New Stuff This Week

We found this hilarious picture posted on Flickr when we did a random search for Quimby’s! If you take a photo at Quimby’s, send us a jpg or link to it and we’ll post it on our blog! This one we found on Karen Foto’s Flickr photostream. If you want to make yourself a contact to Quimby’s on Flickr, click here. Have a photo you took at Quimby’s and want to put it in the public Quimby’s Group? Click here.

Anyway, good new stuff as usual: a cool zine about after-tattoo care, a cool anthology of contemporary Day of the Dead kustom kulture book, new ish of Juxtapoz, and a whole mess of cute Little Otsu thingies. It’s awfully awesome in here right now!

So Me and You Are Reading This Zine #4 and You’re All Like Whoa This Is Great I’m All I Know by Justin Michael Valmassoi $3.00
Prism Index #1 $25.00
False Flag (Picturebox) $15.00
Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic #6 Oct Nov 10 (Knockabout) $7.00
Little Otsu Living Things vol 1 by Lizzy Stewart (Little Otsu) $7.00
Little Otsu Living Things vol 2 by Jo Dery (Little Otsu) $7.00
Herbal Healing for Piercings and Tattoos Organic Aftercare for Everyone by Anastasia Weedsmith $3.00
Proof I Exist #13 by Billy Da Bunny $8.00 – As per Billy’s own review: “Seven awesome, but random, stories from my life, typed out on a computer, then cut n’ pasted all DIY-style.” Yay for Billy! He moved away from Chicago but we are sad to see him leave.

Mould Map #1 New Comics and Narrative Art Publication (Picturebox) $12.00
Conversating by Martine Workman $8.00
Treasures of Sky Mall Your Inflight Shopping Magazine by Emma Correll (Little Otsu) $6.00

Monte, King of Atom Age Monster Decals: Secrets of Fifties Vintage Decals Revealed by Bill Selby (Last Gasp) $14.95
Portrait of Keiichi Tanaami: 14 Films 1975-2009 (Carte Blanche) $35.00 – includes DVD
Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape by Pedro Alonzo and Alex Baker (Gingko) $29.95 – This show catalog for the exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego documents the historic revolution in visual culture, in which the codes and icons of the everyday found on the streets in graffiti, signage, waste, tattoos, advertising, and graphic design have been used in art. 20 artists from 10 countries including Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinness, Swoon, and more.
Day of the Dead El Dia de Los Muertos by Dr. Alderete and Antoni Cadafalch (Korero) $35.00 – contemporary graphics inspired by Day of the Dead, including tattoo and kustom art mixed with Hollywood hip and the graphic tags of L.A.’s Latino gangs. Traditional elements of sugar skulls, flowers, and devils taken to the edge.

Angels Ink From Above by Spider Webb (Schiffer) $35.00

Proof vol 5 Blue Fairies TPB by var. (Image) $16.99

Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development by Neal M Goldsmith (Healing Arts) $16.95
Morphine/My Lady Opium Double Book by Claude Farrere and Jean-Louis Dubut de Laforest (Harper) $14.99 – A “flip book” featuring two classic novels about drugs, decadence—and Paris in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Morphine is a rollicking novel about a handsome cavalry officer who introduces morphine to the aristocrats of 1889 Paris… and sleeps his way through town; and My Lady Opium, a fevered tour through the romantic and mysterious world of opium at the turn of the 20th century.

Juxtapoz #121 Feb 11 $5.99
Taps paraMagazine vol 7 #1 Jan Feb 11 $5.95
High Times Mar 11 $5.99
Tape Op #81 Jan Feb $4.95
True Crime Jan 11 $8.99

See You in the AM #1 by Dane Kuttler $4.00
Stories of Apples and Bellies #2 by Dane Kuttler $5.00
Explorers Are We #3 by Xavier $1.00

Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments by HP Albarelli (Trine Day) $29.95
Global Slump by David McNally (PM Press) $17.00


Bossa Nova and The Rise of Brazilian Music In the 1960s, edited by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records Publishing) $39.95 – Deluxe hardback 12″ x 12″ book, 200 pages, 100s of stunning absolutely killer Bossa Nova sleeves from Brazil plus loads of historical, cultural and social text as well as biographies on loads of the artists!

I Found This Funny: My Favorite Pieces of Humor and Some That May Not Be Funny At All by Judd Apatow (McSweeney’s) $25.00
Why You Should Store Your Farts in a Jar and Other Oddball or Gross Maladies, Afflictions, Remedies, and “Cures” by David Haviland (Tarcher) $12.95


Filament vol 2 #3 $12.50


Ancient Documentaries of Southside Park DVD by var. $5.00 – This short film documents with humor the quest – in early 1900s fashion – of world famous archeologist La Stef (Stephanie Sauer) and her local assistant Miss Ella (Ella Diaz, Ph.D.) for the “Ancient Documentaries” of the Royal Chicano Air Force, an artist/activist collective that played a vital role in the Chicano civil rights movement. The two take on the personas of traditional historians in order to play with the presumed authority of such roles and question the cultural narratives they impart.
Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago 2011 $21.99
Little Otsu’s Annual Weekly Planner vol 5 $18.00 – 12 months, 54 weeks, undated, you fill in your own dates. Perfect if you need to go, say April 2011 to April 2012. Hey! You might have an accountant’s schedule. Who are we to judge?