There are no Sawzalls here

“Hello, Quimby’s.”

“Yeah, I got a question about this Sawzall you got on up your websi-”

“Sawzall? I think you have the wrong number.”

“This the Quimby’s on North Ave?”

“Yes, bookstore. No hardware.”

“I got the right Quimby’s. I want a Sawzall like the ones you got on your website.”

“You’re on the website now? What does the page say?

“It says Sex Machines on it I want one of those.”

“Yeah, see, it’s a book with pictures of . We sell the book with the pictures, not the machines.”

“‘Oh. You don’t sell the machines..? Then where do I get the Sawzalls at?”

“For a sex machine? I don’t know. Not here. Try Myopic.”

“You sell the attachments?”