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restocked on zines from @quimbysbookstorenyc ?? thanks Steven !!!!

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Steven Svmbersky of Quimby’s Bookstore NYC sent a nice box of stuff: Codex Extinct Animalia by Dr Spencer Black ($8), Dance of Death by Hans Holbein ($12), Artist of Death by Dr Frederick Ruysch ($8), Liber Al the Book of the Law zine by Aleister Crowley ($4), issues of Says Who ($2 each): Annie Sprinkle, Vivienne Westwood, Zora Neale Hurston, Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir, Paul Krassner, Snoop Dogg & more!


Punks Around #9 Drugs Use…In Russia $3

Lions Teeth by Kit Sylvester $3

Sunburned in the Punky Meadow by Matthew Green $6

Meanwhile #10 Fashion Show $5

Nothing Act 1 A Voice Off $5

Mirror Images Part 1 by Jordyn Fairbanks $5

Comics & Minis

Teenage Condition Lizard Daddies by Abby Jame (Silver Sprocket) $3

Pop Up Girls by Himali Patil and Tasha Dsilva $8


Create Magazine #18 $20

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry

Taddle Creek #44 $6.95

Rialto Books Review vol #006 $6

Lovely Little Nutmegs #4 $3.50

Bennington Review #7 fall winter $13

Catharsis by Angela Verish $20.99