Weekly Top 10

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Weekly Top 10

1.    Black Eye #1 ed. by Ryan Standfest $14.95 – Black Eye is the comics magazine dedicated to ludicrous violence, unrelenting nihilism and gratuitous gross-out. Chicago heavy-hitters Paul Nudd, Lilli Carré, and Ivan Brunetti get super nasty and Onsmith’s totally tasteless contributions warranted a book seizure at the Canadian border. The scandal doesn’t end there either…Stéphane Blanquet, Jeet Heer, Al Columbia, Kaz, Michael Kupperman, Tom Neely and Brecht Evans are all at work causing some internal bleeding on this one. A real bad egg if you ask me. -EF …And thanks to everybody that came out for the signing for this anthology on this past Saturday!

2.    Linework #2 Comics and Graphics Anthology Spr 11 $10.00

3.    Burn Collector #15 by Al Burian (Microcosm) $3.00 – Al Burian takes on his new home town, Berlin with a little help from a Chicago All-Star team of Anne Elizabeth “Unmarketable” Moore and Liam “Secret Beach” Warfield.

4.    Bust Jun Jul 11 $4.99

5.    Sock #1 Adult Stories and Imagery Comics Anthology by Conor Stechshulte $8.00

6.    Roots #1 by Alison Vellas $3.50 – Meat your maker. Nicely plotted comic about a stubborn generational battle betwixt an old-world bubbe, and her righteous vegetarion whippersnapper grandaughter. Taking on the stickiness of negotiation between tradition and food politics, Vellas does a nice job of catering to both sides. -EF

7.    SF #1 by Ryan Cecil Smith (Closed Caption Comics) $5.00 – Ryan Cecil Smith’s new serial “SF” gives classic sci-fi comics an impish, homespun twist while still staying true to form. Introducing the space-scientist-fighter crew of the S.F.S.F.S.F. and the hapless orphan earthling Hupa Dupa, Smith balances straight up expository scripting with satisfying bursts of rough-and-tumble action. Humor gets played fast-and-loose here giving the tight storytelling a breezy edge and lending a weird wit to the crisp Tintin-flavored schemes. –EF

8.    So Nervous #1 by Corinne Mucha and Heather Radke $3.00 – Worrisome!

9.    Weird Schmeird #0 Conversations in Your Neighborhood by Ryan Cecil Smith $7.00 – A fun book-toy-thing!

10.    Woman House by Esther Pearl Watson $5.00