Weekly Top 10

Congrats to this week’s winners!

1. Emotions Are Hard/Crushes: A Not Helpful Guide by Georgi $.50

2. Dig Deep #2 by Heather $1.00

3. Counter Attack #3 by Alisa Harris $3.00

4. Hypnotic Induction Technique by Grant Reynolds $4.00 – Jeezus, Reynolds… This Technique is a patty melt full of bloody hair and a side of mucus fries. Split down the middle, H.I.T. begins with a medley of shorter pieces so viciously viscously combined it’s hard to tell where the pizza puff ends and the rectum begins, and frankly, why would you want to? Progressively wrapping itself around itself, the wormy mass and thready entrails put their cord through a narrative meat grinder. The resultant chuck and splatter is the perfect segway to “Peeled and Deveined” a prying terrorchase lit by nightmare flashlight. These are under-the-skin stories, the kind that keep you coming back to map the terrain of each page while your subconscious slides under the quicksand surface. Get in a suggestible state and sew this onto your mind.  -EF

5. Crap Hound #6 by Sean Tejaratchi (Show & Tell Press) $13.00 – This is the fourth-fucking-edition of Crap Hound #6: Death Phones and Scissors and all the bonus material has it busting the staple barrier, so you get all 100 pages previously ever released plus a 16-page addendum. You say addendum, I say amazing. Seriously, if you have eyes you should be looking at this. -EF

6.   Hark a Vagrant by Kate Beaton (D&Q) $19.95
7. Office Girl by Joe Meno (Akashic) $15.95 – Umbrellas of Cherbourg 1999?

8. Lucky Peach #4 Sum 12 American Food Issue $12.00

9. Cheer the Eff Up #3 by Jonas #3 $1.00

10. Every Thug Is a Lady Adventures Without Gender by Julia Eff $4.00

Is it me or is it hilarious the reoccuring “eff” theme of the last two on this list? Dismissed as coincidence! -LM