Weekly Top 10

1. Lucky Peach #1 Sum 11 $10.00 – I read this straight through right before I went to sleep the other night and had an INTENSE NIGHTMARE ABOUT RAMEN. Woke up hungry. -EF

2. Under the Radar #37 $5.99

3. 8-Track Mind #101 Zines vs Blogs By Russ Forster $3.00 – After a 10-year hiatus 8-Track Mind heeds the call of the Revenge of Print and pulls a fresh new issue out of the oven!

4.  Bitch #51 $5.95

5. Cometbus #54 In China With Green Day by Aaron Cometbus $4.00

6. So Raw its Downright Filthy: A Raw Vegan Cookbook by Joshua Ploeg (Microcosm) $4.00 – Weirdo delicious recipes that also happen to be raw.

7. Mountain Wilds by Jay Krevens $6.00 – Jay moved to the Portland and just sent us some new scenic love of misty lore and cabin crafts, looming, owling, bear worship and astral travails. Accordian folded booklet has crafts on one side and mountainscape panorama on the reverse. -EF

8. OK OK You Smote Me Stories by Al Burian (Quimby’s Exclusive) $3.00

9. Readin and Fightin #3 Mental Health/Education Issue – Insisting on Literature by Women of Color by Camille Yarnover $1.50 – Thoughtful post-collegiate musings from a New Haven zinester exploring issues of race, edication and mental health and how they intersect. -LM

10. Tiny Bangs #1 by Olivia Horvath $5.00 – This is the build: Emily, with a swarm of hair, working as a nude model, feels the twinges of coming apart at the seams. On her psychic wavelength are her lover Bea full of balance calm and touch and the drawing teacher Ben, smitten and shy. Moody with the light changing like clouds rolling in. -EF