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New Stuff This Week


Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb (WWNorton) $24.95 – About time!!!

King Cat #70 by John Porcellino $3.00 – Still goin’ strong!

Wild Things by Dave Eggers (McSweeneys) $19.95 – Loosely based on Where the Wild Things Are.

I Drink For a Reason by David Cross (Grand Central) $23.99

Plastic Knife #2 $2.00 – Zine from the writer behind the popular free zine You.

Mineshaft #24 $6.95 – Crumb, both R. and Sophie, plus various other interesting things.

Hipless Boy: Short Stories by Sully (Conundrum) $19.95 – New graphic novel material, sort of Matt Madden-esque style.

Monsters by Ken Dahl (Secret Acres) $18.00 – Beautious! Don’t have sex without (reading) it.

Miss Sequential #1 by Marissa Falco $2.00 – Cutest ziney-mini comic-y thing evah! From the artist of Red-Hooded Sweatshirt. Sort of Missy Kulick-esque.

Rosario Dawson Loves Me #1 Or I Want to Die Right Now Please by Justin Valmassoi $1.50 – Yes, the time has come. Rosario Dawson fan fiction.

Tulip Spr/Sum 09 $4.00 – New local literary journal. Jump on it now before it gets the buzz!

Road Kill vol 1 #10 $2.00

Gigantic Sequins vol 1 #1 $5.00 – Lit journal. Also hot!

Laterborn #7 by Jason Martin $2.00 – mini comic.

Razorcake #52 $4.00

Two new comic books from George Starr of Snowie fame: Triangle Versus Square ($8.00) and You’re Dead to Me ($6.00)

Dear Dave Magazine #5 $15.00 – Deluxe fashion mag.

Lulu Eightball vol 2 by Emily Flake (Atomic) $14.95 – New material from former local illustrator. Hilarious!

Bust Oct Nov 09 $4.99

Secret Beach #1 Sep 09 by Liam Warfield $2.00 – New material from the zinester behind War Against the Idiots! Finally!

Bizarre #154 Sep 09 $10.50

High Glitz: Extravagant World of Child Beauty Pageants by Susan Anderson (PowerHouse) $39.95 – That’s some freaky shit

Preparedness Now: An Emergency Survival Guide by Anton Edwards (Process) $16.95

2012: Science or Superstition by Alexandra Bruce (Disinfo) $14.95

Pictures For Sad Children by John Campbell $15.00 – From local comics artist of Stevie Might Be a Bear.

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman and illustr. by Brett Helquist (Harper) $14.99

Sulk #3 by Jeffrey Brown (Top Shelf) $6.00

Away We Go Screenplay by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida (Vintage) $14.00

Sound And Fury Art of Henry Darger (Edlin) $40.00

Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues by Loren Rhoads (Scribner) $14.99 – Material from the editors of the popular outer limits mag Morbid Curiousity.

Cults Conspiracies and Secret Societies by Arthur Goldwag (Vintage) $16.00

1 800 MICE #3 by Matt Thurber $4.00

Tape Op #73  $4.50

Comic Diorama by Grant Reynolds (Top Shelf) $5.00 – Don’t miss Grant Reynolds here on Oct 6th!

Best American Comics 2009 ed. by Charles Burns, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden (Houghton Mifflin) $22.00

Private: The Best of the Revolutionary Swedish Sex Magazine, ed. by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $39.99

Off-site Event: The Interview Show at the Hideout

Oct ’09
6:30 pm

The-Interview-Show-No-18-foThe Interview Show, a talk show at The Hideout, is back Friday, Oct. 2, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Host Mark Bazer welcomes guests Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, co-hosts of “Sound Opinions;” novelist Gillian Flynn (“Dark Places,” “Sharp Objects”) and Joe Winston, director of the documentary “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” $5. Plus, Quimby’s will on hand to sell books by the guests. The Hideout is located at 1354 W. Wabansia.

Metralingua’s Down the Block Reading

Oct ’09
7:00 pm

Featuring Chicago authors Peter Zelchenko, Hugh Iglarsh, Sharyn Elman, and John Banas

Chicago authors Peter Zelchenko, Hugh Iglarsh, Sharyn Elman, and John Banas will read their contributions from Metrolingua’s anthology Down the Block.

As the “Metro” in Metrolingua implies urban life, Down the Block confronts and even celebrates life in the city. The authors’ interaction with cities reveal both complimentary and antagonistic reactions, expressing the complexity of what cities mean to us, whether we live within them or are just passing through.

Zelchenko is “an outspoken activist who pursues his causes long after most people would have given up” (Chicago Reader), and writes for,, and has a popular column for the Chicago Journal. He also wrote the critically acclaimed exposé, It Happened Four Years Ago: Mayor Daley’s Brutal Conquest of Chicago’s First Ward.

Iglarsh has published satire, reviews and essays in such periodicals as The Lyric Opera Study Guide, New City, Bridge Magazine, World Jewish Digest, and Context.

Elman has worked as a broadcaster and producer for television and radio in Los Angeles and Chicago, and now teaches broadcasting at Columbia College.

Banas has experienced enough layoffs to write about it for this anthology and get involved in politics in DuPage county while pursuing other writing.

Metrolingua is a micro-publisher created by Margaret Larkin, to celebrate the human movement of writing in the 21st century as an alternative to the publishing monoliths that have emerged in the increasingly consolidated publishing business. See a full preview of the anthology and hear audio at:

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Grazfest Stops at Quimby’s

Oct ’09
7:00 pm

With Sunny Outside Press, Featuring Nathan Graziano, Micah Ling and Charly “the city mouse” Fasano!

Nathan Graziano lives in Manchester, New Hampshire with his wife and two children. He is the author of Teaching Metaphors (sunnyoutside, 2007), Not So Profound (Green Bean Press, 2004), Frostbite (Green Bean Press, 2002), and seven chapbooks of poetry and fiction. His work has appeared in Rattle, Night Train, Freight Stories, the Coe Review, the Owen Wister Review, and others. His third book of poetry, After the Honeymoon, will be published in fall 2009 by sunnyoutside press.

Micah Ling is the author of the collection Three Islands, which is forthcoming from sunnyoutside press. She earned her MFA at Indiana University. Her poems have appeared in Harpur Palate, Flyway, Fifth Wednesday, and others. Her chapbook, Thoughts on Myself, was published by Finishing Line Press. She teaches writing and literature classes at Indiana University and at Butler University. She also serves as Deputy Editor for Keyhole Magazine. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Charly \”the city mouse\” Fasano is a poet and spoken word performer from Chicago. His stories/poems are inspired by his experiences touring with rock and roll bands, failed relationships and being lost in familiar places.  He is the co founder of book publisher and cassette tape label Fast Geek Press / analog empire.  He is determined to present the general public audio recordings and books that document the work of underground poets, musicians, artists and comedians in dead media formats.  His monthly contribution to Lubricated Zine Online called “City Slicker Coconuts” is an examination of life in Chicago.

For more info: