New Stuff This Week

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PPP Zines of Paper Rad: Selections from the Collection of Paul Bright $50.00


Collections of Expression $5.00

We Will Become Strangers $4.00

You Must Always Have a Secret Plan #5 $3.00

Graphic Novels & Comics & Minis

Lumberjanes to the MAX $39.99

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen NEMO Trilogy Slipcase (Top Shelf) $39.99

Butter and Blood by Steven Weissman $13.00

Our Expanding Universe by A Robinson (Top Shelf) $19.99

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up by Andy Slater $3.00

Celebrate the People #3 Hike Up Yer Britches Folks Its Time For Book $7.00

That’s Me in the Corner $2.00

Barroom Antihero $3.00

various issues of Laskimooses!

2 from Perfectly Acceptable Press:
Don’t Worry by Anna Haifisch $15.00
Fingers of Doom by Raquel Meyers $4.00

Weird Realms of the Unkown #1 $5.00

Art Books

Skull A Day by Noah Scanlin $25.00


Reflections of a Project Girl by S. Luna $7.99

First Bad Man by Miranda July $16.00 – Now in soft cover.

Magazines & Lit Journals

Bust Dec 15 Jan 16 vol 96 $5.99

Harpers Magazine Dec 15 $6.99

Under the Radar #55 Nov 15 $5.99

Lucky Peach #17 the Breakfast Issue Winter 15 $12.00

Wire #381 Oct 15 $9.99

Tape Op #110 Nov Dec 15 $4.95

Bite Me Magazine #3 The Mouth Issue Big Mouth $20.00

Overtime Hour 38 Fact Finding Fact-Finding $2.00

Music Books

City Baby Surving in Leather, Bristles, Studs, Punk, Rock, and GBH by Ross Lomas $14.95

To Disco with Love by David Hamsley $19.99

Mayhem & Essays

Fraud Upon the Court Reclaiming the Law Joyfully by M Maxwell $14.95

Historical Apothecary Compendium A Guide to Terms and Symbols by D.A. Goldstein $50

Care and Feeding of a Spirit Board by Craig Conley $16.95

How to Believe in Your Elf by Craig Conley $14.95

We Robots: Staying Human in the Age of Big Data by Curtis White (Melville House) $25.95

Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life From an Addiction To Film by Patton Oswalt $15.00

JFK From Parkland to Bethesda the Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium by V Palamara $19.95

Information Doesnt Want to Be Free Laws for the Information Age by Cory Doctorow (McSwnys) $15.00

Contraband Cocktails: How America Drank When it Wasnt Supposed To by Paul Dickson $19.95

Politics & Revolution

Understanding Jim Crow: Using Racist Memorabilia to Teach Tolerance and Promote Social Justice by D Pilgrim (PM Press) $24.95