New Stuff 3/29/08

Lots of new comics and graphic novels so this is a good week. As we keep reminding you! Our store hours are changing in April so be sure to check them out before you head over. Basically everything is the same except for we will now close at 9PM Monday thru Thursday. You’ve been warned.

New Stuff Mar 29th 2008

Fingered Dvdzine #4 Win Spr 08 $15.00 Montreal bands and artists!
Duplex Planet zine #181 $2.00
ReProductive Vol 1 by Christa Donner $5.00
Comedians Mar Apr 08 $4.50
Me Magazine #14 Spr 08 $7.50 Rodarte gets the spotlight
Dot Dot Dot #14 $16.95
Car Busters #33 $5.00
Neural #29 $6.95
Brutarian #51 Win 08 $3.95
Shameless #11 Win Spr 08 $4.95
Tattoo Society #9 $6.99
Fader #53 Apr 08 $5.99
Milk Milk Lemonaid #12 $1.50

Comics & Graphic Novels
Little Things by Jeffrey Brown $14.00
Awkward and Definition by Ariel Schrag $15.00
All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood $9.95
Apocalypse Nerd TPB by Peter Bagge $13.95
Mammoth Book Of Horror Comics $17.95
Cramhole #2 $3.00
Speak of the Devil #5 $3.50
Berlin #15 $3.95
Mouse Guard Fall 1152 $17.95 Oh man we carry Mouse Guard now. Be afraid
Peoples History of American Empire $17.00 Zinn gets the graphic treatment!
Testament Life And Art Of Frank Frazetta $29.95

New Books
Adventures Of Darius And Downey $29.95 And Other True Tales Of Street Art
Modern Con Man by Todd Robbins $16.95 How To Get Something For Nothing
Parents Guide To Marijuana $12.95
Cute Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo $14.95
Make Room Make Room by Harry Harrison $14.95
Legacy $29.95 Selected Paintings and Drawings by Frank Frazetta
Invisible Marijuana $17.00
Aesthetic Surgery 25th Anniversary Edition $29.99 New Low Price!
Teenage by John Savage $17.00 Prehistory of Youth Culture 1875-1945
Armageddon In Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut $24.95
X Saves The World $21.95 Generation X you ready to save the world?
Bowie In Berlin $19.95 A New Career In A New Town
Wyoming Stories by Joe Carducci $16.95
Anthem Of A Reluctant Prophet by Joanne Proulx $14.00
Baum Plan For Financial Independence And Other Stories by John Kessel $16.00
Essential Rosa Luxemburg Reform Or Revolution and the Mass Strike $12.00

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Housewives at Play #18 $4.95 Best selling comic about housewives!
Horror Panegyric $19.99 Juicy nasty fiction and smut with a brain

Official Dealer McDope Dealing Game $39.95 Revised Edition
Escape Lincoln Square Poster $30.00

Philip K Dick Four Novels $35.00
Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream by Laura Park $3.00
Arab in America by Toufic El Rassi $14.95
First Man Made Man $14.95
Best Erotic Comics 2008 $19.95
Acme #18 $17.95