Joey Comeau Reads From One Bloody Thing After Another

Aug ’10
7:00 pm

One Bloody Thing

One Bloody Thing After Another is a funny, strange, and sad book about the horror of losing family, and the things people will do to hold on. Jackie’s mother, who died of cancer, is still around. Glowing in the dark, vomiting into the toilet, but nobody else can see her. And Jackie has a crush on a girl named Ann, though Ann has other things to worry about. Her own mother and sister have turned into violent creatures, and she has to keep them locked in the basement so they won’t hurt anyone. But they need to be fed living things, so Ann starts hunting neighbourhood pets. She’s against this idea, but, you know, family is important.

Joey Comeau, writes the comic A Softer World, which has appeared in The Guardian and been profiled in Rolling Stone. He’s the author of Overqualified and Lockpick Pornography. You can find him online at

“The tone is poignant, sometimes wistful, and deadpan funny . . . The novel is more eccentric than gory, and what’s really shocking about it is that all the mayhem is finally about family ties, both severed and reconnected.” — Booklist

“Canadian author Comeau, best known for his darkly surreal Web comic, A Softer World, turns his adaptable talents to overt horror in this oddly touching novel of ghosts, friendship, bloody secrets, and family relationships. . . . the crescendos of terror are leavened by moments of unexpected humor and warmth.” — Publishers Weekly

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