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Vinyl Vagabonds #8 $8.00

PWTHD: Preoccupied With the History Department #1 $4.00 & #2 $3.00

My Pussy Demands Attention $3.00 – Jack T. Chick parody style rant!

Julia Eff zines, $1.50 each:
I Was a Teenage Satanist
The World Is Big Enough Without You

Not Necessarily the News #5 $3.00

First Few Months by Nicole Denton $5.00

Learn Arabic in 25 Years #2 Words for Love by Zora O’Neill $4.00


Lazy Diana: A Punk Pagan Zine, issues #2 & #3 by Kelci Crawford $3.00 each

True Love #1.5 by Ian Tousius $10.00

Moral Fiber #12 by Chris Pernula $2.00

Soft Power vol 1: Pubes & ‘Tudes $10.00 – A selection of immediate and satisfying drawings and comics by 12 female artists, including Chicago favorites Alicia Obermeyer, Mony Nunez, Jill Lloyd Flanagan, and Couteau Sang. Silkscreen cover with a black-and-white interior printed on hot pink paper. -Lane

Spine Ill Still Watch by Noel Freibert $15.00

Peehole #15 Everything is Broken and Nothing Works $3.00

Comics by Erik Gutierrez:
Cat Claw $10.00
Foreman General #1 & #2 by Erik Gutierrez $2.00 each

Comics by Max Morris:
Dead Skin $2.00
On Transit $5.00 – Chicago comix legend Max Morris returns with this visceral and anxiety-inducing story of a rowdy bus commute. Grotesque mouths scream, gnarled hands grasp and claw. Agoraphobes: read this comic and continue worrying. -Lane

Ley Lines (Czap Books), $6 each:
#6 Medieval War Scene by Aaron Cockle
#9: Enter, Holy Pilgrim by Laila Milevski
#10: And They Rush on Me, Like Some Kind of Fragrant Dream by Tommi Parrish
#11: How Does It Feel In My Arms? by Eric Kostiuk Williams – Eye-popping hot-pink, and printed by risograph. Kylie Minogue and Peter Kropotkin figure heavily in this magical tale that draws on Zap Comix visual and storytelling motifs. -Lane

Weirdo arty riso thingies from Secret Headquarters:
Scully by Lee Noble $6.00 – Take a guess who you think it’s about.
These Charming X Men Anthology by Adam Villacin $12.00 – Oh yes, think the Smiths. Then think X Men. Then look at this.
Stan Lee is Richard Petty $6.00 – Comic book icon or race car driving legend? Can YOU tell the difference in the most uncanny zine of all time?
Moms Apple Pie by Moebius $3.00 – We think this might be a reprint from the 70s.
Beefcake by Julian Callos $8.00
Spooky $5.00
Leather Club Shirts $6.00
Samplerman $20.00


Jam In The Band by Robin Enrico (Alternative Comics) $19.99 – The rise and fall of the all-female junk-rock band Pitch Girl on an ill-fated overseas tour. Told through a montage of drama, interviews, hand held camera footage, diary pages, news reports, music videos, web chats, and punk rock flyers.

Alone by Chaboute (Gallery 13) $25.00

Thoughts From Iceland by Lonnie Mann $15.00

Dept. H Volume 2: After the Flood by Matt & Sharlene Kindt $19.99


Strike Art: Contemporary Art and the Post-Occupy Condition by Yates McKee (Verso) $19.95

Guerrillas of Desire: Notes on Everyday Resistance and Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible by Kevin Van Meter (AK Press) $18.95

The Invention of Russia: The Rise of Putin and the Age of Fake News by Arkady Ostrovsky $18.00


So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley by Roger Steffens $29.95


The Bodyguard Travel Companion Cookbook: A Vegan Food Guide for Mexico and Central America by Dave Paco & friends $20.00 – A DIY food guide for vegetarian survival in Mesoamerica and beyond. New and traditional recipes made from common ingredients found at local Central American markets. Plus: travel tips, tales, language translations, nutritional data, and much more!

Lost Recipes of Prohibition: Notes from a Bootlegger’s Manual by Matthew Rowley $19.95


The Blister Exists by Little Thunder $80.00 – No, it isn’t the Slipknot song, it’s The Pole Dancing Moves Encyclopedia! With 1000+ colorful illustrated pole tricks, this delightful full-color book is the best inspiration for pole lovers of all levels. How many things can you say are sexy, arty and helpful? From the “Remi Bridge” to the “Duchess Layback” to the “Iguana Side Plank” and beyond! It’s categorized into “Climbs,” “Spins,” “Mounts” and more, with even an index in the back, and we have a limited selection of this first printing edition. In Hong Kong-based artist Little Thunder’s intro, she talks about learning these moves, so each are based on the artist’s personal experience. Lovely manga-inspired ladies in delightful outfits (each a different character in a different outfit), inspiring us to realize how many things the human body is capable of. Also, how can you resist A book for art lovers, appreciators of the feminine form, dance enthusiasts and comics fans! -LM

Meat #23 $15.00