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Weekly Top 10

1. Unsinkable Walker Bean by Aaron Renier (First Second) $13.99 – Does it sound cheesy if I say this book is perfect for kids age 5 to 105? Cause it really is! The Unsinkable Walker Bean is an unstoppable, rollicking high seas adventure full of codes, inventions, antediluvian intrigues and funny names. There’s this “pure joy of drawing” in Aaron’s work which loads the panels with sly little details and charming gestures -but nothing feels superfulous- even the silliest elements weave themselves into the plot. The story itself, about returning a cursed skull to two giant sea-hag sisters, champions scrapper ingenuity, resourcefulness and teamwork in a way that’s never heavy-handed, it’s just plain cool. Refreshing in a similar way is how Walker Bean’s world escapes simple hero vs. villain dichotomies, giving every character a heart to the point that you’ll even find the fierce, giant mer-witches endearing. The exceptional storytelling is emphasized by Alec Longstreth’s (Phase 7) beautiful color work full of crisp ocean blues, kelp-y ochres and my favorite sorts of pale, sea-sick greens. The book is also completely and solidly kid-friendly and that’s a big part of it’s magic: reading it as an adult stirs up all the youthful thrills and adventures of creative problem-solving. SO GOOD! -EF

2. Brilliant Mistake #1 by Carrie $1.00 – What a gem of a debut zine! Beautifully quilted together from bits of a questioning heart, Brilliant Mistake #1 pares down the aches of the social games we play. -EF

3. Is It THE FUTURE Yet by Corrine Mucha $3.00 – What does the future hold for you? Well, I predict you will fall madly in love with Corinne’s amazing new mini-comic, Is It the Future Yet?, which she made ‘specially for Quimby’s! I see you laughing out loud at the fresh psychic hijinx and time-travel schemes that grace every delightful page. I can see your love for this comic growing rich, deep, and strong and you will find it brings you much good luck and happiness as years go by…Yes, my friend, the future looks very bright indeed!

4. Butt #28 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90

5. Hero Land #1 by Esther Pearl Watson $4.00 – Super friends fighting crime! Drinking coffee! Accidently killing their plants! Growing older! Letting thier infected hands heal without medical attention! Yow! -EF


6. Stories vol 3 Catch Me If You Can by Martin Cendreda $3.00 – Eloquently drawn Giving-Tree-esque twists and turns of children growing and parents giving. -EF

7. Maximumrocknroll #328 Oct 10 $4.00

8. Make Your Place: Affordable Sustainable Nesting Skills by Raleigh Briggs (Microcosm) $7.00

9. Rosario Dawson Loves Me #2 Or I Want to Die Right Now Please by Justin Valmassoi $2.50 – Ever wonder what it’d be like to be married to Rosario Dawson in Heaven? Well, for starters, Johnny Depp mostly hangs out mostly in greasy-bird form and Tom Waits comes over to tell you about how glass is made. Perfectly charming.

10. Dazed & Confused #88 Aug 10 $9.95

Work In Progress

Sep ’10
7:00 pm


Work In Progress is our monthly meet-up. Bring whatever you’re working on and share it for feedback, come to meet folks, or just to hang out and soak it up. See you there!

New Stuff This Week

Joe “Atticus” Mason shows off his new penny-farthing wheels at Quimby’s!


New Stuff This Week!

I Gotta Grunt: Winner of the Charles Manson Golden Seal of Absurdity (Drippy Bone Books) $4.00
Best Things in Life Are Free If You Are Rich by Chris Magnusson $6.00
Intersects vol 1 #1 Feb 10 $4.00 – Words also on the cover of this zine: Tranny Health Pidgeon Art Suck These Pronouns What is the Gay Face Funny Papers.
Proof I Exist #11 by Billy $1.00
Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic #3 Apr May 10 $7.95
Grime Time #3 $8.00 – Chicago-based graff zine. In color.
Octopussy #1 Oct 10: KFG Zines Group, Ooh Baby I Like It Raw by Pace Taylor $3.50
Aqua Tit and Other Works by Phos Daddy $2.00

M. Sauters Guide to Douchebaggery (Sex & Weather Comics) $2.50
Deathwish #1 by Julian Boyer $2.00
Adventures In Ham Fisted Haberdashery by Nick Soracco & Julian Boyer $6.00
Three #1 Debut Issue by Joey Alison Sayers etc. $6.25
Oh Boy Comics #1 by Neil Brideau $8.00 – Quimby’s Finest does it again! A huge comics collection (can we even call it minicomix when its 106 pages?) eight years in the making and 100% extra-ordinary! Neil’s great at drawing hijinx, switcheroos, frustrated robots and blatant lies. Of the bazillion stories in here, his piece about Clever Laundry Thievin’ Cats and Ware, Massachusetts are among my top-very-favorites but there’s really no bad apples in this bushel. Employee of the Month! -EF

Army of Lovers Will Be Beaten Book 5 by Bernie McGovern $10.00
Pushing It With Roids by KMK $4.00
Galactic Breakdown #2 $12.00

Ed Royal by Chris Connelly $9.99
Clockwork Angel: Infernal Devices Book 1 by Cassandra Claire – A prequel to the steampunk Mortal Instruments Series.
Dark Entries: A John Constantine Novel by Ian Rankin and art by Werther Delledera (Vertigo Crime) $12.99 – Not a graphic novel. A novel novel.

Daniel Clowes: Conversations by Ken Parille and Isaac Cates (UPM) $22.00
AD: New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld (Pantheon) $16.95 – Now in soft cover.
Cavemen In Space by Joey Weiser (Adhouse) $14.95
Moto Hagio’s Drunken Dream and Other Stories (Fantagraphics) $24.99
Norman Pettingill: Backwoods Humorist with an introdction by R. Crumb (Fantagraphics) $39.99 – Naked people in barrels and the like.
Tango Collection, ed. by Bernard Caleo (Allen & Unwin) $26.95 – Over 50 comic creators from Australia and New Zealand.

Snow Yak Show by Mark Ryden (Porterhouse) $28.00 – Beautiful show catalog from this amazing lowbrow artist. Big. And snuggely. And vaguely disturbing in all the ways you want it to be.
Every Day is a Good Day The Visual Art of John Cage (Hayward) $30.95
Blind Date by Jadranka Kosorcic (Kerber) $44.95
From Here to There A Curious Collection from the Hand drawn Map Association by Kris Harzinski (Princeton) $17.50
Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography by various (Princeton) $29.95 – Now in soft cover.
Startling Art: Revealing the Art of Dennis Larkins (Last Gasp) $25.00
The Projectionist by Kendall Messick (Princeton) $40.00

Bitch #48 $5.95
Venus #44 Fall 10 $4.50
Bizarre #166 Sep 10 $10.50
Wallpaper Sep 10 $9.50
Tokion Factory Fall 10 $6.99
BlackBook #78 Sep 10 $4.50
Paper Sep 10 $4.00
Freakout #46 Independent Music Magazine $2.00 – with CD.

Papaya Juice #1 Sum 10 $5.00
Map: A Short Story by Matt Whispers $3.00


Tales of Woe by John Reed (MTV) $20.00
Push Comes To Shove: New Images of Aggressive Women by Maud Lavin (MIT) $27.95
Mysterios Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring: A Complete Compendium of Astonishing Illusions by Gabe Fajuri (Quirk) $16.95

Mick Rock Exposed: The Faces of Rock n Roll (Chronicle) $40.00
We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut 1988-2001 by Eric Davidson (Backbeat) $19.99
The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka by Mark Richardson (Continuum) $10.95 – Part of the popular 33 1/3 Book Series. Don’t miss this managing editor of Pitchfork reading here at Quimby’s with other Continuum authors on Fri, Sep 17th at 7pm.
Max’s Kansas City: Art, Glamour, Rock and Roll by Lou Reed etc. (Abrams) $24.95

Witch Craft: Wicked Accessories, Creepy Cute, Toys, Magical Treats and More by var. (Quirk) $14.95 – You mean you HAVEN’T even started thinking about Halloween yet?! What are you waiting for? Don’t bring the same salsa and chips to that party again!

Please Dont Bomb the Suburbs: A Midterm Report on my Generation…by William Upski Wimsatt (Akashic) $14.95 – A new book from the writer of Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons. Don’t miss him here at Quimby’s on Wed, Sept 8th at 7pm.

Tales from Moominvalley and Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson (Squarefish) $6.99 each – Text, not graphic novel version. About the lovable Moominfolk. Not hippos!
Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards by Robert Boswell (Graywolf) $15.00

Sex At Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by var. (Harper) $25.99
Teleny and Camille: Based on the Novel by Oscar Wilde by John Macy (Northwest Comics) $29.99
Best of Jordi Bernet’s Clara (Auad) $24.95
Teens at Play: Spoiled Brats by Rebecca (Eros) $9.95
Hot Moms #14 by Rebecca (Eros) $4.95

Dave Choe Dual Cover Sketchbook (Chronicle) $16.95
Exquisite Sketchbook 200 Pages of Blank Sketching Paper (Chronicle) $14.95
How is the Empire Postcard Set by Scott Musgrove (Last Gasp) $9.95
Our Love is Here to Stay: 15 Postcards of Affection by enormouschampion designs (Chronicle) $9.95

Matt Bergstrom Kickstarter Project


Local mad scientist Matt Bergstrom is constantly coming up with projects that straddle the border between whimsical interest in our city and extremely exact math.  He’s created the Build Your Own Chicago Postcards, miniature cardboard scale model kits of Chicago landmarks. On posters, he’s measured and documented the city’s tallest buildings and its doors designed by Louis Sullivan.  He’s also documented the city’s Route 66 landmarks, the motels on Lincoln Ave, and the area’s hot dog stands in 3D View-master reels.


Matt is set to release a new series of 3D Viewmaster reels documenting abandoned buildings in Chicago, and has set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to make it happen.  Consider supporting this odd documentarian of our fair city.

Check out his Kickstarter campaign:

SOUVENIR Button-O-matic Opening at Busy Beaver Button Co


Busy Beaver Button Co. celebrates fifteen years of making custom buttons for bands, artists and organizations with the Grand Opening of a pop culture Button Museum and a new Button-O-matic series for vending machines across the country appropriately themed “SOUVENIR.”

The SOUVENIR collection is curated by participating Button-O-matic locations, including Cody Hudson for the Empty Bottle, Tae Won Yu for Land, Angela Finny-Hoffman for Post 27, Edie Fake for Quimby’s, Supercorn for Fly Bird, Joe Lauer for Penelope’s, Chris Corbalis for Strange Cargo, Jason Hammel for Lula Café, Russell Etchen for Domy, Melissa Grubbs for Reckless Records, Soo Choi for Little Branch Cafe, Mei Stewart for Art Supply Warehouse, Alicia Hermanny for Uncle Fun, and Brett Manning for Busy Beaver Button Co.

Join Busy Beaver to celebrate at an opening party with the world’s largest Button-O-matic vending machine filled with 10,000 souvenir buttons, and a showcase of treats from Busy Beaver Button Co. customers like Nice Cream, the Pepperoni King, and Upton’s Naturals.

What:   SOUVENIR Button-O-matic Opening
When:  Friday, September 10 from 7-10PM
Where: Busy Beaver Button Co., 3279 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

For more info: