $14.95 each – back in print!

Leftovers Again by Robin Hustle $3.00 – New zine from local sex activist.

Tape Op #71 $4.50

The Peep Diaries: How Were Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors by Hal Niedzviecki (Citylights) $17.95 – He’s doing an event here on June 25th!

Love and Obstacles by Aleksander Hemon (Riverhead) $25.95 – New fiction from local M. Genius Grant (TM) writer.

Pork Chop Robinson #7 $3.00

The Comedians May 09 $4.50