Dear Deer Wolf Bear Shark and Little Brother

Jul ’10
7:00 pm

One and a half years ago, in an attempt to overcome his nigh crippling shyness and to get out of the basement, Brayton J. Cameron began the zine Dear Deer Wolf Bear Shark (Long Reach Publishing) so he wouldn’t just sit in the corner of venues silently weeping in the dark while on tour with local rock band Geronimo!  This kind of worked.    Issue 5 is Brayton’s celebrated final issue.  Some said it was funny, others said it was stupid, he just said the same as issue one, it was the “World’s best content.  World’s worst zine.”

Shaylah Kloska and Lauren Hunter teamed up early this year to create Little Brother, a zine about, well anything, their first issue contained stories, poems, comics, and drawing ranging in topics from actual brothers, to strangers, to an octopus with a typewriter.    Throughout this year Shaylah and Lauren have worked across the ocean, but this event brings the two of them together once again to officially release their 2nd delightful issue and, of course, read a bit from it.

Dear Dear Wolf Bear SharkLittle Brother Cover

For more info: & & Little Brother on Facebook.