Dan Gleason and Friends Read from Pieces of Paper, Amongst the Words That Rest Upon Them, at Quimby’s

May ’09
7:00 pm

Chicago-based weirdo once again graces us with his presence and brings some friends to entertain us. Like who else? These fine folks:
Marc Arcuri: poet/advocate
Thax Douglas: author/scholar
Dan Gleason: journalist/hair pie
Greg Jacobsen: painter/songstress
Meg McCarville: autobiographer/leading lady
Mike McPadden: writer/musician
Dave Tortuga: artist/mover

Well, what will happen at this event? Here is what Dan told us:

“Chewing tobacco will be provided.
(Chewing tobacco will not be provided.)
Large chunk of melba toast accidentally placed in ear.
Together we transform into one being that possesses a lot of the same power as that recently cancelled Michel Gondry.
People should drink.
Ingrown hair in my left nostril.”

You don’t want to miss that, do you?