New Stuff This Week

Scream With Me: The Enduring Legacy of the Misfits by Tom Bejgrowicz & Jeremy Dean $30

Are You at Risk for Empathy Myopia by Ezra Claytan Daniels $5



Surely They’ll Tear It Down by Jonas $2

Cometbus #59 Post-Mortem by Aaron Cometbus $5

Smooches #1 Kissing Adjacent Stories by Rachel Fernandez $7

Same Thoughts Twice by Jan Simonds $9

Our New Mattress by G Himsel $3

Lonely Impulse #1 Art Power Bluf by Jens Kohler $5

Fairy Tales for Cynical Girls vol 5 by K8 $2

Sucker Free by Chata $15

La Venta by Efren M. Villalobos $10

Everything Has Its Place by Grace Wong $8

Comics & Minis

Stuff from kuš – various issues of mini kuš! & š! Baltic Comics Magazine with work from Lilli Carré, Kevin Hooyman, Powerpaola, Li?na Mihailova & more.

Fizzle #3 by Whit Taylor (Radiator Comics) $8

stuff from Diskette Press including various Carta Monir titles, My Issue of Being Transgender by Sorren Matarneh, Emotional Support Animal by Ivy Atoms & more.

No Romance In Hell by Hyena Hell (Silver Sprocket) $5

new issues of Frontier: #21 Derek Yu, #22 by Tunde Adebimpe (Youth In Decline) $8 each

Radlands Pinups by Liz “El Sub” Suburbia (Silver Sprocket) $5

Dirt Palace an Interview by Coco Picard $5

One Million Tiny Fires by Ashley Robin Franklin $8

Wobbledy 3000 by Jamila Rowser $8

One Minute to Wonderland by Karl Christian Krumpholz $10

Yes I’m Flagging: Queer Flagging 101: How to Use The Hanky Code To Signal the Sex You Want To Have by Archie Bongiovanni (Silver Sprocket) $5

You Dont Get There From Here #52 by Carrie McNinch $4

In Defense of Vermin by Dany Ricci $1

Graphic Novels

Familiar Face: Michael DeForge (D+Q) $21.95

Paricutin by Goncalo Duarte $11

Go to Sleep (I Miss You): Cartoons From the Fog of New Parenthood by Lucy Kinsley (First Second) $14.99

Four Years Collected vol 1 Collecting issues #1-#3 by Kevin Czap $16

Dementia 21 vol 2 by Shintaro Kago (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Drifting Classroom vol 2 by Kazuo Umezz $34.99

Bering Strait GN by Tom Manning $24.95

Becoming Horses by Disa Wallander (D+Q) $22.95

My Brother’s Husband, Volumes 1 & 2 by Gengoroh Tagame $29.95

Devils Milk by Brian Canini $14.99

Politics & Revolution

Liberating Sápmi: Indigenous Resistance in Europe’s Far North by Gabriel Kuhn (PM Press) $17

Bullet Points and Punch Lines: The Most Important Commentary Ever Written on the Epic American Tragicomedy by Lee Camp (PM Press) $17

Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health edited by Adrian Shanker (PM Press) $20

Bullyocracy: How the Social Hierarchy Enables Bullies to Rule Schools, Work Places, and Society at Large by Donald Jeffries (Trine Day) $19.95


Rediscovery: Science Fiction by Women (1958-1963) (Journey Press) $17.98

TV Books

Conversations With Mark Frost by David Bushman (Fayetteville Mafia Press) $29.99

Outer Limits & Mayhem

Not Exactly the CIA: A Revised History of Modern American Disasters by Roger Phelps (Trine Day) $19.95

Pop Magick: A Simple Guide to Bending Your Reality by Alex Kazemi (Permuted Press) $16.99


Mojo #316 – The Eternal Life of Joy Division $11.99

Lit Journals

The Point #21 winter $14.99

Ninth Letter vol 16 #2 fall winter $14.95