New Stuff This Week

LiarTown: The First Four Years 2013-2017 by Sean Tejaratchi (Feral House) $19.95 – New book by Sean Tejaratchi, the genius behind the infamous Crap Hound zine. For the past four years, his Liartown USA blog has delighted thousands of online visitors with each new slice of satirical visual commentary. This glossy, full-color trade paperback, immerses readers in an alternate world where blockbusters and bestsellers include Banjo the Man-Faced Dog and the Captain James Feelings’ Nautical Romance novels. Apple Cabin Foods! Corduroy Porn! And more!


Library Excavations #7 VHS RIP by Marc Fischer $6.00

Gypsys Library Oct 2017 #3 Balance $7.00

It Is What It Is by Burn Bjoern $20.00

Canvas and Cassette #1 $10.00


Futile Squared #2 What’s the Point by Mike Centeno $5.00

Pine Pitch Perfume by Elise Dietrich $7.00

Travel by Sara Wooldridge $5.00

Combed Clap of Thunder by Zach Hazard Vaupen (Retrofit) $6.00

Sweet Heart By Zeus Fondanarosa $3.00

Wonderful World of Tank Girl #1 by Alan Martin $3.99

Trash City #3 Contemporary Mutant by Samuel Nigrosh $8.00

Wet Paint by Oberon Waters $.50

Help Me Im Single vol 1 the Breakup $10.00

Washington White Part 1 Algorithm $8.00


Night Business by Benjamin Marra (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Zegas by Michel Fiffe (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Body Music by Julie Maroh (Arsenal Pulp) $26.95

Demon vol 4 by Jason Shiga $19.99

How to Read Nancy: The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels by by Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – The authors use a single three-panel Nancy strip to explain how the medium of comics works.

The Little Book of Knowledge: Heavy Metal by Jacques de Pierpont and Herve Bourhis $14.99

Paper Girls Deluxe Edition Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan & friends $34.99 – Collects issues 1 through 10, along with EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS.

American Terrorist by Geoffry Smalley $25.00


Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance by Bill McKibben $22.00

Black Liberation and the American Dream: The Struggle for Racial and Economic Justice by Paul Le Blanc $19.99


Rare Treasures From the Library of the Natural History Museum by Judith Magee $27.95

Toys Talking by Leanne Shapton (D&Q) $12.95


Strings, Phony Proof, and 300 45s: Adventures From Roxy Music, Sparks & Milk ‘n Cookies by SAL MAIDA (HoZac Books) $19.99 – First book from member of ROXY MUSIC and SPARKS, not to mention NYC glam/power pop impresarios MILK ’N COOKIES, as well as studio work with the RUNAWAYS and Robert Calvert’s post-Hawkwind solo material and others.

Anatomy of a Song: The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and Pop by Marc Myers $18.00 – Now on soft cover.

The Velvet Underground Map of New York (Herb Lester) $6.95

LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver (33 1/3 vol 116) by Ryan Leas $14.95


Load Of Hooey by Bob Odenkirk (McSweeneys) $15.00 – Now in soft cover.

Pussweek #5 by Bexy McFly $11.99 – The mag for cats by cats!

You Are Alice in Wonderland’s Mum! (Pick a Plot) by Sherwin Tija (Conundrum) $18.00 – Choose-Yr-Own-Adventure meets Alice.

What I Think Happened: An Underresearched History of the Western World by Evany Rosen (Arsenal Pulp Press) $15.95


Dark Side of the Spoon: The Rock Cookbook by Joe Inniss and friends $14.99

Women’s Libation!: Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman’s Right to Booze by Merrily Grashin $16.00


Legacy: An Off-Color Novella for You to Color by Chuck Palahniuk & friends $19.99

Charlatan: New and Selected Stories by Cris Mazza (Curbside Splendor) $17.95

Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker, with an intro by Chris Kraus (Grove) $16.00 – A masterpiece of surrealist fiction, steeped in controversy upon its first publication in 1984.

Keef: A Story of Intoxication, Love & Death by Timothy Wilfred Coakley, with epilogue and intro by Ronald K. Siegel (Process) $22.95 – Reprint of an 1897 illustrated novel/memoir/supernatural search for love by Timothy Wilfred Coakley, a kif smoker (cannabis prepared in a particular way native to Morocco).


Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend by Deirdre Bair $17.00

The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine by Lindsey Fitzharris $27.00

Rasputin: Faith, Power, and the Twilight of the Romanovs by Douglas Smith $24.00

Human Anatomy: Stereoscopic Images of Medical Specimens by Jim Naughten (Prestel) $45.00

Wire #405 Nov 17 $10.99
Hiss Mag #1 $20.00


Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Images Banned From Instagram by Molly Soda and Arvida Bystroem $24.95

Math Magazine #4 & #5 $18.00 each


Twin Peaks: The Bookhouse Boys Ruled Journal Book $18.95

New themed foil booster packs from Cards Against Humanity $6.00 each – Come see which ones!

Nudie Ladies Calendar 2018 Quantum Peep Women Thru Wormholes by Flannery Cashill $5.00