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Zine Club Chicago Online: Pandemic Zines Edition on Feb. 22!

7:30 pm

Zine Club Chicago Online: Pandemic Zines Edition
7:30 p.m. CST Tuesday, February 22 on Zoom

Two years ago, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a global health emergency, forever changing the world as we knew it. During these pandemic times, many people have turned to zinemaking as a way to share their experiences, their knowledge, their fears, and their resilience.
This month, we’ll be discussing zines that focus on life in the era of COVID-19, including perzines, mini-comics, how-to guides and more. Grab your faves, BYOS(nacks), and join us on Zoom for Zine Club Chicago Online: Pandemic Zines Edition at 7:30 p.m. CST Tuesday, February 22! 
** RSVP required ** We want to make sure that our online Zine Club events are a safe space, so we won’t be releasing the Zoom link publicly. If you’d like to attend, please email to RSVP by 9 p.m. CST Monday, Feb. 21 (the day before our event). We’ll email you the Zoom link by 5 p.m. CST on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

Zine newbies and longtime enthusiasts alike are always welcome at Zine Club Chicago, the city’s only book club-style event for people who read zines. This free monthly series is produced by Cynthia E. Hanifin and sponsored by Quimby’s Bookstore. Anna Jo Beck designs the group’s monthly flyers, created its logo, and made the Zine Club Chicago Shout-Outs site, where folks can peruse and recommend zines.

More info at and on the Zine Club Chicago social media channels: @zineclubchicago

Facebook event is here.

New Stuff This Week


The Fat Chick Dating Myth by Jamie Kadas $4

Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Allyson Gonzalez $3

Whatever Is Vol. 2 #2 by Veggiebat $8

Brown Boy by Nishat Ahmed $10

Eppur Si Muove by Stacey Balkun $8

Man Ain’t Nothin by Jason McCall $10

Girl Detectives by Emily Capettini $10

How Wild and Soft You Are by Weaver Mechler Creekmore and Koester $10

Go Wolf Hunter by Khadijah Lacina $10

Shots #154 Win 22 Earthly Delights $10

Indoor Nature Journal by Jam Doughty $1

Janeway Protocol Catalogue of Captain’s Hairstyles by Jam Doughty $1

Yard Guys August 2020 by Jam Doughty $1

Orchidaceous by Jam Doughty $1

Desert Power Zine of Tough Buddies by Jam Doughty $1

Postage #3 Tilda Appreciation Issue by Jam Doughty $1

Congratulations You Got Poisoned The Untamed Fanzine by Francis FireMotif $6

Vernacular #1 $20

Vernacular #2 $20

Baffler #61 $14

Shindig #122 Dec 21 $13.99

Kinfolk #42 Win 21 $18

Three by Three #18 Illustration Annual $25

Mojo #339 Feb 22 $11.99

Harpers Magazine Feb 22 $7.99

Cinema Retro vol 18 #52 $11.99

Dazed and Confused vol 5 #274 Win 21 $13.20

In These Times Feb 22 vol 46 #2 $4.95

Breathe#43 $13.99

Comics & Minis

Mini Kus #103 Grandad Reg by Patrick Wray and Clara Heathcock $6

Mini Kus #104 Shooting by Pedro Burgos $6

Mini Kus #105 Lil Jormly by Christopher Sperandio $6

Mini Kus #106 Dawn of the Living Dead Near Kotka Morgue by Marko Turunen $6

Goiter Comics #6 by Josh Pettinger $8

Graphic Novels

DJ Cat Gosshie World Tour by Harukichi $16

Illustrating Spain in the US HC edited by Ana Merino $24.99

Politics & Revolutions Books

JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick $29.95


Death of the Artist How Creators Are Struggling to Survive In the Age of Billionaires and Big Tech by William Deresiewicz $19.99

Music Books

Up Above the City Down Beneath the Stars $28.99

Food Books

Why Vegan Eating Ethically by Peter Singer $15.95


Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler $27.95

I Am Stone The Gothic Weird Tales of R. Murray Gilchrist $15.95

Lit Journals

Quotidian Volume 2 Connections $24

Granta #157 Fall 21 $19.99

Iowa Review vol 51 #1 Spr 21 $8.95

Other Stuff

Let’s Get Strange and Unusual Greeting Card by Jamie Kadas $6

Girl of Your Dreams Greeting Card by Jamie Kadas $6

Love You to Pieces Greeting Card by Jamie Kadas $6

Man Pierced With Rocket by Eric Kirsammer $100

Small Collage by Eric Kirsammer $10

Medium Collage by Eric Kirsammer $15

Large Collage by Eric Kirsammer by $20

Comics Collage Poster Bigger Large by Eric Kirsammer $15

New Stuff This Week


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Sick of It #3 A Disability Inside Outside Project by Matilda Sabal $5

Proof I Exist #37 by Billy $3

Papercore #6 DIY International Punk Zine $3

Things to Remember When Suctioning a Patient by Lost Fillings $1

Comics & Minis

How to Have a Cat by Sean Mac $5

Moonstride In Je Veux Etre Aime Par Toi (I Wanna Be Loved By You) by OBL_V_OUS $12

Graphic Novels

All My Friends by Hope Larson $12.99

Go Fuck Myself! The Fuckpendium by Mike Freiheit $20


Devil House: A Novel by John Darnielle $28

Politics & Revolutions Books

An Abolitionist’s Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World by Patrisse Cullors $26.99

Chronicles of Dissent: Interviews with David Barsamian, 1984–1996 by Noam Chomsky & David Barsamian (Haymarket) $29.95

And the Category Is… : Inside New York’s Vogue, House, and Ballroom Community by Ricky Tucker $25.95


I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home by Jami Attenberg $27.99

Corpsing: My Body and other Horror Shows by Sophie White (Tramp Press) $17

Faux Queen: A Life in Drag by Monique Jenkinson $18.95

Music Books

What’s Good: Notes on Rap and Language by Daniel Levin Becker (City Lights Books) $22.95

Nick Cave’s Bar by Aug Stone $10

Witchy Stuff

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Runes: Your Complete Guide to the Divination Power of Runes by Judy Ann Nock $16.99


Permanent Vacation by Cally Raduenzel $13

Jeff VanderMeer Ambergris Books 1-3 reprinted: City of Saints and Madmen, Shriek: An Afterward, Finch

Lit Journals

Sinister Wisdom #123 A Multicultural Lesbian Literary and Art Journal a Tribute to Conditions $14


Milo Manara’s The Golden Ass (Humanoid) $24.99

Other stuff

Green Birth of Eggy Toad Patch by Aim Ren $3

Girl Juice sticker Benji Nate (Silver Sprocket) $3

New Stuff This Week


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Pouch of Good Fortune by Julie Halpern $8 each



Fixer Eraser #6 by Jonas $3

Wonder of It All #8 We Run Thru Life Backwards $3

Greenpoint Oil Spill $5

Thinkbabymusic Collective #9 $18

Untitled by Jason Herr $20

Deng #1 by Donny Walsh $5

M0n0 $8

Comics & Minis

š! Baltic Comics Magazine #43 ‘Queer Power’ $14

Mineshaft #41 $10

Graphic Novels

True Story of the Unknown Soldier by Tardi (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Art Books

Greetings from Delusionville by Ron English $69


Sticker by Henry Hoke $14.95

True Crime

Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia (3rd edition) by John Gilmore (Amok Publishing) $19.95

Poetry & Lit Journals

From Blue Cubicle Press: The First Line vol 23 #4 $6, The Last Line #7 $3

There Once Was Limericks by David Hankins $13


Uppercase #52 A Magazine for the Creative and Curious $18

Popshot Quarterly #34 $12.75

Vive Le Rock #87 $13.60

Shindig #121 $13.99

Skeptical Inquirer vol 46 #1 $5.99

Port #29 $27.99

Little White Lies #91 $16.99

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