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Shouting at Seagulls by Jonas and Alex Wrekk $4

Homagetoblkmadonnas #1 by Alkebuluan Merriweather $12

Caboose #14 My Canadian Boyfriend by Liz Mason $9

North Grand High School Students Talk to Marc and Ms. Jung about Creativity, Life and Covid (Half Leter Press) $5

Lazer Attack #2 $2

End of Man’s Country by H Melt $5

City Inverts #4 The Bugs Keep Comin’ by Jam $2

Pickle Jar #5 & #6 $20 each

Nine Days With Lihua by Brad Ford Smith $8

Comics & Minis

My Mixed Hair by Andrea Pearson $2

Be Wary the River by Kit Fraser $8

Comics by Blake A. Chamness (various titles)

So Buttons #12 Pairs edited by Jonathan Baylis $8

Hoggett’s Notion #1 by Dylan Ward $6

Art Books

Kathy Acker: Get Rid of Meaning edited by Anja Casser & Matias Viegener $45

Heads Together: Weed and the Underground Press Syndicate 1965-1973 edited by David Jacob Kramer $55

War and Peace in the Global Village (reprint) by Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Fiore (Gingko Press) $13.95

70s House: A bold homage to the most daring decade in design by Estelle Bilson (Kyle Books) $22.99

Wildlife Anatomy: The Curious Lives & Features of Wild Animals around the World by Julia Rothman $18.99

Death In the Family (Mechanical Soft Press) $24.99

Graphic Novels

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: Grass Roots and Other Follies by Gilbert Shelton, Paul Mavrides & Dave Sheridan (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Black Phoenix Comics and Illustrations vol 1 by Rich Tommaso (Floating World Comics) $14.95

Film Books

Cimino: The Deer Hunter, Heaven’s Gate, and the Price of a Vision by Charles Elton $18

Fiction Books

Make It Stop: A Novel by Jim Ruland (Rare Bird Books) $20

Karl Marx Private Eye by Jim Feast (PM Press) $16.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits Books

Weed Witch: The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Magic and Wellness by Sophie Saint Thomas $21

Politics, Revolution & Essay

Camgirl: A Memoir by Isa Mazzei (Rare Bird) $20

Refusing Compulsory Sexuality: A Black Asexual Lens on Our Sex-Obsessed Culture by Sherronda J. Brown $17.95


Tape Op #154 $5.99

Illustoria #20 $16


Love Me With the Fierce Horse of Your Heart by Gabrielle Grace Hogan $15

Other Stuff

What Poor Gods We Do Make: The Story and Music Behind Naked Raygun DVD+CD Set  $10

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