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New Stuff This Week


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KerBloom #165 $2

Zines by Mel Watkin $5-$20: Pocket Road Atlas, Leaves of Revolving, Francesca Her Tail


Killed Off Queer’s Concet Diaries by JJ Cital with art by Ellie Compton and friends $20

Comics by A. Kozlowski (Paper City Publishing) $8-$12: Yesterday Today Tomorrow, Wax and Wane, Sketchbook As Textbook, Shapes, Dream Job: A Collection of Comics About Teaching

Graphic Novels

Life In a Day: A Book by Nick Freeman $15

Politics, Revolution & Essay Books

Environmentalism From Below: How Global Peoples Movements Are Leading the Fight for Our Planet by Ashley Dawson $22.95

The Worker’s Way to Freedom & Other Council Communist Writings 1935-1954 by Anton Pannekoek, edited by Robyn K. Winters (PM Press) $24.95

All In: Cancer, Near Death, New Life by Caitlin Breedlove (AK Press) $18

Mayhem & Outer Limits Books

Lemuria: A True Story of a Fake Place by Justin McHenry (Feral House) $24.95

Music Books

NoMeansNo: From Obscurity to Oblivion: An Oral History by Jason Lamb with Paul Prescott (PM Press) $29.95


2 books by David Hauptschein $20: Alchemy of Flesh and Other Plays, When the Walls Have Ears and Other Plays

New Stuff This Week


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Roctober #53 and #54 by Jake Austen $6

Peel a Zine by Chloe O’Neill $10

Shop Talk #1 A Literary Directory by Bex Ya Yolk $16

Zines by Amanda Smithivas: 15 of My Favorite Songs (That You Might Like Too), Graphic Score Based on “Need Your Love” by Tennis, Color Red

For the Love of Julius Eastman $12

Lennon McCrea Zine $4, various issues and prices: #18 Remnants a Handful of Poetry From My High School Poetry Journal, Stacks, Getting the Story: A Very Casual Analysis of 1975s Tommy #1 and more.

X Kool Kids issues #5 + #6 $5 each

Zines by Dayna $1-$6: Catmothcrow #1, Hag Witch, Cocozine

Enigmatic Audio a Collection of Musical Musings by Adel Souto $8

This Zine Is Illegal In the United Kingdom $1

Hot Cicada Summer by Haleigh $11

Lichen Growth Farms by Wide Eyed Outside $6

Forage issues #1-#3 $14 each


Friends Forever Everything Sucks by Michael Sweater (Silver Sprocket) $7.99

Comics by Jam $2 each: Brain School #3 The Re-Entry, Spoilers – Three Scary Movies

Comics by Lily Christou $10-$15: Am I Aging Rapidly? and Other Silly Questions an Elbow Soup Collection, Dungeon Elf, Cat Will Eat Us When Were Gone

Comics by Marcus Emdanat $5-$8: Into the Light, Tuning in the Conversations We Have In Passing

Comics by Xin Rui $23 each: Sleuth Hound and the Mystery of the Doll House, It Lives Within

Comics by Mae Lyne $5-$15: Alter Ego Golden Hour, Revolver Detox

Other Strangeness #2 Harvest Moon $5

Outer Limits & Mayhem

Monster Midway by William Lindsay Gresham $16.95

The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore $16.95


Encyclopedia Obscurum: Tales From the Know-It-All Asshole Jerk for the Asshole That Thinks They Know It All by Adel Souto $20

Lit Journals, Magazines, Newspapers

McSweeney’s #72 Manifesto: A Collection of Manifestos $

RFD #196 $11.95

Spartacist #42 Edicion En Espanol $3

For the Young at Heart

Soren’s Seventh Song by Dave Eggers, illustrated by Mark Hoffmann $19.99

Mama Mabel the Duck of Ten Eggs by Jo Fredell Higgins

New Stuff This Week


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Soap Dish: A Zine About Soap and Stuff by Ed  $2.00

Cathode Ray Mission issues #1 + #2 by K Ratticus $2 each

Modern Day Alpha Males by Olivia Munoz $13

Brain Graffiti by Matt Brady and Jess Kotlarz $10

Tooth Mouth Nail 23 by Chris Kim $6

Astrology Signs as Food $5.80

I’m Standing Right Where I Belong by Harrison Wyrick $15

Receipt Printer RPG: A Choose Your Own Adventure Style Zine That Spans Paper Pen and Screen by Vrk $4

Zines from Venadito Press: Venadito #3 $10, Trans Communication Magic $7

Jay Walker $24.99

Angry Mag #1 by Nell McKeon $8


Bubbles #18 An Independent Fanzine About Comics and Manga $8

Shit Dates: Comics Based on True Stories Submitted by Readers Created by Mel Stringer $10

Pen Fella Episode issues #3 and #4 Villian Arc by Jude R. Bettridge $2 each

Campfire Comics and Stories 2022 Indoors Outdoors + 2023 Distant Lands, edited by Kyle Harabedian and Dennis Madamba $10 each

Dead Giveaway: A Tale of Horror by Peter Moorman $7

2 titles by Julia McDonald: CeCe Celery Root Sells Leggings + Snowball Cauliflower and the Magical Dried Up Vegetable Bits $10 each

Politics, Revolution, Essay(ish) Books

Brave and Beautiful Spirit: Dora Marsden 1882-1960 by Les Garner $19.95

Radical Book Shop of Chicago by Kevin I. Slaughter $16.95

Friends of Friends of Friends: How Do We Find Connection Despite Isolation, Defining and Building Community by Lee Fearnside $15.99

Music & Film Books

Loaded: The Life (and Afterlife) of the Velvet Underground by Dylan Jones $30

Manchester Unspun: How a City Got High on Music by Andy Spinoza $18.95

Accidental Genius: An Oral History of the Room by Andrew J. Rausch $18.95

Outer Limits + Mayhem

Hakim Bey: Real and Unreal by Th Metzger $17.95

Poetry, Chap Books + Lit Journals

Hymn to Satan and Other Translated Poems by Giosue Carducci, with Introductory Essays by R. Merciless and G.L. Bickersteth (Underworld Amusements) $14.95

Mad by Vincenzo Anastasia $10

Fiilthy Glo #1 $22


Hellebore – Yuletide Hauntings December 2023 A Summoning of Seasonal Terrors $16.50

Other Stuff

Shadow Banshee Micro Notebook $5

New Stuff This Week


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QuimBurger Snappy Meal WEBSITE Version! $12.99


Hey So You Want to Know What’s Up With Trans Folks #2 by Jude R. Bettridge

Lennon McCrea Zine various issues, $3-$4

Brogan Room $.25

Potluck #1 $12

Water Column by Colleen Corcoran $10

Split Seconds #1 Genoa Italy Photographs by Michael Jarecki $8

I Am Here to F Up the System: A Personal Essay on Being Autistic in a Capitalist World by Anna $5

Izimbra the Zine #1 Covers Edition by Isabel Steffes $10

Zine of Texts to Myself Zine of the Texts I Send Myself $5

Collected #1 2023 edited by by Meri Brin (Fixated Press) $6

Edwin Perry Manchester’s Human Issue #1 the Parted Flesh Yielding Its Fruit $5

Photo zines by DeVontez, $11 each: Best View of an Angel, Logan Barbie the Equalizer 3 Bottoms Gran Turismo, We Think Too Much Photographs

My Little Corner of the World #1 by Grace Bradley $7


You Don’t Get There From Here #60 by Carrie McNinch $4

Micro Comic by H. Jones: Way of the World #2 $3, Shark Village Slopocalypse $2

SMFGS presents Crust Diary Comics 2023 by Lainey Williams $5

Comics from Toxic Metal Press: Cabaris #1 by Michael Kay, Oh Deanna by Ari S. Mulch, Melty World Matrix #1 by Lane Lincecum, Coward Discourses by Morty C. Pictures, Melty World Matrix #1 by Lane Lincecum

Graphic Novels

Mimi’s Tales of Terror illustrated by Junji Ito, written by Hirokatsu Kihara and Ichiro Nakayama $24

In the City Parts 1 & 2 by Karl Christian Krumpholz, $12 each

Hard Switch by Owen D. Pomery (Avery Hill) $20.99

Art Books

Collective Repository of Nostalgia and Sadness $20

Vowel Study Meter Study 2023 by Kelsey Henke $15

Mayhem & Outer Limits

I Am the Dark Tourist: Messenger of Remembrance by H. E. Sawyer (Headpress) $31.95

Earth’s Galactic History and Its Extraterrestrial Connection by Constance Victoria Briggs $22

Film & TV

Satanic Shadows: Depictions Of Hell and the Devil in Classic Cinema edited by G.H. Janus (Deicide Press) $22.95

The Book of Beasts: Folklore, Popular Culture and Nigel Kneale’s ATV TV Series by Andrew Screen (Headpress) $29.95

Fiction Books

Play by Colleen Corcoran $18

DIY Books

Yes You Can: How to Make a Movie For Almost No Money by Courtney Daniels $24.99


The Believer #144 Winter 2023 The 2023 Music Issue $16

Lit Journals

Overtime #66 Social Distance by Conor Hogan (Blue Cubicle Press) $2

The Bennington Review #12 $15

Moss Piglet Dec 2023 $12

Sins Seance Soul $5

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