Valentine Trauma Zine Release Party & Reading With Mike McBeardo McPadden and Friends 2/22

Feb ’14
7:00 pm

traumazine190s legends (Happyland) and his inimitable bride, Rachel Shitass McPadden (Saucy), are returning ceremoniously to their beloved motherland, Zine City USA, with the release of No. 1: Valentine’s Day.

Expanding on the concept of their popular 2012-2013 reading series, quarterly Trauma Zine incorporates personal essays and original art from talents across the country to communicate an empathetically (or just pathetically) tragic theme.  And contains stickers.

So napalm another Hallmark-fabricated love (gross) day, then join us the following weekend for complimentary 70%-off Walgreen’s chocolate hearts and brief, cringe-y readings from such contributors as: Mike McBeardo McPadden (author Heavy Metal Movies, head writer Mr. Skin), (xoJane, Saucy, Self-Hate Crime), (lovechild of Tura Satana & Oliver Reed), (Windy City Rock), (Outburst on the 66, RockStarClub, Rock Trauma alum), and (CPL).

May you meet your future ex-wives/husbands that fateful night and forever curse our names.

For more info: traumazine(at)gmail(dot)com

Saturday, February 22nd, 7pm – Free Event

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