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New Stuff This Week


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restocked on zines from @quimbysbookstorenyc ?? thanks Steven !!!!

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Steven Svmbersky of Quimby’s Bookstore NYC sent a nice box of stuff: Codex Extinct Animalia by Dr Spencer Black ($8), Dance of Death by Hans Holbein ($12), Artist of Death by Dr Frederick Ruysch ($8), Liber Al the Book of the Law zine by Aleister Crowley ($4), issues of Says Who ($2 each): Annie Sprinkle, Vivienne Westwood, Zora Neale Hurston, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Paul Krassner, Snoop Dogg & more!


Punks Around #9 Drugs Use…In Russia $3

Lions Teeth by Kit Sylvester $3

Sunburned in the Punky Meadow by Matthew Green $6

Meanwhile #10 Fashion Show $5

Nothing Act 1 A Voice Off $5

Mirror Images Part 1 by Jordyn Fairbanks $5

Comics & Minis

Teenage Condition Lizard Daddies by Abby Jame (Silver Sprocket) $3

Pop Up Girls by Himali Patil and Tasha Dsilva $8


Create Magazine #18 $20

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry

Taddle Creek #44 $6.95

Rialto Books Review vol #006 $6

Lovely Little Nutmegs #4 $3.50

Bennington Review #7 fall winter $13

Catharsis by Angela Verish $20.99

New Stuff This Week

Thanks for a rockin’ good time, Zine Club!


500000 Airports 2019 by Al Burian $2

Midwest Perzine Fest Presents Personally Yours…Life on Zines by Jonas & friends $3

This Goth Bitch #7 $6

Mantid Mania #8 Revelations by M. Smith $5

Crystal Magick for Health and Divinity by Rebecca Schoenecker $15

Horror Vacui by TM Schurr $10

I Am Only Sad When Flying by Zachary Green $8.50

Americans Love Mexicans by Diego Cruz $3.50

In My Head by SK $5

Everywhere You Go by Edie Roberts $6

Princess Diana by Chelsea Tadeyeske $6

Impact of Air Pollution $3

Comics & Minis

Comics from Colorama! Code 3;5 by Lale Westvind $14, I Can’t Find My Shoes by Anna Haifisch $17, Seminar by Marie Weber $17, Jazz Night by Max Baitinger $12, Sunday Part 2 by Olivier Schrauwen $17

Big Punk by Janelle Hessig (Silver Sprocket) $5

Oska Wald Dean Street Parts #4 & #5 by Al Burian $4 each

Pass the Baton by Hana Chatani (Shortbox) $10

Boggun by Jeff Pusateri $7

At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk by Jen Lee (Shortbox) $11

Spiky Girlfriends Hedge and Pine by Grace Kraft $10

Dreams I Don’t Remember by Robert Zant $7

Two of Us by Jessi Zabarsky (Shortbox) $10

Wine Ghost, various issues $4 each

Homespun Holler Dec 19 by Grant $2

Graphic Novels

Sweaty Palms vol 2 An Anthology About Anxiety $25

Sleep Gas by Chris Cajero Cilla (Fantagraphics Underground) $19.99

310,310 by Mushbuh (Peow) $17

DUI by Tara Booth (Colorama) $22

GLEEM by Freddy Carrasco (Peow) $21

Art & Design Books

Tender an Artbook by Choo (Shortbox) $22


I Love Myself When I am Laughing by Zora Neale Hurston $19.95

Outer Limits & Mayhem

Depraved Indifference by Gary Indiana $15.95

City of Hermes: Articles and Essays on Occultism by John Michael Greer (Aeon Books) $24.95


Facility Magazine About Bathrooms #1 $15

Soiled #8 Once Upon A Scrapers $20

Lit Journals & Chap Books

Bushwick Review #8 $12

Two and Two and Two Is by Cleo Meyer $7

Chasing Old Haunts by Jessie Knoles $

New Stuff This Week

Check out our window, created by the inimitable Rachel McPadden!

Slow Leak #3 by Johnny Sampson $12 – Also we have a new sticker from Johnny, the sorcerer that was the CAKE t-shirts a couple years ago.


Do What Now? Prank Calling Publication $2

Phone Loser Monthly #16 $2

Death of Nature by Matthew Siemianowski $2

Middle West by Nathan Pearce $2

Triangles Found In Nature by Michelle Zellers $4

Bad Egg #4 Horror $7.50

Urban Guerrilla Zine #22 $7.50

Comics & Minis

The Constitution Illustrated Sampler by R. Sikoryak $3

Tongues Chapter 3 by Anders Nilsen $15

Infinity Wretch #0 + #1 $7 each


Couple by Daniel Welch $6

Minotaur’s Daughter by Ian Holman $5

Grace Jerry Jessica and Me #3 by Derek Marks $6

Graphic Novels

No Longer Human by Junji Ito $34.99

The Drifting Classroom Book 1: The Perfect Edit by Kazuo Umezz $34.99

In Search of Lost Time: Swann’s Way: A Graphic Novel Paperback by Marcel Proust, illustrated by Stephanie Heut $19.95

Art & Design Books

Vintage Graphic Design: Type, Typography, Monograms & Decorative Design from the Late 19th & Early 20th Centuries by Steven Heller & Louise Fili $19.99

Music Books

Foreground Music: A Life In Fifteen Gigs by Graham Diff (Strange Attractor Press) $19.95

One Smashed Window by Aaron Hammes and Marten Katze $15

Outer Limits

Books by Ronald H. Blumer: Wiped: The Curious History of Toilet Paper $15, The Shocking History of Pee $15, The Secret Life of Sweat $12, A Navel History of the World $12

The Devils by New Juche (Amphetamine Sulphate) $23


Juxtapoz #212 winter $9.99

Wire #430 december $12.50

Fortean Times #386 december $12.40

Apartamento #24 $24

Chap Books & Poetry

The Day Before the Revolution by Ursula K Le Guin $16 – Illustrated by Alec Dunn.

Dysphoric Geography by Christy Davids $5

Home Like by Nabil Kashyap $5

Modest Technologies by Connie Yu $5

Total Mood Killer by Merritt K. and Niina Pollari $13

Beasts by Kate O Brian Wooddell $5

New Stuff This Week


Critical Theory Cocktails #5 $10

Fluke Fanzine #17 $3 – Interviews: Nate Powell, Look Back Library, Danny Martin.

Sonic Meditations for Immersive Ecological Entanglement by Brett Bloom & friends $7

Upping The Anti #21 Journal of Theory and Action $13

Democratize Your Commute by Bronwyn Maudin $7

Time For the Eyelashes by Mary Miller $5

Four Stories by Mark Ehling $5

Comics & Minis

Best In Show #1 by Gabi Cracraft $10

Slapping the World Underfoot by Wure $10

Trip to the Laundry Room by Finn Walker $4

Espacious Cerrados by El Mal $20

Mama Snake #8 by Chris Campbell $4

Comics by Alex Delaney: Other Side of Town #1 and #2, various issues of Derelict $6 each

Comics by Ruby Laporta: Intestinal Anthology $10, Toy $8

Skyward by Sheri Roloff $8

Unsmooth #1 by E.S. Glenn (Floating World) $10

Graphic Novels


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new from @gary.panter & @desertislandcomics ???

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Wildest Dream by Gary Panter (Desert Island) $24.95

Internet Crusader by George Wylesol (Avery Hill) $17.95

Art Books

Margaret Kilgallen: that’s where the beauty is. by Heidi Zuckerman & friends $49.95

Moving to Mars Design for the Red Planet $35

Politics & Revolution

Death Blossoms: Reflections from a Prisoner of Conscience, Expanded Edition by Mumia Abu-Jamal (City Lights) $16.95

Outer Limits

Tesla’s German and American Patents: A Selection of the Most Important Patents with Notes by Nikola Tesla (Adventures Unlimited) $24.95


Math Magazine #8 $18

Decibel #183 Jan 19 Blood Incantation

Mojo #313 december $11.99

Fortean Times #385 november $12.40

Murder Most Foul #114 The World’s Number One True Crime Quarterly $10.99

Chap Books, Lit Journals, Poetry

Lady Churchills Rosebud Wristlet #40 $5

Lavender Love Letter by Annie Hex $11

Hunchbacks Captive and Others by Jay Sturner $8


Elska #02 Berlin $20

Film & Music Books

Ad Nauseam: Newsprint Nightmares by Michael Gingold: vol 1 from the 1980s & vol 2 from the 1990s and 2000s (1984 Publishing) $34.95 each

Cornelius’s Fantasma (33 1/3 Japan) by Martin Roberts $22.95

Other Stuff

Urban Scrawl Pocket Notes (Dokument) $6.95

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