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Porch Goose: A History and Case Study of a Midwestern Icon by Violet B. Fox $5

Street Gallery vol 1 Photographs with Street Art from Southern California and Baja California by John Dishwasher (Six Fires Press) $15

Root Cause: Championing Beets, Turnips, Rutabagas, and Other Unfairly Maligned Vegetables by Andy Boynton (Reciwee Press) $8

Urban Wildlife Guide by Vanessa Zucker $7

From Content Queen: Employee Picks Movies by Phyllis Rosen $4, Employee Picks Movies by Eric Leibrock $4, The Secret Language of Birth Order – Your Complete Personality Guide to Any Relationship With Anyone Even Only Children by Natalia Fisher and Molly Rosen Marriner $8

About Bricks by Brittny Meredith $8

Zines by Key Bridge It Daly: Catalog issues #1 & #2 $3 each, Comp Book Companion vol 1 Something That Can Grow $12 and more.


Comics by Jude Bettridge $8 each: Visiting Cryptid, Love Letter to Myself

Globar Versus Togar: Chillness Contest Vote for Who Is the Coolest $2

Stone Guk by Sophie Delay $20

Comics by Aiden Guerette $8-$10: Bedroom Imps as Lovingly Manifested by the Prism in My Window, Cricket – A Ringrealm Story, Ring Realm Mini Comics #1 Love Letters

Comics by Tor War $5-$16: The King of the Thieves, Aasimar Dreams, War Casualty & more.

Art Books

Tomer Hanuka: Unknown Pleasures (Gingko Press) $35

Politics & Revolution Books

A Short History of Trans Misogny by Jules Gill-Peterson (Verso) $24.95

The Case for Open Borders by John Washington (Haymarket) $19.95

Resisting Borders and Technologies of Violence edited by Mizue Aizeki, Matt Mahmoudi, and Coline Schupfer (Haymarket) $22.95

The Hands That Crafted the Bomb: The Making of a Lifelong Antifascist by Josh Fernandez (PM Press) $22.95


The Weird Sister Collection: Writing at the Intersections of Feminism Literature and Pop Culture edited by Marisa Crawford (Feminist Press) $26.95

Music Books

A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Rebirth of Afrofuturism by Paul Youngquist $24.95


Skin of Dreams by Raymond Queneau $16.95


Cut Me Up #12 $18


Elska #45 Glasgow Scotland $20

Chap Books

From Blue Cubicle Press: The First Line vol 25 #4 $6, The Last Line #9 $4

New Stuff This Week


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Horror Decor by Marc Fischer (Public Collectors) $9

On the Move by Manda Conti (Wiggle Bird Mailing Club) $6

Fuck It: A Zine for Letting Myself Be Imperfect #8 $8

Associations #1 Nov 23 by Danielle Goshay and Darian Razdar $9

Conversation With Daniel Arnold: An Improvised Discussion on Life’s Journey Lessons and Insights From a Professional Fine Art Photographer by Connor Satterlee $8.34


The New Yerby Spring 2023 by Liz Yerby $10

I Hope This Finds You #11 Diary Comics by Kevin Budnik $6

Moral Fiber #19 by Chris Pernula $2

Push Up Bras by Chana Goldbloom $15

Comics by Drew Swartz, $5 each: Racket, Play Something Snappy: Tales of CTA Busking

Graphic Novels

In Search of Gil Scott-Heron: The Godfather of Rap by Thomas Mauceri and Seb Piquet $29.99

Art Books

Felinity: An Anthology of Illustrated Cats from Around the World edited by Victionary $45

Politics & Revolution Books

Defying Displacement: Urban Recomposition and Social War by Andrew Lee (AK Press) $17

Abolition vol 1 Politics, Practices, Promises by Angela Y. Davis (Haymarket) $19.95

Music Books

Why Sinéad O’Connor Matters by Allyson McCabe $24.95

Food Books

Vegan Chinese Food by Yang Liu $32.99


Dirt in Our Skin: A Novel by J.J. Anselmi (Rare Bird) $20

Music Books

She’s a Badass: Women in Rock Shaping Feminism by Katherine Yeske Taylor $34.95

Magazines & Newspapers

Tape Op #159 $5.99

Workers Vanguard #1180 $.50

Chap Books

The Wildflower Collective Presents: First Words $12

Chap Books by Darien Razdar: Morning Poems $24, Eye of Water $9

New Stuff This Week


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Vichcraft + Quimby’s Bookplate Sticker – Now available as a single sheet! $2
Wanna buy it in bulk and get a sweet deal? Get 5 for $6 here!


Proof I Exist #44 Presents Orange Drink by Billy McCall and Drew Prusko $5

Lennon McCrea Zine #27 (Stacks #4) $3

Reflections by Michelle G $8

Chicago Really Loves Skeletons: A Photo Zine of Skeleton Displays $4

How Do I Know What I Want $2

Recommendations #1 Zines That I Love by Cesca $2

Make Your First Video Game Bitsy $4

Late to the Party Fall 2023 Get Hep to the Jive by Erik Jacobson $3

Papercore #10 Win 23 International DIY Punk Zine $4

Look Book by Chris Uphues $15

Data Digest #0002 Soc Motss $12

Fear of Being Alone issue #s 1 & #3 by Nathan Pearce + friends $8 each

Shot in the Dark: A Found Photo Slide Zine #2 $5


Fox Foxerson In Crazy Fox Tales: Therapy Shopping by Christi Furnas $15

Doof #2 Thinks They Are Soooooo Funny by RW Fantastic $5

Graphic Novels

Parasyte Full Color Collection vol 1 by Hitoshi Iwaaki $19.99

Books by Shayna Marchese, $20 each: White Oaks, Pieces: Short Comics

Music Books

Underground: The Illustrated Bible of Cursed Rockers and High Priestesses of Sound by Arnaud Le Gouefflec and Nicolas Moog $29.99


Beautyland: A Novel Marie-Helene Bertino $28


Healing Adaptogens: The Definitive Guide to Using Super Herbs and Mushrooms for Your Body’s Restoration Defense and Performance by Tero Isokauppila and Danielle Ryan Broida $17.99

Magazines & Newspapers

Uppercase #60 $24

The County Highway #4 $8.50

Chap Books & Lit Journals

Border Crossings #163 $15

Recollecting Girlhood and Other Lost Things by Michelle and Astrid $8

Poetry Books

Placing Bets on a Paradox by Michael Santana $8

Commando by E’Mon Lauren (Haymarket) $10

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New Stuff This Week


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Postcards from Irving #6 by Tyler $3

Hallogallo #10 by Kai Slater $5

Unresolved #8 5by Eli Schmitt $

Nitroglycerine #1 by Otis Johnson $5

For the Love of Holly Woodlawn, For the Love of Little Joe $12


Tod Am Klavier by Jude R. Bettridge $8

Pleasure Hex #5 Apr 25, 2021-Oct 28, 2021 by Sir Lyra Hill $9

Graphic Novels

Alphabets for Grievers (In Three Parts): A Book of Long Words and Their Meanings by Kristin Taylor $12

First There Was Chaos: Hesiod’s Story of Creation by Joel Priddy (Uncivilized) $34.95

Art + Culture

The Lumpen Times: 30+ Years of Radical Media and Building Communities of the Future edited by Ed Marszewski and Jeremiah Chiu (Hat & Beard Press) $60

DIY Books

Riding More with Less: A Future for Bike Repair by Sam Tracy (PM Press) $24.95

Music Books

Hardcore: The Cinematic World of PULP by Paul Burgess and Louise Colbourne $50

Essay Books

Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time by Sheila Liming $19.99


Your Driver Is Waiting: A Novel by Priya Guns $17

Kindling: Stories by Kathleen Jennings $18