Aug ’10
7:00 pm


Adventure on the high seas!  A cursed skull!  Fearsome pirates!  Wicked sea-witches!  And almost certain peril!    Boy inventor Walker Bean and his scruffy new friends must summon their courage to face the direst scourges of the sea in this all-new graphic novel by Aaron Renier.  For this signing, Quimby’s presents a unique event with Aaron, with a signing followed by piratical interactive drawing activities.

“So beautiful are the drawings that I can smell the sea salt and feel the spray as giant creatures of the deep draw near the ocean’s surface.  Outrageous and wonderful!” – Jeff Smith, creator of Bone

Aaron’s work makes me feel ten years old again.  He makes me want to whip up a root beer float, climb into a pirate-ship-playhouse, slap on a record of sea chanteys and read Walker Bean over and over.  The guys’a bit of a mad genius.” – Lane Smith, illustrator of The Stinky Cheese Man

The Unsinkable Walker Bean is gorgeous.  Jump feet first into this rip-roaring, wild-eyed, high-sea adventure story.  Join up with a young, pudgy, bespectacled hero, a brave powder monkey, a terrifying girl with the best red pigtails since Pippi Longstocking, and two seriously revolting sea witches.  Be prepared.  You’re going to love it.”  — Brian Selznick, creator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret

For more info: http://aaronrenier.com/