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Bianca Xunise Celebrates PUNK ROCK KARAOKE, In Conversation with Jessica Hopper, April 27th

3:30 pm

Quimby’s welcomes celebrates Independent Bookstore Day with Chicago-based artist Bianca Xunise on Saturday, April 27th at 3:30pm to celebrate the release of their book PUNK ROCK KARAOKE. Xunise will be joined in conversation by director, producer and author Jessica Hopper.

PUNK ROCK KARAOKE is the explosive new YA graphic novel from Ignatz Award-winning and nationally syndicated cartoonist Bianca Xunise (Six Chix, Be Gay Do Comics), following three friends and their Garage Punk band on their quest to make it big in Southside Chicago’s underground music scene. Drawn from Xunise’s passion for their city and extensive Punk knowledge, PUNK ROCK KARAOKE explores questions about authenticity, the importance of community, and what it means to succeed on your own terms. Complete with a zine-style guide to the real-life Punk icons referenced throughout the story, the book is sure to be a hit with listeners of The Linda Lindas and viewers of Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

Asked about their inspirations for the project, Xunise said, “PUNK ROCK KARAOKE is a love letter to the diverse and rambunctious underground scene of the DIY music community. I hope that readers fall in love with the same community that allowed me to march to the beat of my own drum and are inspired to create spaces for each other in their own backyards.”

In PUNK ROCK KARAOKE, School is out for summer and Ariel Grace Jones is determined to make it one for the books! Together with their bestie bandmates, Michele and Gael, Ariel believes they’re destined to break into the music industry by singing lead in their garage punk band, Baby Hares. But before they can officially get into the groove, the realities of post grad life start to weigh on this crew of misfits. Ari begins to worry that it’s time to pull the plug on their dreams of making it big.

Just when all hope feels lost, a fellow punk and local icon takes an interest in their talent. It seems like he might be the only one Ariel can rely on as frustrations between bandmates reach at an all-time high, but is he really all he seems? And will Ariel and Michele’s friendship survive the journey?

“Incredibly grounded in its neighborhood and scene, this is a great ride from start to finish.” -Booklist

“A vibrant, inclusive, feminist, punk-rock homage, guide, and coming-of-age story” -Kirkus

“Stole my heart from the first page to the last. Endlessly funny and sincere.” -Tillie Walden, Eisner & Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist


Bianca Xunise is a cartoonist based out of Chicago, Illinois. Their work primarily focuses on the plight, joy, and daily struggles of misfits within the black community. In 2017 Xunise earned an Ignatz for Promising New Talent for their comic Say Her Name, an autobiographical story of police brutality and social justice. In 2020 Xunise earned their second Ignatz for their contribution to Be Gay, Do Comics published by IDW. Xunise has collaborated with Vogue, The Washington Post, The Nib, and Believer Magazine. They are also a contributor to the book How We Fight Supremacy: A Field Guide to Black Resistance along with Ta-Nehisi Coates, Tarana Burk, and Harry Belafonte. Bianca became the first nationally syndicated non-binary cartoonist when they joined the comic strip Six Chix in 2020 as their first black creator. Bianca is also the April Quimby’s artist-in-residence! CHECK OUT THE AMAZING BANNERS THEY DESIGNED IN OUR WINDOW!  More info at

Jessica Hopper is a director, producer and author based in Chicago. Most recently, Hopper directed and executive produced the upcoming four-part docuseries Women Who Rock, releasing summer of 2022 on Epix and Sky. She has written for Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, the Chicago Reader, Punk Planet and more. She ins the author of The Girls Guide To Rocking, The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic, Night Moves. She is series editor of The American Music Series at the University of Texas Press. More info at

As always, Quimby’s events are free. Want the Facebook invite for this event? Click here.

This event is also on Independent Bookstore Day 2024! Quimby’s is a stop on the Chicagoland Bookstore Crawl. Get info about that here. Stay posted for more #IBD24 surprises!

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Beth Hetland Celebrates Tender, In Conversation With Kyle O’Connell, March 30th

3:00 pm

Quimby’s welcomes Chicago cartoonist and educator Beth Hetland, in conversation with Kyle O’Connell for what’s sure to be an enlightening discussion on Saturday, March 30th at 3pm.

Tender is a psychological thriller about a woman obsessed with her vision for a picture-perfect, curated life. Carolanne wanted a perfect wedding, a perfect husband, a perfect family. She carefully performs her own roles (gal pal, bestie, girlfriend, wife, and expectant mother) and in trying to enact agency over her life, sacrifices it completely. Her desire to control the uncontrollable ultimately becomes her undoing. When things don’t go her way, she exerts dominance over the one thing she does have total control over: her body; until that “betrays” her. After suffering a horrible loss, Carolanne spirals into a literal, all-consuming delusion that will engross comics readers and horror aficionados alike. Hetland’s graphic novel debut is a brilliant psychological thriller that tears down the wall of a genre — body horror — so often identified with male creators. Heady and visceral, Tender uses horrific tropes to confront women’s societal expectations of self-sacrifice despite those traditional roles often coming at the expense of female sexuality and empowerment.

“Hetland gets under the skin in her nimble and unsettling graphic novel debut. … [Her] ability to maintain a sinister atmosphere in scenes both mundane and monstrous will keep horror fans turning the pages.” — Publishers Weekly

“A strong debut with powerful visual storytelling, Tender digs into the existential dread of getting everything that you thought you wanted and still not being satisfied.” — Diabolique Magazine

“A brutal critique of gender roles, social media, cultural pressures & expectations, Tender is a triumph.” — Rob Clough – High Low Comics

“An incredibly paced horror story that’s equal parts sardonic, gruesome, and tender. A Jeanne Dielman for the Instagram generation.” — Katie Skelly

Beth Hetland is a Professor, Adj. at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she teaches several comics and comics adjacent courses. She holds an MFA (2011) from The Center for Cartoon Studies and BFA (2009) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Find her on IG here: @bethhetland and at all sort of other links here. Kyle O’Connell can be found at

As always, this event at Quimby’s is free.
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New Stuff This Week


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Night Shift Films: Fictitious B Movies From the 80s and 90s by Turner Hilliker $5

Knock Knock by Shaun Levin $10

TV Static $10

Unsolved Mysteries Fan Zine $5

zines by Sydney Salk: Compilation Nation: The Only Fanzine Dedicated to Various Artists $5, 15 Jewish Women Real and Fictional All Young People Should Know $8

Angel Birth by Marianne Agnes & Noelle Richard $24

Way of the Canvas: The Mechanics of the World by Cam Collins $5

Rate of Decay #2 by Chris $1

No One Smiled by Jenny Nova and Nel Gosh $6

Saw Analysis and Exploration by Ben Brady $20


Reading in the Club by Hannah Johnston $15

Cookie Nights Vigo Spain by Andres Magan $10

Crumple #121 by Walker Mettling $20

Seabie and Crabcake #1 Beach Summer by Griffin Giersch $8

I Got a Tattoo Every Month of 2023 $4

Hoggett’s Notion #2 by Dylan Ward $6

Politics & Revolution Books

Cultivating a Revolutionary Spirit: Stories of Solidarity, Solar Cooking, and Women’s Leadership in Central America by Laura Snyder Brown and William Fleet Lankford (PM Press) $21.95

Firehose of Falsehood: The Story of Disinformation by Teri Kanefield and Pat Dorian $29.99

Music Books

Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending, revised and expanded edition: An Incredible String Band Compendium edited by Adrian Whittaker (Strange Attractor Press) $34.95


As the Rain Falls by Sam Plauche $15

Health Books

Self Love Club: Real Talk and Reminders for Discovering That We’re Enough by Hyesu Lee $18.95

Travel Books

Bored In the USA: A Field Guide To Bestish Stuff in America a Travelsized Book of Must See Parks and Roadside Oddities in All Fifty States $15

DIY/How To

Fungi: Discover the Science and Secrets Behind the World of Mushrooms by Lynne Boddy & Ali Ashby $40

How to Pull a Movie Out of Your Ass: Realistic Expectations for the First Time Filmmaker With No Budget to Speak Of by G. Dorchak $19.95

Instructions for Tool Wall With Assembly Guide by Hunter L.V. Elliott & Noelle Richard $20

Essay Books (Sort of) & Memoir

Snapshots of the Boy by Shaun Levin $15

Ten Bridges I’ve Burnt: A Memoir in Verse by Brontez Purnell $17

Of Pigs and Meteorites: Mildly Interesting Tales of Growing Up in a Hamlet Out in the BFE by G. Dorchak $15.95

Chap Books

Das Puke Book by Martin Wong (Primary Information) $10

Lazy-Eye Jack: Selected Poems 2004-2018 by Mark Timothy Hayward $5

Lit Journals

Pest Control Magazine #4 $14

Moss Piglet – multiple issues $12 each

Other Stuff

Kewpie Tattoo Sticker $3

New Stuff This Week


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2 new issues of Proof I Exist by Billy McCall! $3 each #45 A 2023 Reading Log $ & Proof I Exist #46 Jan 24 Looking Back at 2023 (with Ed Kemp)

Pound the Pavement #31 Graphics From the Sleeves of Vinyl Records of Palestinian Resistance and Existence by Josh MacPhee $8

Cat Party #10 by Katie Haegele (Microcosm) $4.95

The Goblin’s Rules of the Game a Guide to Living Life by Sean Aaberg (Microcosm) $10

ABQ Graffiti #4 2024 $2

Green Day Saviors EP Zine by Lennon $2

Hot Plastic Topic Audiophile Approach $3

Stacks #5/Lennon McCrea Zine #28 $3

Johnny America #10 $3

Grachki – Your Key to Midwest DIY Punk and Indie – Night Freak Feb 2024 by Jude BG $5

I’m Afraid I’ll Only Ever Be in Love Again in My Dreams: A Collection of Poems and Photographs by Sophie Potocsnak $5

In Search of Freedom and Self Determination: A Tour Through the Anarchist Movements in Graz, Austria, 1918-1938 by Reinhard Muller $3

Prince Come Home: Community Action With Unhoused Friends by North Seattle Neighbors and Kaitlyn S2

Good Advice From Kaiju: How Can I Live My Life When There’s No Roadmap for the Future $2

Deconstructing Settler Colonialism: The Internationals and Early Anarchism in the Wild West $4

The Party and What Came Before It Jan 2024 by Blair Ellair $10

From the Kitchen by JB and MD $4

Council of All Beings by Tanzen Lilly $10

Through Walls $3


Honey and Lavender by Clay Borsenik $17

Boys and Boomboxes: Four True Tales From Tweenhood by Carolyn Swiszcz $7

Huey #4 by Levi Friedman $10

Emotional Support by Jude Bettridge $5

Graphic Novels

Fall Through by Nate Powell $24.95

Aya: Claws Come Out by Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie (Drawn and Quarterly) $24.95

Music Books

All Over the Place: The Rise of THE BANGLES from the LA Underground by Eric M. Shade (Hozac Books) $32.99

Beatles Blackouts: Trips Around the World In Search of Beatles Monuments by Jack Marriott(Microcosm) $17.95

Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat $29.99

Politics & Revolution Books

Firebrands: Activists You Didn’t Learn About In School/Justseeds Artists Cooperative, edited by Shaun Slifer and Bec Young (Microcosm) $15.95

Graphic Liberation: Image Making & Political Movements by Josh MacPhee (Common Notions) $20

Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements edited by George Breitman $18

Outer Limits Books

Cabarets of Death: Death, Dance and Dining in Early Twentieth-Century Paris by Mel Gordon & Joanna Ebenstein (Strange Attractor Press) $27.95

DIY & Health

Unfuck Your Anger Workbook: Using Science to Manage Frustration Rage and Forgiveness by Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $14.99


Pagoda: A Lesbian Community by the Sea by Rose Norman $18.95

Pencil by Carol Beggy (Object Lessons Series) $14.95


Our Strangers: Stories by Lydia Davis ( $26

The Bicyclist’s Guide to the Galaxy: Feminist Fantastical Tales of Books and Bikes edited by Elly Blue (Microcosm) $12.95

Corey Fah Does Social Mobility: A Novel by Isabel Waidner $16

Various Stories About Specific Individuals in Particular Situations by Eli S. Evans $9

Sex Guides & Culture

Unfuck Your Kink: Using Science to Enjoy Mind Blowiing BDSM, Fetishes, Fantasy, Porn, and Whatever Your Pervy Heart Desires by Dr Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $14.95

Chap Books

This Fire by Justin Lacour $15

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