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New Stuff This Week

A shout out to Carrie of My Aim Is True and Brilliant Mistake zines who dropped off cookies and candy to keep us in a delicious haze of a sugar high. Thanks, Carrie!

Zines & Zine-Related Books
Telegram Maam #23 Stealing Violets Sep 11 by Maranda Elizabeth $3.00 – Maranda gets to spend some time in a hospital program and is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, as opposed to prior BiPolar diagnoses that now feel ill-fitting. The zine examines what it all means to ever chase elusive wellness and cope with one’s own terms of tenuous sobriety. Also, writing on what it is to redefine one’s gender without changing one’s self, and the power of reaching in and being your own therapist in moments of crisis. -EF

Flying Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll: Conversations with Unjustly Obscure Rock ‘n’ Soul Eccentrics (Refiguring American Music) by Jake Austen (Duke University Press) $24.95 – A best of Roctober anthology!

Mental Floss: The Book Only the Greatest Lists in the History of Listory (Harper) $17.99
Fun In The End Times by Natty Soltesz $2.00
Happiness of Dirt by Aozora Brockman $5.00
Or Let It Sink Octobered by James Joyce $1.00 – Spooky zinester tales of spooky halloweenie spookiness. Contributors include: Dave Roche, Leslie Perrine, Xavier Malsonado and more.
Start Your Own Haunted House: Delve Into Controlled Terror $1.98 – Written by the creative mastermind of a local haunted house here in Chicago. There’s the description of walking through it, how they did it, and even a mask! DIY indeed.
Actual Bird Song Field Guide and Audio Companion by Neil Gravander etc. $5.00
Bag of Rad Zine (Pizza Vultures) by Morgan Inez Smith and Ben Chlapek $10.00
New Planes Public Press #2 $5.00
My Aim Is True #3 $1.00
Sassyfrass Circus #7 by J. Bee $2.00
Femme a Barbe vol 3 by Jenna Brager $2.00
Relevance of Anarchism on Modern Society by Sam Dolgoff (See Sharp) $2.00

Comics & Comix
Smoke Signal #10 Sept 11 $3.00 – with comics from Matthew Thurber, Kaz, Noah Van Sciver and more. Newsprint action published by our buddy Gabe at Desert Island in Brooklyn.
Hoody #1 A Hip Hop Comic Graph Novel by by Joel CRAVE Maxime Jr. $5.00 – Bouncing through a chromosplash cityscape of graffitipsychedelia, Hoody’s an all-blue Vaughn Bodian anti-hero on a trail of pig roasting secret clues. Wild motions that sometimes remind me of Bernie McGovern’s “Army of Lovers” comics. -EF

Oh Goodie #2 Working Man by SP Burke $2.99
Midwestern Cuban Comics vol 1 #1 by Odin Cabal $5.00
Animal Sex #2 Bugs and Slugs by Isabella Rotman $3.00 – The first was such a hit that we imagine you’ll love this one as well.
Exquisite Corpse Collection #1 Aug 11 by various $4.99
Abuela Y Los Dead Mexicans #1 $6.00
Heaven All Day by John Martz (Adhouse) $4.00
Tank Girl Carioca #1 by McMahon and Martin (Titan) $5.99
A buncha old comics from Last Gasp: Slow Death, Clowns, Demented Pervert, Commies From Mars #4, Forbidden Knowledge Comics, Wimmens Comix  – This is where a bunch the classic underground folks got their start with these goodies. Phoebe Gloeckner, Roberta Gregory, Lynda Barry, Crumb and more!
Demongun #7 Oct 11 by Bernie McGovern $2.00 – McGovern’s sobriety comic monthly commemorates triumph through some tough struggles, slips into a quarterly schedule and weird cgi photocollage. -EF

WWI by Raymond B. Biesinger (Mille Putois) $5.00 – Screenprinted beauty.
Comics by Lizz Lunney: Big Cat Parade, At The Planetarium, Dust Leopards in Leotards Flip Comic, Cat Hearts Peanut Butter and Marshmallows Split Comic, Tubetastic Unicorns and Werewolves (price varies $5.00-$10.00)
Islands by Brendan Monroe $6.00
Everything Unseen Parts 1, 2 and 3 by Drew Beckmeyer (Revival House) $12.00 – And we have Everything Unseen Parts 4 and 5 too. ($14.00)
Today Today and Better Better Set by David Alvarado $7.00

Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks
Gary Book 2 by Tyrell Cannon $7.00 – The second installment of Cannon’s brutal graphic narrative loosely wound on the story of the Green River Killer.  Deftly drawn with a flavor of fluid storytelling that maps a life warped by unchecked sociopathic murder yet tethered to society. -EF

Someday Funnies: 129 Original Comic Strips About the 1960s by Choquette, Greenfield and Heer (Abrams) $55.00
Oh Goodie #1 Introduce Yourself by SP Burke $14.99
Government Issue: Comics For the People 1940-2000s by Richard Graham (Abrams) $29.95
Important Comics Are Bad by Dina Kelberman $14.00
De Profundis by James Jarvis (Picturebox) $19.95
Color Engineering by Yuichi Yokoyama (Picturebox) $35.00
Steve Ditko: Angry Apes N Leapin Lizards (PI) $25.00
Bone 20th Anniversary Edition: Full Color, One Volume Edition by Jeff Smith (Cartoon) $150.00 – We’d be happy to order this for you!
Bizarro Heroes Special Humor Lovers Edition by Dan Piraro (Last Gasp) $11.95

Art & Design Books
Juxtapoz Illustration 2 (Gingko) $29.95
Graffiti and Street Art by Anna Waclawek (T&H) $19.95
Overkill: The Art of Tomer Hanuka (UP) $29.95
On Marvellous Things Heard by Gretchen E. Henderson (Green Lantern Press) $12.00

Art Deco Postcards by Patricia Bayer (T&H) $27.95
Art Prophets: Artists, Dealers and Tastemakers Who Shook the Art World by Richard Polsky (Other) $24.95
Sailor Jerry Treasure Chest (HM) $30.00
Inspirational Moustache (Cicada) $9.95
Folk Art Tattoo Flash  (HM) $30.00
Unventions: Every Invention Has an Equal and Opposite Unvention by Cleon Daniel (Carpet Bombing Culture) $16.95
Schwarz Auf Weiss vol 2 by Style Needs No Color (From Here) $29.90 – Style Needs No Color works on the notion that excessive colors and flashy techniques should not be used to repair a weak foundation. They believe that artwork should be able to stand alone without unnecessary distractions and therefore SNNC artists restrict their palette to black and white. In the follow-up release to their successful first book, Schwarz auf Weiss II, you can see the stark beauty and striking simplicity of this idea in action.
Shit London Snapshots of a City on the Edge by Patrick Dalton (Portico) $14.95
Color Me Graffiti 2: How to Color Like the Masters a Coloring Book for Creative  (From Here) $8.95

Sunset Park by Paul Auster (Picador) $15.00
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (Knopf) $30.50 – This book is so popular that even before we got it in people were reserving copies. More are on the way, but e-mail us at if you want us to add you to the list of reserved copies when they get here.
Kafkaesque: Stories Inspired by Franz Kafka ed. by John Kessel and Patrick kelly James (Tachyon) $15.95

Mayhem, Miscreants, Muckracking and Misc
Christmas Exposed: Holiday Coverage From Americas Finest News Source by The Onion (Quirk) $12.95
Microwave Experiment: A Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer by Mary Efrosini Gregory (Tachyon) $14.95
UFO Conspiracy by Carmen McLaren (Schiffer) $29.99
Physics on the Fringe: Smoke Rings, Criclons and Alternative Theories of Everything by Margaret Werthem (Walker) $27.00
Pulphead by John Keremiah Sullivan (FSG) $16.00
Schotts Quintessential Miscellany by Ben Schott (Bloomsbury) $16.00
How to Be An Existentialist Or How to Get Real Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses by Gary Cox (Continuum) $14.95
Common As Air by Lewis Hyde (FSG) $16.00

Poltics and Revolution
Lives On the Left: A Group Portrait by Francis Mulhern (Verso) $24.95
Great Big Book of Horrible Things: The Definitive Chronicle of Historys 100  Worst Atrocities by Matthew White (Norton) $35.00
Bolobolo 30th Anniversary Edition by PM (Autonomedia) $11.95

Soup and Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time by Martha Baynes (Surrey) $20.95 – As in the Soup and Bread series at the Hideout!
Mycophilia Revelations From the Weird World of Mushrooms by Eugenia Bone (Rodale) $25.99
Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas: Crafts, Decorating, Tips, and Recipes From the 20s-60s by Susan Waggoner (STC) $19.95 – Includes instructions for 50 craft projects.
State of Craft by Victoria Woodcock (Cicada) $19.95
Books about Chicago food from G. Bradeley  Publishers such as Foods of Chicago: A Delicious History and Polish Chicago: Our History Our Recipes.

Music Books
33 1/3 Series: Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace by Aaron Cohen (Continuum) $12.95
Listen to This y Alex Ross (Picador) $18.00
Album Cover Art of Studio One Records: Right Around the World Todays Sounds  Today(Soul Jazz) $49.95

Childrens Books
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (Harper) $12.99 – A new  edition.

Autocult #1 (OLUM Occidental Lodge of Underground Motoring) $12.00 – From their website about the first issue of this magazine: “And when we say ‘culture,’ we don’t mean ‘kulture.’ Kulture was first widely used back in 1993 when the Kustom Kulture exhibit toured the country and dropped an A-bomb on the hot rod scene of the era. But by 2011, it’s turned into a four-letter word, just like ‘rat rod.’ No, when we use the word culture to describe what we do here, we use it in the context of ‘cultural anthropology.’ That sounds better to us. And when we use the phrase ‘rat rod,’ we’re talking about the first wave of revolution twenty years ago that took the hot rod out of the exclusionary realm of high-end street rod shops and put it back in the home garage, where it all started. ”

Pinstriping #28 Kustom Graphics Magazine $9.95
Afterall  #28 Fall Win 11 $10.00
Burlesque Bible vol 2 $16.95
Backwoodsman vol 32 #6 Nov Dec 11 $4.95
Skeptical Inquirer Nov Dec 11 vol 35 #6 $4.95
Color Skateboards vol 9 #4 $7.99
Skateboard Mag #93 $3.99
Pin Up America Nov 11 #6 $5.99
BlackBook #88 Nov 11 $4.95
Fangoria #308 $9.99
Maximumrocknroll #342 Nov 11 $4.00
Under the Radar #38 $5.99
Ugly Things #32 $8.95
Z Magazine Nov 11 $4.95
The Progressive Nov 11 $4.95
Tattoo Revolution Nov 11 $11.75

Chap Books and Literary Journals
The Handshake #2 $8.00 – Chicago-based mag harkening back to the New Journalism that captured the American readership back in 1960s, dedicated to publishing conversations, interviews, experimental essays, short fiction, and photographic travelogues.

Wholphin #14 DVD (McSweeneys) $19.95
Public Space #14 $12.00
Granta #117 Fall 11 Horror $16.99
Lana Turner #4 $12.00
Urban Confustions #1
Long Sexy Boring True Short… by Stephanie Dunn $10.00

Sex & Sexy
The Great American Pin Up by Charles G. Martignette (Taschen) $19.99
A buncha older dirty porn comics: Young Lust, Tales of The Leather Nun, Pandoras Box Comix, White Whore Funnies, Junque Land, Further Fattening Adventures of Pudge Girl Blimp: Urban Tales Poetry NonFiction Art from Women Across Cities of the World $12.00

Other Stuff
Sinsemilla Sinsations Postcards Cannabis Inspired Art Spanning Four Decades by Pat Ryan (Last Gasp) $12.95
Rockeys 6 Key Caps (Gama Go) $6.00 – To rock it in your pocket.

Weekly Top 10 Bestsellers

1. 2012 Slingshot Large (Slingshot Collective) $12.00 – The planner with a daily dose of radical history, infoshop contact list, useful essays, menstrual calendar, address book, everything basically. This large size is spiral-bound.

2. 2012 Slingshot Small (Slingshot Collective) $6.00 – The planner with a daily dose of radical history, infoshop contact list, useful essays, menstrual calendar, address book, everything basically.  Perfect-bound pocket size.

3. Optic Nerve #12 by Adrian Tomine (D&Q) $5.95 – 1. Optic Nerve #12 by Adrian Tomine (D&Q) $5.95 – Two pitch-perfect stories of rejection, imperfection, and relationship drama, each ending on a surprisingly uplifting note. “Hortisculpture” pushes Tomine into a stylistic camp with Sammy Harkham, Jordan Crane, Chuck Forsman and Kevin Huizenga – perhaps more than ever before. The story works with a “Chalky White”-ish suburban everyman and his tempered ambitions, but camps up the visual style into a Marmaduke-y newspaper strip aesthetic. The effect is similar to the trickiness of his wedding planning comics. The second half is a repolishing of his “Amber Sweet” college girl mistaken for porn star plot. Plus we get a glimpse into Tomine’s sad-sack mailbox, and some self-aware griping about putting out comics issue by issue.  -EF

4.  The Death Ray by Dan Clowes (D&Q) $19.95 – 2. The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes (D&Q) $19.95 – Coming-of-age-as-comic-book-parable-told-as-comic-book. Another Clowes mindfuck, conveniently in gorgeous hardcover.

5.  Ganges #4 by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics) $7.95 – From the author of Curses and Supermonster. The adventues of Glenn Ganges continues.

6.   My Aim is True #1 by Carrie $1.00 – My Aim Is True continues where Carrie’s perzine Brilliant Mistake ends (note the matching Elvis Costello titles). Funny musings on feeling guilty and not feeling guilty, book reviews, crushings and Truma Capote. -EF

7. Big Questions Extras Outtakes and Random Scraps Book Tour Zine Thing by Anders Nilsen $5.00 – Hey,  just in case the nearly 600 pages of collected Big Questions and accompanying adenda wasn’t enough for you, here’s another  24 pages of formative doodles, unpublished sketches, alternate draftings and bookplate designs! Eat until you’re full my completist friend! -EF

8. Savages Rab City $1.00 – Folds out to reveal 3 different drawings.

9. Wanderlust Herbal $2.00 – Scrapper witch Violet lays out a dense herbalist guide to 19 good friends in the plant kingdom….who they are what they do, and how you find ’em when you’re crawling around in the world. -EF

10. Butch Nor Femme #2 by Lynne $1.50 – Butch Nor Femme #2 begins and ends with sharp essays/musings about self-definition, assumption and gender labelling, tethered directly to the title. These bookend more laid back reports from a trip to Michigan and quitting the Facebook, thinking about internet socializer frameworks. Bright Queer Focus, Hella Articulated. -EF

New Stuff This Week

Slingshot 2012 Planners are here! $6.00 for pocket-sized small ones and $12.00 for the larger spiral-bound edition. In a variety of colors. Get organized for 2012 with the help of Berkeley’s Slingshot anarchist collective.

East Village Inky #48 by Ayun Haliday $3.00 – The all music issue!
Your Secretary #1 Playing Victim #3 by Jami Sailor $1.00
Norent #1 a Guide to Life and Such by Sn@cki $8.00
Legends of the Silver Screen #1 by Owen Ashworth $3.00
Biking-related zines from Elyse Bennett Devan (from Microcosm): How Do You Bring the Souls of Black Folk Up From Slavery $1.75 Fascinating History of Nail Polish $1.50 Natalie and the Virgin a Tragic Tale of Love From the Annals of Time $2.00
Dirty Love and Fiberglass Smiles #4 Memphis A Rewriting of the Crew Change by Rust $10.00
2011 Twin Cities Zine Fest Encyclopedia $5.00
Hack This Zine #12 Spr 11 Exploit Code Not People by hackbloc $2.00
Transmissions From the Emperors Heavenly Ford vol 1 Notes on Life as an American by Thomas Kenning (Microcosm) $4.00
Taking the Lane vol 3 Unsung Heroes by Elly Blue $3.00
Taking the Lane vol 4 Sexy on the Inside by Elly Blue $3.00
Bikenomics: How Bicycling Will Save the Economy if We Let It by Elly Blue $5.00
Hack Sketches From a Chicago Cab by Dmitry Samarov $16.00

Comics & Comix
Monster Dudes #1 written by Dave Scheidt and drawn by Matt “Meniscus” Fagan $3.99 – Made by our buddies down the street at Brainstorm! Hilarous and charming. Well, what did you expect?
Ganges #4 by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics) $7.95 – The fourth issue of Kevin H.’s Glenn Ganges series, drawn with appetizing minimalism, written with mystical mind expansion. How is that possible? It just is. Part of Fantagraphics’ Ignatz series.
Crass Sophisticate #27 $2.00
Feedback #10 by John Isaacson $2.00 – Another stellar issue from John “DIY Screenprinting” Isaacson about shows he goes to. And he goes to a lot! How does he find time to do comics about them?
Short Stories of Lives Cut Short by Mitch Munster and Bryan Kotwica $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Neonomicon TPB by Alan Moore (Avatar) $19.99 – Issues collected in one volume of Moore’s Lovecraftian epic series.
Walking Dead Survivors Guide by Robert Kirkman etc. (Vertigo) $12.99
Unwritten vol 4 Leviathan TPB by Mike Carey (Vertigo) $14.99
Underwire by Jennifer Hayden (Top Shelf) $9.95

Art Books
Print and Pattern vol 2 by Bowie Style (Laurence King) $29.95
A to Z of Visual Ideas How to Solve and Creative Brief by John Ingledew (Laurence) $30.00
DIY Furniture: A Step By Step Guide 30 Unique Projects from Designer Makers by C. Stuart (Laurence) $24.95

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk (Doubleday) $24.95 – New book from the author of Fight Club. Here’s what the internet has to say about it: “Are you there, Satan? It’s me, Madison,” declares the whip-tongued thirteen-year-old narrator of Damned. She died, goes to Hell and is joined by characters that are not unlike the characters in the Breakfast Club. They go on a quest to confront Satan in his citadel. Coming of age book? Like maybe the same way Dead Like Me was a coming of age TV show? We shall see.

Dear Sun I am Real by SG Rainbolt $8.99
Facts of Winter by Paul Poissel (McSweeneys) $13.00 – New soft cover edition.
Mid Life by Bojan Pavlovic $9.95 – From the publishers of The First Line lit journal.

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs, mEssays
Tylenol Mafia Marketing Murder and Johnson and Johnson by Scott Bartz $18.00
50 Funniest American Writers by Andy Borowitz (Penguin) $27.95
Why Am I a Five Percenter by Michael Muhammad Knight (Tarcher) $14.95 – Misrepresented in the media as a black parallel to the Hell’s Angels, portrayed as everything from a vicious street gang to quasi- Islamic revolutionaries, The Five Percenters are a movement that began as a breakaway sect from the Nation of Islam (NOI) in 1960s Harlem and went on to impact the formation of hip-hop. References to Five Percent language and ideas are found in the lyrics of wide-ranging artists, such as Nas, Rakim, the Wu-Tang Clan, and even Jay-Z.
Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!: Of Playboys, Pigs, and Penthouse Paupers – An American Tale of Sex by Mike Edison (Soft Skull) $15.95 – wild and uncompromising history of four infamous magazines and the outlaws behind them, Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! is the first book to rip the sheet off of the sleazy myth-making machine of Hugh Hefner and Playboy, and reveal the doomed history of Hefner’s arch rival, Penthouse founder Bob Guccione, whose messiah complex and heedless spending — on a legendary flop of a movie paid for with bags of cash, a porn magazine for women, and a pie-in-the sky scheme for a portable nuclear reactor —fueled the greatest riches to rags story ever told. From the writer of I Have Fun Everywhere I Go.

Politics & Revolution
Inside This Place Not Of It: Narratives From Womens Prisons ed by Ayelet Waldman and Robin Levi (McSweeneys) $16.00 – People in U.S. prisons are routinely subjected to physical, sexual, and mental abuse. While this has been documented in male prisons, women in prison often suffer in relative anonymity. Women Inside addresses this critical social justice issue, empowering incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women to share the stories that have previously been silenced. Among the narrators include a woman sterlized without her consent and a woman undergoing toxic treatment for a HIV positive diagnoses she didn’t have and more. Part of the McSweeney’s Voice of Witness Series.

Bizarre #181 Nov 11 $10.50
Wallpaper Nov 11 $10.00
True Crime Oct 11 $8.99
Make vol 28 $14.99 – Not the lit journal, but the DIY project mag.
Gentlewoman #4 Fall Win 11 $12.99
Another Man #13 Fall Win 11 $14.99
Color Skateboards vol 9 #3 $7.99
Harpers Magazine Nov 11 $6.99
Wire #332 Oct 11 $10.99
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory vol 13 #1 a Movement by The Insititute For Anarchist Studies (Microcosm) $6.00 – With contributions from folks like Josh MacPhee, Chris Borte and more.
Inked Nov 11 $7.99

Music Books
Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family Disco and Destiny by Nile Rodgers (Spiegal) $27.00 – By the architect of the “Chic Sound” that dominated the late seventies, but was also a hitmaker in the 80s for artists like David Bowie, INXS, Duran Duran, Madonna, and more.

Sex & Sexy
Handbook vol 5 #4 2011 The Masked Issue $6.00
Model Men Gay Erotic Stories by N. Placky (Cleis) $14.95
Women in Lust Erotic Stories by RK Bussel (Cleis) $14.95
Ellen Von Unwerth Fraulein (Taschen) $69.99
Big Book of Pussy ed. by Dian Hanson (Taschen) $59.99 – Editor Dian Hanson delves into the historical significance of this humble os, to show how the yoni has been coveted, feared, reviled, and worshipped by civilizations worldwide, from New Guinea to old Ireland. The text is supported by playful photographs of women exposing their vulvas, from 1900 to the present day, images both naturally furry and stylishly groomed. Interviews with Vanessa del Rio, squirter Flower Tucci, vaginal performance artist Mouse the singular Buck Angel and more.

Other Stuff
More Moleskine blank journals and 2012 planners. In a variety of sizes, colors, lined, unlined, week at a glance, day at a glance etc.
2 new Build Your Own Postcards from Matt Bergstrom (artist of the Build Your Own Chicago and New York Postcards): *Build Your Own San Francisco Postcard and Build Your Own St. Louis Postcard. $2.00 each

Craig Thompson Celebrates Habibi 11/17

Nov ’11
7:00 pm

Sprawling across an epic landscape of deserts, harems, and modern industrial clutter, Habibi (Pantheon Books) tells the tale of Dodola and Zam, refugee child slaves bound to each other by chance, circumstance, and love. We follow them as their lives unfold together and apart; as they struggle to make a place for themselves in a world fueled by fear and greed.  At once contemporary and timeless, Habibi gives us a love story of astounding resonance; a parable about our relationship to the natural world, the cultural divide between the first and third worlds, the common heritage of Christianity and Islam, and the magic of storytelling.

“Habibi is a remarkable feat of research, care, and black ink, and a reminder that all “People of the book,” despite the division of their individual traditions, share a mosaic of stories.”—Zadie Smith, Harper’s Magazine

“A fantastical love story of a harem girl and the slave boy she rescues, inspired by the Arabian Nights, ancient calligraphy, and modern environmental catastrophe.”—Dan Kois, New York Magazine

Craig Thompson is the award-winning author of the graphic novels Blankets  and Good-bye, Chunky Rice.

For more info:





Click here to download a copy of the press release for this event.

Quimby’s Backs Chromazoid Comics Anthology & Mix Tape Kickstarter Project. So should you.

We backed the Chromazoid Comics Anthology & Mix Tape Kickstarter project by Lale Westvind in Harlem, NY. It’s a book with color comics by nine FRESH Comics by Nine FRESH Artists, handpicked, like flowers, IN VIBRANT COLOR! Each comic is totally unique in its aesthetic and medium. The artists are Ben Bertin, Robert Calzone, William Cleveland, Lisa Cline, Lyra Hill, Nick Jackson, Ian McDuffie, Jeremy Tinder and Lale Westvind.

Editor Lale Westvind says, “The Mix Tape that comes with the book is an eclectic mix of genres and styles, with songs and sounds influenced and inspired directly by the comics in the book. I made this book to showcase friends and peers of mine that I thought were making incredible work and wild music, stuff that would look and sound even better if PRINTED IN COLOR and ON TAPE and COMBINED! Kickstarter donations fund the expensive color printing of these books and tapes, then we get to carry the chromazoids all over the u.s. to get our work seen, read and heard.”

For more info:
Chromazoid on Kickstarter
Chromazoid Blog (to see comics pages from the book and links to the individual artists’ websites)