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New Stuff This Week


Check out these amazing items that have suantered in through our doors in the past week…

Chicagoland Detective Agency #1 Drained Brains Caper by Trina Robbins (Graphic Universe) $6.95

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Dust To Dust #3 by Philip K. Dick, Chris Roberson & Robert Adler (BOOM! Studios) $3.99
RASL #8 by Jeff Smith (Cartoon Books) $3.50

Everything Asian by Sung J Woo (Thomas Dunne Books) $14.99
Everything Matters (Softcover) by Ron Currie (Penguin) $15.00
Inherent Vice (Softcover) by Thomas Pynchon (Penguin) $16.00
Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart (Random House) $26.00

Absinthe Dental Floss (Accoutrements) $4.00
Absinthe Candies (Accoutrements) $3.50
Charles Dickens Action Figure (Accoutrements) $6.50
Sherlock Holmes Action Figure (Accoutrements) $6.50

Batman Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader TPB by Neil Gaiman & Andy Kubert (DC Comics) $14.99
Friendly Game by Joe Pimienta, Lindsay Hornsby & Lauren Affe (Slave Labor Graphics) $14.95
Rand Holmes Artist Himself by Patrick Rosenkranz (Fantagraphics Books) $39.99
Revolver by Matt Kindt (Veritgo) $24.99
Set To Sea by Drew Weing (Fantagraphics Books) $16.99
Superman Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow TPB by Alan Moore & Curt Swan (DC Comics) $14.99
Vampire Tales vol 1 (collects Vampire Tales #1-3) by various writers and artists (Marvel) $19.99
Walking Dead TPB vol 12 Life Among Them by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn (Image) $14.99
Woman King by Colleen Frakes $7.00

Comic Art Propaganda by Fredrik Stromberg (St. Martins Press) $19.99
Graffiti Tattoo Kings on Skin (From Here To Fame) $14.95
Rift by James Jean (Chronicle Books) $12.95

Adbusters #91 vol 18 #5 Sep Oct 10 $8.95
Bizarre #165 Aug 10 $10.50
Black Velvet #65 $6.25
Candie Land #1 $9.95
Color Skateboard vol 8 #3 $7.99
Criminal Class vol 3 #2 $12.00
Dealer De Luxe #23 $19.95
Dwell Sep 10 $5.99
Foam #23 Photography Magazine $24.95
Giant Robot #66 $4.99
Monday Night #9 $3.00
Sneaker Freaker #18 $10.00
Spike #24 $16.00
Studio Review Sum 10 $12.00
Wax Poetics #42 Jul Aug 10 $9.99
Viz #197 Aug 10 $9.50

Beyond Bizarre Frightening Facts and Blood Curdling True Tales by Varla Ventura (Weiser) $15.95
Roswell and the Reich the Nazi Connection by Joseph P Farrell (Adventures Unlimited Preess) $19.95
Werewolves a Journal of Transformation by Alice Carr (Chronicle Books) $19.95

Abstract Cat Ballet by Mike Freiheit $5.00
Blackstar #5 by Jeff Zwirek $3.00
Henry and Glenn Forever Perfect Bound Deluxe New Edition by Igloo Tornado $6.00
How to Survive Working in Retail #3 by Ronnie Gorham & Lisandro Di Pasquale $2.00
Rena Versus World #1 In The Beginning by Rena Littleson $2.00


Rogue Soup and Bug #1-4 Kaiju Big Battels by Studio Kaiju $3.00 each…Yup. Ninja wrestling comics that have a cult live-action side component. Reads a lot like early Ninja Turtles comics, both in plotting and weirdness. -EF
24 Hours by Liz Valasco $2.00

Being Like Water by Charlie Fox $13.50
4 AM Friends The Not So Secret Diary of an Online Pick Up Artist by Christopher Gutierrez $16.00
The East The West and Sex a History by Richard Bernstein  (Vintage) $16.00
Off The Grid Inside the Movement For More Space Less Government and True Indepence by Nick Rosen (Penguin) $15.00
Onikage by Saeki Toshio (Last Gasp) $39.95
Volume, Writings on Graphic Design Music Art and Culture by Kenneth FitzGerald & Rudy VanderLans (Princeton Architectural Press) $24.95

Left Field DVD The Official Story of Chicagos Unofficial Kickball League directed by Ben Steger $20.00
Will Eisner DVD Portrait of a Sequential Aritst directed by Andrew Cooke (Marvel) $19.99


From Style Writing to Art a Street Art Anthology by Magda Danysz (Drago Arts and Communications) $50.00
Street Art Cookbook by Hop Louie & Benke Carlsson (Dokument Press) $29.95
Vader Project Auction 071010 (Last Gasp) $39.95

Absent Cause #4 Survival $3.00
Barbie Car Queers #1 $3.00
Coffee Addiction by M Miller $10.00
Diddly Zingers Non Lethal $5.00


Get Dorked vol 1 #1 by Danny Dodge & Laura Svec $2.00…Rock ‘n Roll in the take-it-back-to-yer-Chuck-Berry-45-singles sense of the term. Get Dorked turns out to have purist taste in both rollicking, intuitive garage-y sounds and traditional fanzine formating, and it feels more like a cool drink of fresh water than any kind of nostalgia re-tread. After all, to paraphrase their intro, what the fuck are the Black Eyed Peas doing in any “Best Rock N Roll of 2010” list? Light for the musical end times, friends. -EF
Ghett-O Style by M Miller $10.00
Go Ratray Go #2 Pedal Medal by Rue Diego Ratray $3.00
God Save the Zine #3 $1.00
Harvester Nurse Raw Flavor by Herzik Keith $5.00
Hearts Mini Zine by C Uphues $1.00
Internet #1 $1.00
Laundry Room Squat and News of Da Hood by M Miller $10.00
Sandusky Review #4 Chopping Tulips by Gorjus $2.00

Scam The First Four Issues The Mutiny in Miami Issue and More by Erik Lyle (Microcosm) $16.00

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Tao Lin Reads From Richard Yates

Sep ’10
7:00 pm


Richard Yates is a startling change of direction for Lin: his trademark minimalism takes on a much darker edge as he narrates the story of a young man dealing with the consequences of an affair with an underage girl.  But buried within Lin’s work is a more troubling question—what exactly constitutes illicit sex for a generation with no rules?  Tao Lin’s second novel tracks the relationship between writer Haley Joel Osment, a New Yorker in his early twenties, and Dakota Fanning, his 16-year-old lover.  Moving between Fanning’s suburban home and Osment’s Wall Street apartment, the couple increasingly shuns the outside world as they work to navigate the moral ambiguity of their love. But as they grow more obsessive and become more intimately involved, Fanning reveals her increasingly self-destructive personality.  Osment’s own guilt and anger entrap him as they find the relationship—and their lives—hurtling out of control. 

Richard Yates is hilarious, menacing, and hugely intelligent. Tao Lin is a Kafka for the iPhone generation. He has that most important gift: it’s impossible to imagine anyone else writing like he does and sounding authentic. Yet he has already spawned a huge school of Lin imitators. As precocious and prolific as he is, every book surpasses the last. Tao Lin may well be the most important writer under thirty working today.”
—Clancy Martin, author of How to Sell

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Joe Janes and Friends Read From 365 Sketches

Aug ’10
7:00 pm

365 Sketches

Joe Janes does not believe in writer’s block. To prove the point, he wrote a full comedy sketch a day for a year and posted them live on his blog for everyone to read and comment on. Pretty brave for a teacher at the famed Second City and Columbia College. Many of his best friends tried to talk him out of doing 365 Sketches, but Joe decided to put his butt on the line. The general quality of the scenes were so high and the topic and styles so varied, all 365 sketches were performed at Strawdog Theater in a WNEP production earlier this year over the course of eleven nights with 26 directors and over 175 actors. The book is being lauded for not only being a fun read, but also a primer for comedy writers.

Joining Joe Janes will be some of Chicago’s finest comedic actors; Kevin Gladish, Chloé Ditzel, Bernie Balbot and Heath Cordts. They will be performing some of the most popular comic monologues from 365 Sketches.

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Work in Progress Tonight!

uncleenvelope024Come to Quimby’s tonight at 7pm for Work in Progress!

If you’re unfamiliar with Work In Progress, it’s our monthly creative and social get-together.  Bring projects you’re working on, and you can get feed back, give feed back to others, or just work in a social atmosphere.  We usually have some snacks too!

Work In Progress happens at 7pm on the last Wednesday or every month, and is designed to help foster the self-publishing community of Chicago.

Weekly Top 10

1. Scott Pilgrims vol 6 Finest Hour by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni) $11.99
2. Touch and Go The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine 79-83 by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson (Bazillion) $29.95
3. Is It the Future Yet by Corrine Mucha $3.00
4. Henry and Glenn Forever Perfect Bound Deluxe New Edition (Microcosm) $6.00
5. Black Carrot #15 Free Sandwich Zinewich by DF $5.00
6. Debbie’s Story by Kelly Froh $2.00
7. Doris #27 by Cindy $2.50
8. Nine Ways to Disappear by Lilli Carre (Little Otsu) $12.95
9. Meanwhile 3856 Story Possibilities by Jason Shiga (Abrams) $15.95
10. Acne Paper Sum 10 $15.00