New Stuff This Week


Everything Is Fine vol 1 #6 Commuting or Trying To by Nyxia Grey $3

Puppy Milk by Aggy $5

Mini Movie Marathon Bong Jong Ho by Anna Jo Beck $1

Lost Broom Found by Nick Tobier $3

GenderFail Press titles: Things Found and Dealt With by Ethan Kastner $8, Blood Marrow Oolong Ivory by Rin Kim $18

SneakyArt Sneaky Art of CTA #1 by Nishant Jain $7

Flood and Flotsam: A Waterlogged Voyage Down Chicago’s Drain In a Homemade Boat by Matt Bergstrom $16.50

See What I See by Efren M. Villalobos $2

No One Will Dance by James Baroz $15

Homespun Holler February 2020 by Grant $2

Comics & Minis

Mineshaft #38 $10

Future #4 by Tommi Musturi $6

LAAB Magazine #4 Spr 20 This Was Your Life (Beehive Books) $19.99

Snakes Sssnakes #2 by Chris Auman $3

Feral Comics #2 A Comic Zine Anthology Filled With Underground Comics From Around the World $3

Torn Map Broken Compass by Sara Holt $5

Traitor Chapter 3 by Sean Dempsey $10

Jesus and Thor by Mark Peters and Shane Swinnea $4

Graphic Novels

Inappropriate by Gabrielle Bell (Uncivilized) $19.95

Stay Alive by Jim Harberson $17.99

Politics & Revolution

A Short History of Presidential Election Crises: (And How to Prevent the Next One) by Alan Hirsch (City Lights) $16.95

Music Books

Doomed to Fail: The Incredibly Loud History of Doom, Sludge, and Post-metal by J.J. Anselmi (Rare Bird) $26

Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World by Billy Bragg $14

Mutations by Sam McPheeters (Rare Bird) $18

Outer Limits

A Desert Pilgrim’s Bestiary by Anthony Walent $20


The Ice Cream Man and Other Stories by Sam Pink (Soft Skull) $16.95

Whiteout Conditions by Tariq Shah (Two Dollar Radio) $14.99

Sea Monsters: A Novel by Chloe Aridjis (Catapult) $16.95 – Now in soft cover.

Samantha “Sam” Rose Johnson Licensed Private Detective: The Collected Stories Volume One by Edward J. Hendrich $19.95

Chap Books

Ferocious Appetite by Tanzen Lilly $7.50

Other Stuff

See Y’All In Hell Stickers $2.95