New Stuff 12/14/08

Wow we are heading into the final Holiday sprint. If you want to order anything from us on line and get it before December 25th you best do that in the next day or so. If you are looking for anything last minute or hard to find feel free to call us up or drop us an email and we’ll see if we have what your looking for. So without any more wasted time here is the list of new stuff. Happy Holidays.

New Stuff Dec 13th 2008

Proximity #3 $12.00 Best New Art Magazine? You Decide?
K48 #7 Starship Counterforce $22.00
McSweeneys #29 $24.00 Hello?
Bitch #42 $5.95
Beautiful Decay Y $6.99
Wax Poetics #32 $9.99
Laphams Quarterly vol 2 #1 Eros $15.00
Tattoo Life #55 $6.99
Phonebook Vol 2 2008 2009 $15.00 Guide to Alt Art spaces!
Black Carrot #13 $2.00
Comedians Nov Dec 08 $4.50
Literary Review vol 52 #1 $7.00
Gothic & Lolita Bible Win 09 $19.99
National Green Pages 09 $9.95
Geek Monthly #23 Jan 09 $5.99
CMYK #42 $8.99
Rhino 2008 Poetry Forum $12.00
No More Bummers #3 $3.00
Introduction to the Archetypes $6.00 Chapbook
Watch the Closing Doors #45 $2.50
Hey Whitey Y Mas by Dan Gleason $2.00
Professor Bazucos UG2C Ultimate Guide to Culture $10.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Trubble Club vol 2 $3.00 Chicago Kicking Comics Ass!
Sulk #2 Deadly Awesome by Jeff Brown $10.00 Tackles Ultimate Fighting?!?
Exit Wounds TPB $16.95
Nicolas by Pascal Girard $9.95
Nocturnal Conspiracies by David B. $14.95
Milk Teeth by Kate Allen $3.50 Creepy comics about fantasy animals.
Jack of Fables vol 4 Americana TPB $14.99
Time Management For Anarchists #1 by Jim Munroe $3.99
You Call Me Child #2 by Joey Jacks

New Books
Make Your Place $7.00 Affordable Sustainable Nesting Skills
Images of Death in Mexican Prints $65.00
Mythtym edited by Trinie Dalton $30.00
Servants of War $15.95 Private Military Corporations and the Profit of Conflict
Peculiar Proverbs $22.95 Weird Words of Wisdom from Around the World
Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs $18.95
Chicago Way by Michael Harvey $13.95

Porn and Erotica
AG #94 Super Erotic Anthology Comic $4.99
Nude and Natural Win 08 $9.00 Keep it Nude! Keep it Natural!
Alphabet Erotica $10.95 Pin Up Postcard Book!
Literotica Vol 1 $16.00 Very Best of

Gifts and Stuff
Heaven DVD $20.00 a compilation of great short films by local gallery
Moon Phases Font $10.00 Picture Font and Animation