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Kevin Coval Performs Poetry From L-Vis Lives!: Racemusic Poems

Oct ’11
7:00 pm

Spoken-word poet Kevin Coval, co-founder and Artistic Director of Louder Than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival, will perform at Quimby’s in support of his third collection of poetry L-vis Lives! Racemusic Poems (Haymarket Books, September).

Coval, who has been hailed as “a new glowing voice in the world of literature” by Studs Terkel, explores the dynamic intersection of race and culture in America today with “L-vis,” an imagined persona and pastiche of artists who have used and misused Black music. In Coval’s poetic novella, L-vis’s story is equal parts autobiography and forgotten and re-imagined history. We see shades of Elvis Presley, the Beastie Boys, and Eminem, and meet some of history’s more obscure “whiteboy” heroes and antiheroes. A free audio preview of L-vis Lives!, with poems read by Coval and beats by Coolout Chris, can be heard here:
“This book is bold, brave and morally messy – twelve rounds of knock-down, drag-out shadowboxing against a shapeshifter. The dark humor, intellectual fervor, and emotional rigor Coval brings to bear animates these pieces, turns caricatures to characters…”
—Adam Mansbach, author, Go the F**k to Sleep

For performance, interview, and review requests, contact: Jon Kurinsky, Haymarket Books,

Wed, Oct 12th, 7pm

from hero to most
i am a hero
to most. the great hope
of something other.
a complex back-story.
something other than
the business of my father.
bland’s antonym.
jim crow’s black sheep.
the forgotten son
left to rise in the darkness
among the dis
carded in the wild
of working class, single
mother hoods.

New Stuff This Week

Yes! Optic Nerve #12 is here! $5.95

Punch Yourself In the Face and Drop Dead by Dimitri Karakostas (No Fun Press) $7.50
Basic Paper Airplane #5 by Joshua James Amberson $3.00
Zisk #20 Fall 11 $2.00
Half Nelson #2 $2.50
Bushwick Review #3 $5.00
Class Struggle #71 Aug Sep 11 $3.00

The Plot #1 a Monster in the Forbidden Forest by Neil Brideau $4.00 – Charming new comic from Neil, our comics sommalier. He got it all ready for SPX and boy, was it worth it!
Leper by Jeff Zwirek $3.00
Love Pile #1  by Ze San San $8.00
Barefoot On Bumblebees #1 $2.00
Fest #1 by Nicholas Bennett and Christopher Stryker $3.00
You Dont Get There From Here #20 by Carrie McNinch $2.00
Jumping Bo: An American Legend by Alex #1 and #2 each $2.00
19 Short Comics by Drewscape $7.00
Boy and the Worm by Drewscape $5.00
Cartoon Picayune #2 Fall 11 by Josh Kramer, James Sturm, and Katherine Roy $4.00
Homos In Herstory 19th Century Edition by Elvis Bakaitis $3.00
Twinks for Sale: A Humble Comics Zine $3.00

Mark Twains Autobiography 1910-2010 by Michael Kupperman (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – Michael Kupperman has already indulged his love for Mark Twain in the pages of Tales Designed to Thrizzle, but the recent publication of Twain’s (real) autobiography has inspired the cartoonist to a full-blown book-length master- piece of hilarity.
Readers eager to see how Twain hunted the Yeti (“Come out here and face me, you snow-covered coward!”), met the Six Million Dollar Man, had a love affair with Mamie Eisenhower (“Boy oh boy, this lady was one hot dish”), and accidentally became involved in X-rated films, will devour this tome, which of course is augmented with Kupperman’s hilariously deadpan illustrations. 128 pages of full-color comics.

Prison Pit Book 3 by Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics) $12.99
Armed Garden and Other Stories by David B. (Fantagraphics) $19.99
Man Who Grew His Beard by Olivier Schrauwen (Fantagraphics) $19.99
Art of Joe Kubert by Bill Schelly (Fantagraphics) $39.99
Evil Garden by Edward Gorey (Pomegranate) $12.95
Troop 142 by Mike Dawson (Secret Acres) $20.00
Korgi Book 3 by Christian Slade (Top Shelf) $9.95
Zahras Paradise by Amir and Khalil (First Sec) $19.99
New X-Men TPB vol 5 by Grant Morrison etc. (Marvel) $14.99
Crossed vol 2 Family Values by David Lapham (Avatar) $19.99
Lost Lions by Edward Gorey (Pomegranate) $12.95

Hip Pocket Sleaze The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks by John Harrison (Headpress) $22.95
Old Mens Tattoos by Thomas Jeppe (Dokument) $29.95
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Tascen) $39.99 –
Twenty-seven of the famous Grimms’ fairy tales in an all-new translation, containing illustrations by some of the most famous illustrators from the 1820s to the 1950s.
Roma Omnia Vincit by JB Rock (Drago) $33.00

Rabbit Food Cookbook: Practical Vegan Recipes Food History and Other Miscellany by Beth A. Barnett (Sasquatch) $21.00
Salad Daze: The Hot Knives Vegetarian Cookbook by Alex Brown etc. (MBP) $25.00
Happy Buds: Marijuana For An Occasion by Ed Rosenthal (Quick) $12.95 Dance, play, chill, snuggle, this book is all about helping readers – whether they are casual or regular users. Select the right varieties for any mood or activity. This book offers expert guidance on marijuana buds that work best for more than 25 occasions, profiling more than 80 varieties of bud. Ed Rosenthal is joined by buds. That is, his friends Anna Foster and Mamakind.

Karaoke Singers Guide to Self Defense by Tim Kinsella (Featherproof) $14.95 – Member of Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc, Chicago’s own Tim Kinsella’s first novel tells the story of family members that reunite for a funeral, published by local publisher Featherproof.

Sour Candies by Jon Dambacher $19.95
Black Like Us a Century of Lesbian Gay and Bisexual African American Fiction ed. by Devon W. Carbado (Cleis) $24.95
American Wasteland: Bleak Tales On the Future On the Tenth Anniversary of 911 ed. by Jason Pettus $20.00

Juxtapoz #129 Oct 11 $5.99
Shots #113 Fall 11 $6.50
Wallpaper Oct 11 $10.00
Up Magazine #44 Sum 11 $8.75
Goodfellas #3 $12.00
True Crime Aug 11 $8.99
Romka #5 $12.00
Open Minds Oct Nov 11 $6.50
Skeptic vol 16 #4 $6.95
ID Magazine Pre Fall 11 $12.00
High Times Nov 11 $5.99
Art of Mary Jane #6 $6.99
BlackBook #86 Sep 11 $4.95
Laphams Quarterly vol 4 #4 Fall 11 $15.00
Explosion Proof Magazine #3 Sum 11 $9.00
Creative Nonfiction #42 Sum 11 $10.00
Radical History Review Fall 11 $14.00
Against the Current #156 Sep Oct 11 $5.00

Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History by Webster Griffin Tarpley (Weinstein) $25.00
F’em Goo Goo, Gaga, and Some Thoughts on Balls by Jennifer Baumgardner (Seal) $17.00
How the World Works: Four Classic Bestsellers in One Affordable Volume by Noam Chomsky, Arthur Naiman and David Barsamian (Soft Skull) $18.00 – Published as four short books in the famous Real Story series—What Uncle Sam Really Wants; The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many; Secrets, Lies and Democracy; and The Common Good.
Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream by Arianna Huffington (Seven Stories) $14.00
Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction by Colin Ward (Oxford) $11.95
Liberating Society From The State and Other Writings by Erich Musham and Gabriel Kuhn (PM Press) $26.95
Radical: A Portrait of Saul Alinsky by Nicholas Von Hoffman (Nation) $15.99

Treehorn Trilogy by Parry Florence Heide and Edward Gorey (Pomegranate) $29.95
Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick (Scholastic) $29.99 – By the author of Invention of Hugo Cabret.
Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking by Philipe Coudray (Toon) $12.95

Origin of My Organs Aching: What You Did to Make My Throat Stop Working by Sarah Louden $6.95
South Loop Review vol 13 $10.00
First Line vol 13 #3 $3.00
Literary Review vol 54 #4 Sum 11 $8.00
Maximumrocknroll #341 Oct 11 $4.00
Sound Projector #20: Full Colour Edition $39.50, Mono Black and White Edition $12.00
Grow No Moss by Julia Hendrickson $16.00 – Local poet, with screen-printed images done at the local Spudnik Press.
I’m Not Your Fucking Doctor: Medicine Poems by Dustin C. Pickett $10.00

Blood In, Blood Out: Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood by John Lee Brook (Headpress) $19.95
Steampunk Poe by Zdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac (and oh yeah, Poe) (Running Press) $18.95 – Every Poe story and poems is fully illustrated with steampunk-inspired art—from 1920s aviation gear to elaborate musical instruments—creating a fresh perspective on his work containing bizarre characters of madmen and mystery.
Crap I Bought on EBay: 101 Crazy, Bizarre, Seriously Weird, Ridiculously Raunchy Items Exposed by Cary McNeal and Beverly Jenkins (Weinstein) $13.00
Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer (Pomegranate) $35.00
Amsterdamned If You Do: An Anthology About Setting ed. by Traci Kim (CCLaP) $20.00
99 Problems: Essays About Running and Writing by Ben Tanzer (CCLaP) $20.00
Spiritual Snake Oil: Fads and Fallacies in Pop Culture by Chris Edwards (See Sharp) $11.95

Steamlust Stempunk Erotic Romance ed. by Kristina Wright (Cleis) $14.95 – Fetishizing the wardrobe, language, fantasy and rituals of steampunk, editrix extraordinaire Kristina Wright selects erotic stories of shiny brass and crushed velvet; mechanical inventions and romantic conventions; sexual fantasy and kinky fetish.

Take Me There Trans and Genderqueer Erotica ed. by Tristan Taormino (Cleis) $14.95
Hurts So Good: Unrestrained Erotica ed. by Alison Tyler (Cleis) $14.95
Pinups #15 Micka $14.00
Front #159 $9.99

Field Notes Blank Journals $9.95 – Our customers asked us to get these awesome blank books sold in packs of 3. And here they are! Blank, lined and graph styles. Also in other styles like neon colors, balsam fir and Illinois County Fair. They’re movin’ fast!

We Wish You a Crazy Christmas: 30 Oversized Postcards (Darling & Co.) $9.95 – Never to soon to get in the holiday craze.

Happy Birthday To Us!

We’re 20 years old today! Almost old enough to drink. Definitely old enough to cause some trouble.

Thanks to Original Quimby’s founder Steven Svymbersky, all the way overseas in Amsterdam, who sent us these flowers with the card that says “Congratulations On 20 Years of Weirdness and Depravity!” We are proud to carry on two decades of mayhem!

Celebrate with us tonight at our event featuring Rebekah Mercuri reading from her book Weeding the Seeds of Deceit, her book of fiction closely based on her own experiences growing up in a catholic cult. 7pm.

Announcements and Weekly Top 10

Three news pieces.

Firstly, we are saddnend to hear of the passing of Sparkplug publisher Dylan Williams. Williams had been battling cancer. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

Congratulations to our own Edie Fake, who won a 2011 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel for his book Gaylord Phoenix.

Billy McCall (aka Billy Da Bunny) of Proof I Exist zine moved to New Mexico and got involved with the ABQ Zine Fest 9/30-10/2, and as part of the fest, he’s hosting The First Annual ABQ Zine Fest OLYMPICS on 10/1 with events like Speed Stapling, Precision Folding, and Synchronized Zining.  Yes, you read that correctly. So, if you’re in Albuquerque in a few weeks, go and git yer zine on.

Here are the top 10 bestsellers of last week:

1. F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel by Dan Sinker and Biz Stone (Simon) $12.00
2. Tiki Magazine vol 7 #2 $5.99
3. The Believer #83 Sep 11 $8.00
4. Wrongful Convictions: Causes, Solutions, and How You Can Get Involved by The Innocence Project $2.50 –  This zine outlines the basic ways wrongful convictions easily happen in the current American justice model, develops solutions and talks to activists about what their approaches are towards changing the system. Clear, informative, hopeful and helpful.
5. I Dont Understand Farming #6 $.75
6. I Will Bite You and Other Stories by Joseph Lambert $14.00 – 2011 Ignatz Winner for Outstanding Artist! Weird and toothsome stories of child-planetary interaction, monsterous consumption, ants-in-the-pants urgency and geometric breakdown. Lambert’s drawings have an assured mischieviousness like Steve Weissman’s early Lemon Kids, and these tales operate in a cosmic system that eschews outright snark and didactic symbolism in favor of suprising solutions and original visions. -EF
7. Chicago Street Art by Joseph J. Depre, Oscar Arriola, etc. $15.00 – Text by Joseph J Depre and photos by Oscar Arriola, Chris Diers, Thomas Fennell IV and Patrick Hershberger. A love letter of sorts to Chicago and its many street artists, photos published here so that when the art gets graffiti blasted they’ve been documented somewhere. With work by such artists as Tiptoe, Artillery, The Viking and more. Traverlers, fuck bringing home a snowglobe from the souvenir stand. Get this book instead.
8. Just Kids by Patti Smith (Ecco) $16.00
9. Exxxtinction: 1st Known Circle Jirk by Sy Loady $3.00
10. Warmer by Aiden Koch (Sparkplug) $5.00 – Koch’s moody, pencilled mini builds itself out of vaguely nihilist non-events. Pregnant pauses dwell on crumpled clothes and antique light fixtures, limbs and patterns. The structure plays itself long and loose, the slow clues that build narrative poignancy do an equal turn at washing away any meaning so we’re left with the dissolution of an empty visit to an empty day. -EF

New Stuff This Week

Show Me The Money #35 $2.50
Gleaming Armament of Marching Genitalia by Joao Maiopinto and Marcos Farrajota (MMMNNNRRRG) $14.22
Penny Man Trashed 12 x 12 Screenprint Included by Ben Chlapek $8.00
Backward Jane #2 Noelle Havens $3.50
Take That Crap Off Your Wall $3.00

Nix Comics Quarterly issues #1-#3 (prices vary)
Upset Cats #1 Zejian Shen $10.00

Caminhando Com Samuel by Tommi Musturi (MMMNNNRRRG) $28.44
Malus by Christopher Webster (MMMNNNRRRG) $17.06
Dimensions #1 $25.00
Ozma of Oz by Eric Shanower and Slottie Young (Marvel) $29.99

Neuro Trip by Neuro (MMMNNNRRRG) $21.32
Just My Type a Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield (Gotham) $27.50 – With a forward by Chip Kidd.
Sacred Skin: Thailands Spirit Tattoos by Tim Vater (Visionary) $32.95

Howl on Trial the Battle for Free Expression by Bill Morgan and Nancy J. Peters (Citylights) $14.95

Fortean Times #279 Oct 11 $11.99
VMan #23 Fall 11 $5.95
Boneshaker Magazine #6 $10.00 – This bike mag is one of our topsellers.
Fifth Estate vol 46 #2 #385 Spr 10 $4.00
Tattoo Revolution Sep 11 $11.75

Vain #10 Fall 11 $10.00
Annalemma #8 $15.00