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Jason Buhrmester Reads Black Dogs: The Possibly True Story of Classic Rock’s Greatest Robbery

Jul ’09
7:00 pm


In Black Dogs: The Possibly True Story of Classic Rock’s Greatest Robbery, Inked magazine editor Jason Buhrmester tells the conceivably true tale of a group of small-time crooks who, against all odds, manage to pull off one of the most infamous fleeces in classic rock’s history.

Hours before the final show of their 1973 U.S. tour, the members of Led Zeppelin find all the cash missing from their safe deposit box at the Drake Hotel in New York City. The $203,000 robbery was never solved. Now, in Black Dogs: The Possibly True Story of Classic Rock’s Greatest Robbery, Inked magazine editor Jason Buhrmester tells the story. In this book of fiction, slacker Patrick returns home with the plan for one last crazy scam. He gathers his slacker buddies—Alex, Frenchy, and Keith—and convinces them to take a break from their crappy jobs, getting high, and jacking car stereos to plot an improbable robbery of Led Zeppelin. Nothing quite goes as planned, and the guys find themselves mixed up with Backwoods Billy, the psychotic, born-again leader of the Holy Ghosts Christian motorcycle gang and various other adventures, in this tale that just might shed light on one of the biggest capers in rock and roll history.

“Almost Famous meets Reservoir Dogs in Inked editor Buhrmester’s debut novel about a quartet of wannabe young criminals who probably should’ve stayed in school. Buhrmester demonstrates…a heartfelt affection for all that rocks. Casual music fans will enjoy the heck out of this hilarious and gritty tale; rock fanatics will adore it.” —Kirkus Reviews

Former editor at Playboy and current editor at Inked, Jason Buhrmester has been published in Spin, Wired, the Village Voice, and other publications. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he is working on his second novel and listening to Black Sabbath.

A helpful review of the book is here.
FREE EVENT Founder Clay Hayes Brings His Gig to Quimby’s With Artists Featured In the Book, Just In Time For Pitchfork Music Festival!

Jul ’09
7:00 pm


You’re used to seeing gig posters, flyers, and handbills displayed outside your favorite concert venue. Now, with Gig Posters Volume 1: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century (Quirk Books), artwork featuring your favorite musicians can be found in a lasting book format. Each of these posters originates from, which has been the Internet’s first and best resource for concert art since 2001. Their massive online database showcases more than 100,000 posters from 8,000 different designers, including all of today’s top poster studios. Gig Posters Volume I highlights the best examples from that collection. Inside you’ll find artwork promoting shows by Radiohead, Kanye West, Wilco, the Decemberists, the Shins, the Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire, Sleater-Kinney, Cat Power, Joan Jett, Wu-Tan Clan, N.E.R.D., Diplo, and many, many, many more. Organized by designer, each page features an artist along with their insights on influences, methods and mediums, and why they do what they do. Author Clay Hayes is the founder of Read a helpful interview with him here.

Specifics about the book follow:

Gig Posters Volume 1: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century
By Clay Hayes of
Paperback with perforated pages, $40.00
11 x 14, 208 pages, in color
700 full-color examples of unique concert art,
including 101 perforated, 11-by-14 inch
ready-to-hang posters!

Like all events at Quimby’s, this event is free!

OFF SITE EVENT: Quimby’s and the Alternative Press Center Welcome Paul Buhle at the Alternative Press Center Open House

Jul ’09
5:30 pm

Paul Buhle has edited several books of comic art, including Studs Terkel’s Working: A Graphic Adaptation, Wobblies!, A Dangerous Woman, Students for a Democratic Society, A People’s History of American Empire and The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: The Mad Genius of Comics. An active member of Champaign-Urbana, Storrs, and Madison SDS chapters during the late 1960s and founding editor of Radical America as well as co-author of The Encyclopedia of the American Left, Buhle will discuss the legacy of alternative media and underground papers as well as his contemporary work in graphic adaptation of left history at the newly expanded and relocated Alternative Press Center (APC).

The APC is a periodicals library and nonprofit collective that promotes access to independent and critical sources of news and information. Founded in 1969, it remains one of the oldest self-sustaining alternative media institutions in the United States. The APC Library is located in Logan Square after more than 30 years in Baltimore, Maryland. The most recent five years of the collection is held at the APC Library and includes titles from around the world such as Colorlines, n+1, Souls, Gay & Lesbian Review, EarthFirst! Journal, Off Our Backs, Camera Obscura, Claridad, Historical Materialism, Canadian Dimension, Review of African Political Economy, Labor History, Hypatia, Red Pepper, El Viejo Topo, Le Monde Diplomatique, and hundreds more. In addition to the periodical collection, the APC Library has more than 1,800 books — classics of the Left with emphasis on the 1960s and 1970s.

Buhle’s books and other merchandise will be on hand courtesy of Quimby’s and APC will celebrate the author’s presence and its move with free wine, beer and snacks.

For more info:

At The Alternative Press Center / 2040 N. Milwaukee, 2nd floor.
Note: the location is not handicap accessible

Top 10 For the Week of 6/7/09-6/13/09


Of course, since last week Seth and Adrian Tomine were here, a number of the bestsellers last week were by them. So since Seth’s George Sprott 1894 – 1975 was #1, he gets the picture for this list. His jacket and coat are draped over one of our work station chairs. For you. You’re welcome.

1. George Sprott 1894 – 1975 by Seth (Drawn+Quarterly) $24.95

2. 32 Stories Complete Optic Nerve Mini-Comics by Adrian Tomine (Drawn+Quarterly) $19.95

3. Uptight #3 by Jordan Crane (Fantagraphics) $2.75

4. Sad Animals by Adam Meuse $4.00

5. Optic Nerve #6 by Adrian Tomine (Fantagraphics) $2.95

6.It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken by Seth (Drawn+Quarterly) $24.95

7. Butt #26 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90

8. Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine (Drawn+Quarterly) $14.95

9. Stolen Sharpie Revolution vol 2 A DIY Resource For Zines and Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk $6.00

10. Proximity #4 $12.00

New Stuff 6/16/09


Drawn and Quarterly comics artists Seth and Adrian Tomine were here talking about their new releases on June 10th. For more awesome photos of the experience, go here.

It’s crazy raining out right now, as we wait for filmmaker, writer, and artist Eames Demetrios to get here to do an event added late last week. He’ll be presenting Discover Kymerica Travel Guide, the first global work of three-dimensional fiction! (And yes, we have it here for $19.99.) Oh, and did we mention that he’s the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames?

Letters From The Pen: Thoughts from the Inside $3.00
Exact Change Only Vol 1 $8.00
Signal Failed: Revolting Queers $3.00
Pride Diary: True Stories From The Twin Cities Pride Fest 2008 $1.00
Subversive Activity #2 $2.00
Shoe of a Day $5.00
Dads by Rachal Duggan $3.00 – Drawings of all sorts of dads! Come in and get one for your pops for his day on June 21st!
Bound Struggles #7 Chicago Books to Women in Prison $5.00
Instant Memories by Robert V $10.00

Magazines and Journals:
McSweeneys #31 $24.00
The Point #1 Spr 09 $10.00 – New local philosophy mag, all the buzz!
Yeti #7 $11.95
Mouthpiece #7 $5.00 – New local thing from the minds of the former the local (defunct?) Pistil magazine.
High Times Aug 09 $5.99
Blood and Thunder #11 $5.99
The Believer #63 $8.00
Z Magazine Jun 09 $4.95
Monster Mania #1 $8.00
Opium #8 $12.00
Tokion #69 $6.99
Signal to Noise #54 Sum 09 $4.95
Big Takeover #64 $5.99
Adbusters #84 $8.95

Mini Comix:
From Dream to Dream/Capgras Delusion by Drew Panckeri $3.00
Bad Breath Comics #2 by Josh Juresko $2.00
Fish and the Monkey by Marion Runk $20.00

Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo by Annice Jacoby (Abrams) $35.00
Time After by Doug Fogelson $55.00 – From the man behind the local Front Forty Press.
Artist Music Journal vol 1 #1 A Curated Series From Soundscreen Design: The Light and Spaced Movement Performance Archives 2008-2009 by Jason Yates $16.99 – Quimby’s is one of the few stores in the country selling this. It must be seen to believed.
Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture by Kaya Oakes (Henry Holt) $14.00
Art of Touring by Sara Jaffe and Mia Clarke $19.95
Brinkley Girls by Trina Robbins (Fantagraphics) $29.99
Art of Harvey Kurtzman by Denis Kitchen and Paul Buhle (Abrams) $40.00
Miss Lonelyhearts and Day of the Locust by Nathanael West and Jonathan Lethem (New Directions) $11.95
Depression 2.0 by Cletus Nelson (Process) $16.95
This Will Kill You: A Guide to the Ways In Which We Go by HP Newquist and Rich Maloof (St Martins Press)$14.95